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Abundance of india essay

The way Of india economy is usually making improvement for the last number of years, is fairly speedy and impressive. Continuation of the same trend over the following five years should bring about substantial improvement in prosperity as compared to developed countries. However , complacency could be disastrous for virtually any country. Likewise there is no harm to give even more fillip to growth rate in future. With this frame of mind I would like to suggest this ares of improvement for aster progress India’s economical prosperity and security.

1 ) India’s achievement in the field of information technology, particularly in software advancement has been very impressive and very very much talked about. But it is worth noting that most of India’s application and other THAT services companies, including IT based business process freelancing derive a very big portion of their business from abroad business. This means that India is not able to make very useful of IT to improve the efficiency and productivity of their business and also other economic businesses.

This also shows the low priority given by American indian business to improve quality, success and effectiveness.

I believe, that to become a key economic electricity in the world, it is necessary to develop the best capabilities in much larger sphere of technology, instead of just featuring services to other companies and business involving such providers to achieve advanced of productivity and efficiency. 2 . Functionality of sectors is being damaged by filter considerations of regionalism and casts. As the need to provide support support to below developed regions and under-privileged sections can not be denied. I very much question if their fascination is best offered by helping them in ways that bring down the level of efficiency in businesses and community life. Any preferential treatment to certain region or perhaps set of people should go the test of your proper expense benefit research. Of the numerous practices used in term of social justice, the one that hurts the region most, is usually denying possibilities for to the people who can serve national interest best, simply by assigning tasks for such work and result to the incapable and incompetent.

I really believe all system enforced simply by government for preferential treatment for job based on body or area should be substituted by plans to develop the capabilities of such beneath privileged persons so that they can contribute to the national prosperity. National wealth cannot be elevated by just eating it without adding to its creation. 3. There exists a need to reduce corruption and inefficiency in thegovernment. This could be done very effectively by using information technology. The justification to information action has made a few impact. Yet already you will discover moves via many government to limit the range of this act on many different pretexts. I believe by simply developing and implementing powerful systems that monitor and control functionality of individual in authorities jobs, efficiency of the nation as a whole will improve automatically.

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India need improvement in all spheres so that it may be counted since the produced country. Persons should undertake family preparing programmes to lower the population from the country. Better education and medical services should be presented. Agriculture must be improved since more than half from the population is definitely farmer. Occur India!!

Today its each of our time!!

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India should provide young lady education in rural areas so that the women could also study and can be the ongoing future of the nation. Several parents as well did not give their child to the school as a result of following causes: – 1 ) School could be far from the home and there is no conveyance.

2 . Father and mother could not afford the fees from the school.

several. The child could be discriminated just like Om Prakash Velky. four. Proper educators could not be available.

Thus Indian Government should present proper education in the non-urban areas exclusively and should take strict actions to the education of the countryside areas.

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1 . child time must be strap

installment payments on your women in the society ought to be protected

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India lacks literacy, n literacy can take out all the cultural evils through the country and making it a secular, secure, n prosperous country. We people surviving in the Urban areas are not by any means satisfied by what is happening then simply try to picture of those residing in remote areas, they simply shortage everything. The things which today are getting to be a basic necessity for us happen to be out of reach for some people or perhaps say almost all of the India’s populace like electric power, water supply. Dowry, child marital life are the evils that need to be debarred today in the roots. N Literacy is the only suggest to do that. Woman education can make a far improvement. It could take away almost all the evils that India is affected by.

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Common Education, Common law( Civil code) No religious favourism, zero cast, majority, minority concepts should be averted. Nationalsim ought to be encouraged.. India is the world leader. All should be equal with no cast and creed. Only one difference ought to be there, ie, havings and possess nots. Meaning under financial conditions. Provide them with what they needed. If educationally backward give them, Money for examine give them. In the event money is there and not enough development in this region, present it. If health problem prepar for it. Think first and have first Precisely what is the problem in each and every region. No holiday seasons under faith based consideration. Only weekend vacations only. Each and every person must have the right to consider leave on their respective celebrations and enjoy this. All others ought to come to my job and the other way round. No HINDu law, or perhaps christian or Islam.

Should take good from all and be implimented. In the event giving scholorship provide for all poor people without taking into account his cast and only consider his economic conditions. Most students and people should communicate their opinions, ideas through proper channel(agency) what they want and become? Give them help for it afterexamining his qulaity for that. An excellent Nation with no Religous favourism. That could develop. STudy and teach Each one is brothers. Zero scams!! It will eventually destroy the minds of recent generation.

Believe positively andact positively by policians and leaders whom are impacting on the culture. Should offer importance to (50%) farming. Without consuming we could do nothing. Control human population. One or Two. Give the new labor and birth baby complete facilities( about 2 childeren) If more than this number, it truly is responsibility of their own and this nver of the STATE(Govt) without give them any kind of assistance. Always in the mind that “INDIA THE WORLD LEADER


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