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Research from Case Study:


Discuss the kind of information about the scholar’s behaviors. What factors in early stages contribute to how she is today?

Liz, a 15-year-old senior high school Freshman, has been exhibiting specific behaviors lately and in the past that have been influencing her today. Liz continues to be functioning beneath grade level academically. The girl cannot job independently, “hates” school, and rebels against all specialist. She is protective and uses abusive vocabulary. She will blame other folks for her negligence and hardly ever takes responsibility. According to Liz’s father and mother, Liz seldom slept enough when she was younger, so as to let them have a break from her behaviors. As Liz grew older, your woman began to respond impulsively. This lady has been captured distributing medicines and will not get examined, psychologically.

There are certain factors, from the past, which may have contributed to how Liz is today. First of all, Liz seemed to be miserable of sleeping, early on, that could have contributed to her moody behavior. In addition, it seems that Liz’s parents stated the lack of sleep issue even more as a problem for them, rather than for Liz, which could allow off a poor vibe to Liz, causing her negative opinions. Secondly, Liz’s parents expressed their use of various disciplining techniques, that were used, which in turn seemed to all be of a bad nature. As a result can lead to rebelliousness and a craving for attention, whether in a bad or great way.

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Discuss the different assessment methods needed to identify eligibility. What may be her disability?

Several assessment procedures are required in order to identify eligibility for any disability. Liz would advantage in getting tested with assessments such as a great I. Q. test, examining, writing and math subtests, testing for ADHD, such as the Woodcock Meeks test, The WAIS-R intellect test or Stanford-Binet Intellect Scale, next edition, The TONI-2, and so forth A full mental evaluation or perhaps comprehensive individual assessment is required in order to eliminate a disability, whether learning or mental.

She can be exhibiting indications of ADHD and a possible mental disorder (such as Oppositional Defiant Disorder). Another feasible explanation for her at risk behaviours may be due to her home environment. Liz’s parents suggest that she has experienced a state of “perpetual motion” since your woman was incredibly young and will not sleep quite definitely. She acts impulsively to most situations no matter the consequences. There are all signs of ADHD and a possible mental disorder. Screening is

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