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With the advent of ever-evolving technology, students desire a proper program which is capable of provide info on application dates and allow pupils to apply for a bursary anywhere.

This study is aimed at developing an online system which can be able to let enumerator to keep records of students both in secondary and college including their father and mother details. The device will be able to allow students to apply for a bursary anywhere as opposed to the current system in which pupil could just apply simply by filling the forms and taking those to bursary office buildings.

A historical analysis of the patterns and trends of education loans in Kenya and other countries reveals the presence of a partnership between the condition, households, and communities, a long time before the introduction of the cost-sharing plan by the authorities.

In the cost-sharing strategy, the government finances educational administration and professional solutions, while the areas, parents, and sponsors, offer physical facilities, books and supplementary readers, stationery and also other consumables. Constituency development funds are a fund established in 2003 by simply the legislative house. the work was later reviewed through the amendment 2007. the pay for is domiciled within the ministry in charge of nationwide economic insurance plan and planning, currently the ministry of devolution and preparing.

The Ministry of education, Science and Technology (MoEST) a bursary scheme in secondary university and school level as part of, and inside the auspices in the SocialDimensions of Development Program, targeting the indegent and vulnerable households. The objective from the scheme is to enhance usage of and ensure superior quality secondary school education and higher education for all Kenyans. The philosophy at the rear of the plan was to translate into reality the idea that no kid who authorize for secondary education and higher education ought to be denied access due to incapability to shell out school charges.

The ministry of education releases bursary application forms throughout the Area EducationOfficers (AEOs) which are to be filled by father and mother and Needy students. Information required inside the form are the academic qualifications of the pupil, family history including family size, financial status (family annual income) and family members type(orphan, non-orphan, single parent). Details receive on costs payment and any exceptional balances.

The ministry stresses student performance and self-discipline. The bursary application form should be signed by chief or perhaps religious leader and the school head before submission to the constituency bursary fund panel (Njeru and Orodho, 2003). the main purpose of the account is to boost socio-economic advancement at nationwide level in order to reduce low income by 1 day a minimum of two and a half of annual income towards assisting education sector (ruodh 2003).

The student bursary management system also known as e-bursary system formerly constituencies development money which allow students to hold their specifics in the web site’s databases where the enumerator can use as a basis pertaining to considering the clingy students. This product can also allow student’s entry to the application varieties online and also the application date ranges. The pay for is been able by the nationwide government constituencies’development board a corporate body system with never ending succession and a common seal. The body operates at the nationwide level and comprised of a board of directors and a secretariat

Despite the explanation for the creation of bursaries since safety-nets inside the education sector, there are increasing concerns with regards to their ability and tenderness in cushioning the profits to poor and prone groups. Main concerns will be in regard to the Ministry of Education, Scientific research and Technology bursary scheme’sweak administrative devices as confirmed by holdups hindrances impediments in interacting the bursary awards to beneficiaries, suspect bursary membership criteria. As a result, more than half of population living below the poverty line, and the rising expense of education, virtually all households, specifically among the poor and the prone groups, are not able to access the huge benefits accruing via investment inside the development of top quality secondary and college education.

General goals

To produce an online scholar’s bursary program to provide info on application times and allow college students to apply for bursary anywhere.

Specific objectives

i) To generate a system that enables enumerator to hold records of students in secondary and college which includes their parent’s details.

ii) To reduce disparities and inequalities in the supply of supplementary and higher education bursary by coming up with a program which enables admin to verify accepted all eligible student and award these people base about parent specifics submitted by the enumerator.

iii) To develop a web system which is able to give information about bursary application schedules and allow pupils to apply for bursary anywhere rather than the current system in which college student could simply apply simply by filling the form and choosing bursary offices.

iv) To develop a useful online student’s bursary management interface.


i) If the program allows enumerator to keep documents, then the program should retain student’s record both in second and college including their particular parents particulars.

ii) If perhaps disparities and inequalities are present, then the program should enable the admin to verify, say yes to all eligible student and award all of them based on parents details submitted by the enumerator.

iii) In case the system delivers information about bursary application date ranges, then it ought to allow students to apply for bursary everywhere as opposed to the current system through which student could only apply by filling up the form and taking to bursary office buildings.

iv) In case the interface can be well designed, then a system ought to be user-friendly.

Ona successful finalization and execution of this job, the system can keep records of all students in the constituency. Foundation on records in the databases it will be easier to ascertain eligible scholar. The system will allow eligible to apply bursary can do all their application online with ease. The device will resolve Issue of delay conversation through on-line updates. In addition, the customer will rest assured that no qualtity of online threat from hacker and also other attackers can easily penetrate their particular account even if their pass word is sacrificed.

This application uses a multi-level security measure to ensure that customers’ personal specifics and account information are safe.

Bursary Needs analysis system provides an interface pertaining to bursary applicant, administration and enumerator whom records information about the students inside the database inside the constituency. Admin will be able to verify student specifics based on enumerator’s data inside the database. Applicants register and log in to obtain a bursary and also verify information including date of application. The applicant is able to confirm whether their applications were effective or not. The system will even provide an online upload individual document to get verification including national id card, notification from school and area key. Admin, alternatively, is able to look at applicant data, update internet site information, allow the applicant to alter their account and to notify online individuals who have qualified/ taken advantage of from bursary. The customer is able to down load qualification warning announcement.

This section covers a review of the literature related to the analysis. Literature is first given an assessment on disbursement of secondary and degree bursary account (SHELF)in Kenya and other countries are provided. The literature upon studies for the effectiveness of bursaries upon enhancing access and retention is offered. A review of research on problems in the disbursement procedures of SEBF has.

A study simply by Fedha Botánica (2008) says that suggestions from the Ministry of Education stipulate that you have factors to become borne at heart by constituency bursary fund committee whenever they allocate bursaries to college students. The following position has to come away clearly as the main factors to be deemed during the prize of bursaries:

a)Whether the applicant was obviously a total orphan

b) Perhaps the applicant was a Needy child of poor parents

The research will try to determine whether this is actually the case adopted in Juja constituency.

Very few studies had been conducted to determine the impact of constituency bursary funded preservation. One of the research identified was conducted by simply Kirigo (2008), toassess the potency of bursaries about enhancing retention in second schools in Mombasa Area. The study set up that colleges and constituency bursary committee in Mombasa District adopted the put down requirements and that 42% of the worthy students received bursaries, 60 per cent who were female. Kirigo further established that bursary finance had simply no significant impact on the retention in Mombasa District, besides the fact that 53. 3% of those whom received bursaries were delivered home more than three times due to the inadequacy of funds set aside for bursary and unpredictability of the funds.

Ngware, Onsomu, Muthakaand Kosimbei (2006) carried out a study to examine strategies for increasing access to second education in Kenya. That they concluded that constantly, low involvement rates by low-income homes indicates the fact that bursary pay for has limited impact on ensuring that the beneficiaries are effectively supported for the full circuit. Consequently, that they proposed that the government motivation in decentralizing and looking at bursary money management constituency level needs to be closely monitored. Clear suggestions should be developed to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in order to enhance access to secondary education. Further more, they claim that there is no talk about to income inequalities inside the society and that a special assistance scheme and preferential plans should be created to target susceptible groups such as students coming from marginalized neighborhoods, those with unique Needy and orphaned and vulnerable kids.

In Kenya Orodho and Njeru(2003) and Mellen (2004) have carried out researches about government bursary. From the outcomes of the research, the government bursary fund is usually yet to accomplish its the main objective of ensuring access and quality education. These two analysts were completed when the bursary fund disbursement was directly under the brain of educational institutions and W. O. G currently it really is being disbursed at constituency level hence the Requires for these kinds of a study while this will find out if the conclusions could be the same.

Challenges in the financing of secondary and higher Education Bursary Fund

Research byNjeru and Orodho (2003) and Mellen 2004 include evaluated the students’ bursary fund scheme and found out that the money are not successful generally and restrained with defaults. They all underscore the importance of critiquing the structure in order to determine whether the aims are becoming achieved specifically after the embrace bursary honours so far little has been completed seek the opinions in the beneficiaries in the bursariesregarding its effectiveness in achieving the objective of enhancing value, retention, and access in secondary education. This gap is worthy of bridging.

The reviewed studies have concentrated more around the government and its particular administrative methods as the primary constraints in implementation. This research intends to go additional and find out if there are some other constraining elements. Based on this kind of, therefore , this study can seek to look into the effects of second school bursary on access and preservation in Juja constituency. Bacteria Fedha (2008) though authorities support the decentralization of bursary, again this standards has many problems. There have been stressing that bursaries given to constituencies by the authorities were being intended for political functions instead of supporting the poor. Several M. Ps picked their particular friends to manageconstituency bursary fund in a way that only their supporters benefited. Thus politicians, who imbed them with their very own cronies, experienced hijacked the composition of Constituency Bursary Committee. They, in turn, configure the payment to benefit those in the politicians camp (Daily Country 14th February 2004).

Different critical problems are to carry out with the time factor in it takes longer for the beneficiaries to receive the money and that there are no compelling instructions that enjoin committees to stick to given rules. From a report by IPA entitled education financing in Kenya secondary school bursary scheme rendering and challenges (2003), it was clear that the bursary fun introduction, as part of the safety netting in extra padding the poor and vulnerable was a noble coverage goal, but it has not been successful and effective in meeting its goals.

From the study, the following problems were elevated, The MOST hasn’t created a legal and favorable relationship with local residential areas via the organization of competent OG and PTA to deal with school supervision especially financial management, MOEST lacked virtually any monitoring program, hence a lot of heads replaced names of needy college students with those of their decision, Structural weak spot in administration systems because evidenced by simply delays in disbursement about remittance of funds to homeschools, holds off in communicating the prizes to beneficiaries. Based on the above mentioned issue it had been recommended that MOEST should certainly increase the current funding levels, establish clear guidelines about the socio-economic categorization of those to benefit from the bursary fund award, ensure that colleges are well guided on how to develop ‘fees’ waiver mechanism” and also income generating activities in order to enhance get and retention to extra education by poor and vulnerable, make certain that the funds are produced promptly and be sure that headteachers convene college bursary committee meetings to review the final allowance and prioritize the most clingy cases, as much as possible ensure that the funding allotted does not land below 60% of the average and standard financial requirement of the applicant and make public the list of the college students who receive the bursary money and ensure which the total quantity approved by the parliament is manufactured available to THE MAJORITY OF for spending.

This research sought to establish whether this kind of recommendation by simply MOST features adhered to the inJuja constituency in order to ensure access and retention of students in secondary school.

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