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Community diagnosis composition



A community is actually a group of creatures or foule living and interacting with one other in a particular environment. People with common goal, interest, or perhaps cause, who collaborate simply by sharing concepts, informaton, and also other resources. In communty overall health nursing, community is the customer who requirements promotion and preservation of the health from the population.

Community diagnosis is actually a means of reviewing aggregate and social statistics in addition to the familiarity with the local situation, in order to decide the heath needs from the community.

It is a tool to reveal the hidden problems that are certainly not visible for the community persons but are suffering from them. It is important and has helped many communities in increasing their wellness status.

The primary purpose of community health and breastfeeding services should be to improve and sustain the situation with the community that doesn’t have access to standard health care companies and to support individuals who need help to promote top quality care for the complete community.

This kind of study can mainly advantage the people in Barangay 842, District NI of Manila. The research workers were positive that through this study they will be capable to assist the city in developing measures that could enable the local residents to spot and control their own health-related problems and be able to achieve good health.

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This kind of study aims to present the nature of the community of Barangay 842, District VI, Pandaca Manila thus aiding the nursing students to rehearse their expertise and abilities with discipline accuracy in addition to logical fashion like causing the improvement with the condition of the locality. The city as the center of this analyze provides these to do their role in the field of medical as a responsible health health professional. It can create data and information which can help to determine and identify needs, interest and problems in the community through joint efforts and assistance among pupils and the persons affected. Recognizing their needs, interest and problems of the community will enable them to program the action needed, present proposals, alternatives and remedy and fix these problems with unity and coherence to experience a better community setting. Community diagnosis provides the students exposure to the real-life situations, as a result developing their decision-making skill and learn means deal upon different people and situations within a right and ethical way that we will encounter while conducting this study. It also helps them develop each of our knowledge, skill, attitude, co-operation, and involvement on enhancing the condition and organizing a residential area and learn how to deal on the chaotic condition effectively. In addition , nursing practice in the community ” The community diagnosis helps enhance the level of health dissemination with the community. This will also help students to increase our potential and to provide the potential in preventing conditions, promoting health and organize and participate within the development of wellness plan that may benefit the community to attain ideal health to many of these, families and communities.



After a couple weeks of gathering information in Barangay 842, Pandacan Manila BSN level Group 1 will be able to recognize their community’s health concerns and make actions towards attaining of well being resources and services. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES

1 . To assess the health condition and needs of the community and determine existing well being programs and resources available. 2 . To distinguish the health conditions that requires the best priority and needs to be addressed. 3. To plan together with the barangay representatives and healthcare personnel a program that will help deal with the health concerns and needs in the barangay.

Scope and Limitation

The prioritization from the problems seen and stated by the group focused more around the gathered info from the family members interviewed residing

via Barangay 842. The content in the data gathered from the random sample will not be reliable enough to represent the complete community of Barangay 842. However , the research may post significance in the sense that it may be useful in determining the problems in the community.

Methodology/Tools Used

There are 110 family participants which compromises of 496 individuals in Barangay 621 Zone 62, District VI, Sta. Comensales, Manila to get our Community Diagnosis. This kind of family represents the people all of us interviewed. This survey will serve as the representation with the community. The main method all of us used to assess the problem in the community is “survey through survey varieties. We measure the community simply by asking queries through interviewing that is crystal clear and particular that can gather exact and specific answers. In addition , we gathered data through “observing to complete the data required in the survey form. The survey form was adapted from the Comunitario Health Office and was modified by Mr. Kenneth Joe Wonderful RN, teachers member ” College of Nursing of Universidad Sobre Manila. We used a “spot-map to get the area intended for our community diagnosis.

Info Gathering Procedure

The community assessment was conducted above the entire Barangay 621 Area 61, Sta. Mesa, Manila. Only one hundred ten families are surveyed to symbolize the entire community. All the questions happen to be restricted in the survey kind that is created by the Comunitario Health Section and customized by Mr. Kenneth Joe Lovely RN, faculty member ” School of Medical of the Universidad De Manila. All the info gathered was according about what the research workers see and hear. A brief history of the barangay is available in the barangay hall of the community.



The barangay 621 is one of the Barangay for Sta. Comensales, Manila. Excellent total number of populations of six countless numbers four hundred 40. Juan Philip P. Manabat is the current Barangay Chief. It is bounded at the Cadena


Tagalog is definitely their moderate of conversation, but as we observed there are also other different languages that present in the community just like Bisaya, Cebuano, Ilocano, and so forth the Barangay boundaries happen to be 590 north, 603 east, 611 western, and 630 south. Approximate land area of more or less 6th. 5 hectares. Covering the roads of Jacinto Zamora Link and Valenzuela Street. The present facilities in the community are: 5. Water pumps

* 50 percent courts

The most frequent means of travel in their streets are pedicabs but some from the people that live there utilize motorcycles and cars. The street of the pavements are totally cemented, in addition there are parts of the roads which have been rough streets.


The Barangay 621, Zone 62, District MIRE of Manila was created around 1970’s through the effort with their ancestors. Their Barangay Customer is Heureux Labrado which is the Consumer Saint of Farmers which they celebrate just about every 3rd week of May in commemoration of their ancestors and forefathers.


The Barangay 621, Zone sixty two, District MIRE of Manila is the 2nd Barangay which can be seen when ever entering the Bacood Location. The best milestone of this Barangay is the Bacood Park which is within the legal system of this Barangay. Barangay 621 has an predicted land area of more or less than 6. a few hectares. In the streets of Jacinto Zamora Link and Valenzuela Avenue.

The border of the community is a river at the southern near the Pandacan Bridge (Zamora Bridge). The certain areas of the Barangay started from a house near to the river.

Consequently, the houses were generally were wooden type houses and some happen to be concretes. A whole lot of run away dogs and cats show up in the pavements. During anytime, its an extreme hotness when as nighttime approaches, slightly

wind of coldness can be experienced. Polluted air flow can be inhaled due to the autos passing by.

The nearest schools in the Barangay are Regina Apostolorum Academy, Tzu Chihuahua Great Love Campus which is near a few basketball tennis courts and close to the Pandacan Bridge (Zamora Bridge). Some children go to the Bacood Elementary School which is in the additional Barangay around Barangay 621.

Utilization of their own resources was one of the main factors in their sustenance. Sari-sari shops are the primary livelihood inside the Barangay. Others also exists such as rubbish shops, karinderyas, pedicabs happen to be rented for transportation purposes. The Barangay hall is just near the houses and there are Barangay tanods in yhe community, which provides safety and security.



Part II

The Community and Population Group

Population with the Barangay6440

Total Households Surveyed: 128 Families

Total Inhabitants of Individuals Surveyed: 496

Love-making Ratio: (SR)

Sex Ratio: = MaleX 90


sama dengan 251 Males / 245 Females X 100

= 102 Guys per 90 Females

The Households surveyed in Old Sta. Mesa St Brgy. 621 zone sixty two accounts for 128 families in whom people are 496, you will find 251 Men and 245 Females. Making use of the above solution, the computed sex rate is 102 Males every 100 Females. The sex ratio of individuals who is <1 yr old is (7)

while individuals who are among 15-64 years old has the calculated sex ratio of (1. 04) and individuals who are previously mentioned 65 years old has a computed sex rate of (0. 79).

The amount of Males can be slightly similar with the females. From this it is advantageous to end up being benefited by simply both sides of the sex populace. In the traditions of Thailand the Men are out to provide for their very own monetary requirements while Females are count solely for the family. In barangay 621 zone sixty two the culture of the Philippines is highly liked, they believe that Males would be the one to provide for their monetary requirements and women are still left in the house undertaking household duties and attending to their child.

In Barangay 621, the decision producing; Males are the one who make a decision in every condition, Patriarchal produced, they have enough strength in protecting their families, that what ever happens nonetheless their decision is the best.

The partnership between Men and women is highly interdependent and within one may affect other. By simply, hen Females and Males are to be able to work, to provide for their economic requirements. Their child will be remaining and will be taking care by others.

Table you

Age And Sex Distribution Of Individuals Amongst Families Selected Old Sta. Mesa, Brgy. 621, Region 62, District 6, Manila City As Of February 2013

Age| Male| %| Female| %| Total| %|

<1| 7| 1 . 41| 1| 0. 20| 8| 1 . 61|

1-4| 21| some. 23| 17| 3. 43| 38| 7. 66|

5-9| 19| 3. 84| 21| 4. 23| 40| 8. 07|

10-14| 14| installment payments on your 82| 20| 4. 03| 34| 6. 85|

15-19| 18| 3. 63| 24| four. 84| 42| 8. 47|

20-24| 32| 6th. 45| 23| 4. 64| 55| 10. 09|

25-29| 24| 4. 84| 20| 5. 03| 44| 8. 87|

30-34| 32| six. 45| 24| 4. 84| 56| 10. 29|

35-39| 24| 4. 84| 23| some. 64| 47| 9. 48|

40-44| 18| several. 63| 15| 3. 02| 33| 6. 65|

45-49| 7| 1 . 41| 9| 1 ) 82| 16| 3. 23|

50-54| 8| 1 . 61| 15| 3. 02| 23| 4. 63|

55-59| 10| 2 . 02| 14| 2 . 82| 24| 4. 84|

60-64| 6| 1 ) 21| 5| 1 . 01| 11| installment payments on your 22|

65-69| 4| 0. 81| 5| 1 ) 01| 9| 1 . 82|

70-74| 5| 1 . 01| 6| 1 . 21| 11| installment payments on your 22|

75-79| 1| 0. 20| 2| zero. 40| 3| 0. 60|

80-84| 1| 0. 20| 0| 0. 00| 1| zero. 20|

85-89| 0| 0. 00| 1| zero. 20| 1| 0. 20|

90-94| 0| 0. 00| 0| 0. 00| 0| 0. 00|

95-99| 0| 0. 00| 0| 0. 00| 0| 0. 00|

95 and above| 0| 0. 00| 0| 0. 00| 0| 0. 00|

TOTAL: | 251| 60. 61%| 245| 49. 39%| 496| 100%|

Table one particular shows the percentage distribution old and sexual intercourse in Brgy. 621 area 62 Aged Sta. Mesa St . Manila City as of February 2013. The data demonstrates 1 . 61% belong to the age of less than 12 months old, several. 66% in 1-4 years of age, 8. 07% in 5-9 years old, 6. 85% in 10-14 years of age, 8. 47% in 15-19 years old, 10. 09% in 20-24 years of age, 8.??? in 25-29 years old, 11. 29% in 30-34 years old, 9. 48% in 35-39 years old, six. 65% in 40-44 years old, 3. 23% in 45-49 years old, some. 63% in 50-54 years of age, 4. 84% in 55-59 years old, installment payments on your 22% in 60-64 years old, 1 . 82% in 65-69 years old, 2 . 22% in 70-74 years of age, 0. 60% in 75-79 years old, zero. 20% in 80-84 years old, 0. twenty percent in 85-89 years old, and 0. 00% in 90-94 years old and above. Based from the data presented in Table 2 . 1 most of the Population is in the age of 20-24 years old (55 individuals), 25-29 years old (44 individuals), 30-34 years old (56 individuals) and 35-39 years old (47 individuals). The Community has a expansive population which reveals the large amount in the young and middle adult life, based by Pilitteri the age of young adulthood is 18-25 years old and middle adult life is 25-60 years old. Inside the young adulthood it is consider as a conformative years that stress the value of parent guidance. It is the time that young adulthood forms his identity and begins

to find closeness. In addition they are still economically based mostly; they are even now studying and starting to produce their own career. In the other hand the middle adult life ages 25-39 y/o in Brgy. 621are just starting the fruitful years of your life, their merely having their particular career and families, out of this it can be declared middle adulthood is still a bit economically based mostly. There are certain programs that will profit the aged middle adult life like having a livelihood software that will grow their skills and having a seminar focusing regarding business in a amount of capital.

Table 2 Percentage Distribution Displaying The City Status Of people Who Is 15 Years Old And Above Among the list of Families Selected In Aged Sta. Mesa, Brgy. 621, Zone sixty two, District 6, Manila City As Of Feb 2013

Detrimental Status| f| %|

Single| 175| 46. 54|

Married| 165| 43. 88|

Separated| 4| 1 . 06|

Widow| 10| installment payments on your 67|

Common Law| 22| five. 85|

Total| 376| 100%|

Number 3 Percentage Distribution Demonstrating The City Status Of Individuals Who Is 15 Years Old And Above Among The Families Surveyed In Brgy Old Sta. Mesa, Brgy. 621, Region 62, Area 6, Manila City By February 2013

Table installment payments on your 2 majorities of the respondents fall under the single status accounting 46. 54% of the total population surveyed; followed by Committed individuals which can be 43. 88%; 1 . 06% of the inhabitants surveyed happen to be separated; while 2 . 67% are widow; and a few. 85% in the population surveyed are within a common regulation.

Based on your data, most of them will be individuals who have their own spouse and partners, several have their spouse but as a result of problems that they separate, a few have their very own spouse however partners kept in because of medical

conditions or problems, and there are still individuals who choose to be in one relationship, focusing in the various other matters including on their source of income and most with the times they do not have focus on taking care of all their health.




No . of human population 14 y/o and below + number of sixty-five y/o and above DR =””””””””””””””””””””””””””””x 90 Total number of human population 15-64 years of age.

= a hundred and twenty (14 y/o and below) + 25 (65 y/o and above)

351 (15-64 y/o)

sama dengan 145/351 Times 100 sama dengan 41 every 100


The computation above displays the dependency ration of individuals in barangay 621 area 62 districts VI that is certainly 41 so that as interpreted while moderately low. There were one hundred twenty individuals who are 14 years old and below, when 25 people were aged 65 years old and previously mentioned. Dependency percentage measure exhibiting the number of dependents (aged 0-14 and over the age of 65) for the total population (aged 15-64). Also referred to as the “total addiction ratio. It also measures the amount of people either too youthful or too old to work, compared to the number of people within working grow older. The current dependency ratio with the barangay 621 zone 62 district NI is 41%. That means for each and every 10 operating adults, you will find 4. on the lookout for people that should be supported, whether it is through social security or perhaps childcare. Therefore , a lower dependency ratio is much better for monetary growth. Not only does it imply more persons in the labor force are causing national production, but that more resources can be directed towards purchases of growth initiatives. Table 3 Percentage Syndication Showing The Occupational Status Of Individuals Between Families Selected In Old Sta. Direccion, Brgy. 621, Zone 62, District 6, Manila City As Of February 20013

Work-related Status| F| %|

Employed| 163| 46. 4%|

Unemployed| 172| 49%|

Self-employed| 16| some. 6%|

TOTAL| 351| 100%|

Determine 4 Percentage Distribution Diagram Showing The Occupational Status Of Individuals Amongst Families Selected In Old Sta. Direccion, Brgy. 621, Zone sixty two, District 6th, Manila City. As Of Feb . 2013


Table a few shows percentage distribution from the occupational status among the families surveyed. Majority of individuals had been unemployed which has a percentage of 49% of the total human population surveyed, and then employed people which is 46. 4%of the entire population, and lastly, 4. 6% of the selected individuals were self-employed.

Occupation is a income source and this influences the economic position of each friends and family. Therefore , 51% (46. 4% + some. 6%) in the total masse surveyed are able to provide requirements for the family.

Table 4 Percentage Showing The Types Of Occupation Amongst 621 People Surveyed In Old Sta. Mesa, Brgy. 621, Zone 62, Section 6, Manila City By February 2013

Types of occupation| F| %|

BLUE COLLAR JOBSCarpenterCollectorCasherDriver CheckerTechnicianSewer encoderFactory workerOnline seller’Vendor Call center agentLaundry womanBuy and sellMaintenanceWelderExtraSalesman/ladyLine man’Fair collector’Construction workerMinerStreet sweeperOffice clerkBand trainerBakerDelivery manRegistrar officerSecretaryMessengerSecurity guardJunk collectorUtility/crewPainter supplierStudio photographerOFWTOTAL| 1121121322131873231171131262221111123126119| 0. 62%0. 62%1. 24%6. 83%1. 24%8. 07%1. 24%1. 24%0. 62%1. 86%11. 18%4. 35%1. 86%1. 24%1. 86%0

. 62%0. 62%4. 35%0. 62%0. 62%1. 86%0. 62%1. 24%3. 73%1. 24%1. 24%1. 24%0. 62%0. 62%0. 62%0. 62%0. 62%1. 24%1. 86%0. 62%1. 24%3. 73%| WHITE-COLORED COLLAR JOB: Businessman/womenAccountantTherapistAnalystPoliceEngineerManagerSupervisor’TeacherGovernment employeeTOTAL| 4611322431642| installment payments on your 48%3. 73%0. 62%0. 62%1. 86%1. 24%1. 24%2. 48%1. 86%9. 94%| TOTAL| 161| 100%|

Physique 5 The Frequency And Percentage Circulation Diagram Displaying The Types Of Profession Among Families Surveyed In Old Sta. Mesa, Brgy. 621, Region 62, District 6, Manila City As Of February 2013


The table displays the percentage syndication of different types of profession in which people in the community could generate earnings. It can be gleaned to the table that vendors are the main job within the community which has the proportion of 14. 18% with the total specific surveyed, subsequent is the federal government employers which usually accounts (9. 94%) experts (8. 07%). These are the most notable 3 profession where the people in the explained barangay generate their incomes. Some of the careers stated above are the same in percentage. The kind of job they have implies is definitely their current economic status. It just depend upon which capabilities individuals as well as the dedication to do so. It may affect the overall health status with the family by way of nutritional will need. Because inside the table, it clearly says that vendors were the most or the greater part has this occupation therefore , this kind of job hasn’t enough money or budget to provide nutritious foods for the family. This kind of table as well implies that the reason why most of the participants have a blue scruff of the neck job sort of occupation is because of educational position of the respondents in the community. Most of them are high school graduation graduate.

Desk 5 Percentage Distribution Exhibiting The Mixed Monthly Family Income Between Families Surveyed In Old Sta. Direccion, Brgy. 621, Zone 62, District six, Manila Town As Of Feb . 2013

Merged Monthly Family members Income| F| %|

< P1, 000P you, 000- 5, 000P5, 001- 10, 000P 10, 001- 15, 000P 15, 001- 20, 000P 20, 001- 25, 000P 25, 001-30, 00030, 500 and aboveTOTAL| 216282617966110| 1 ) 8%14. 55%25. 45%23. 64%15. 45%8. 2%5. 5%5. 5%100%|

Figure 6. Percentage circulation diagram showing the Put together Monthly Friends and family Income among Families Selected in Old Sta. Comensales, Brgy. 621, Zone sixty two, District six, Manila Town. As of Feb 2013


Table displays combined relatives income in the residents in in Barangay 621 region 62, area VI Sta. Mesa, Manila. The data demonstrates 28 away of 110 population is usually which is equivalent to 25. 45%has combined month-to-month income of 5, 000-10, 000 when 6 out of one hundred ten residents or 5. five per cent of the total population provides a monthly income of 31, 000 and above.

There may be 41. 8% of the total family selected who considered to be poor. Most of them posseses an income of 5, 000-10, 000, considering that the respondents you don’t have a good income source and utilized self employment. This might give problem to big size families as it cannot tackle the different requires of each family member.

Health could be affected the moment income with the family is too little because it could be taken for granted as a result of some requires that they considered being more important. The capability of obtaining a better health care attention depends on how the persons see the availability of resources and maximizing that according for their needs.

In accordance to Nationwide Statistics Dexterity Board which a family of five with total monthly cash flow of significantly less P10, 1000 is considered poor. The NSCB explained that the new cash flow threshold protects only simple needs like food, clothing, shelter and transportation and include spending for recreation and wellness needs.



Literacy Level:

LR sama dengan No . of population eight years old and above who are able to read and write _________________________________________ x 100

Total no . of 8 years of age and previously mentioned


“”x 1oo


= 00%

The most common definition of literacy level is the ability to read and write for specified age. Information in literacy, whilst not perfect way of measuring educational results, is probably the the majority of easily available and valid for international comparisons. Low levels of literacy and education generally speaking, can obstruct the monetary development of a rustic in the current speedily changing, technology driven.

The literacy rate of brgy. 621 zone 62 Region 6 which was assessed implies that majority of the total population could read and write, understand and appreciate simple items. A well written person can easily mediate their particular world simply by deliberately and adaptability orchestrating that means from one linguistic knowledge structured and can be applied or connects it to a new knowledge foundation. This data proposes that people in the community can actively take part to several health-related activities and during the setup process.

Table 6 Percentage Distribution Demonstrating The Educational Position Of Individuals Selected Among People In Aged Sta. Comensales, Brgy. 621, Zone 62, District 6, Manila Town As Of February 2013


Not any formal education| 4| 1|

General Level ( under graduate )| 4| 1|

Elementary graduate| 20| 5. 7|

Elementary currently studying| 34| 8|

High school level ( underneath graduate )| 33| several. 8|

High school graduate| 107| 25. 1|

High school presently studying| 29| 6. 9|

College level ( under graduate student )| 72| 17|

College graduate| 76| 19. 1|

College at present studying| 27| 6. 8|

Vocational graduate| 17| 4|

TOTAL| 423-4(no formal education)= 419| 100%|

Figure six Percentage Distribution Diagram Showing The Educational Position Of Individuals Selected Among Households In Old Sta. Mesa, Brgy. 621, Zone 62, District 6th, Manila City As Of Feb . 2013

Analysis and presentation:

The educational status of individuals surveyed in brgy. 621 zone 62 district six; majority of the population were underneath the elementary level (undergraduate) 1%, followed by who are primary graduate four. 7% and who will be elementary (presently studying) 8%. Individuals who are beneath category of senior high school (undergraduate) 7. 8%, and then high school graduate 25. 1% and high school (presently studying) 6. 9%. Individuals underneath the category of university level (undergraduate) 17%, accompanied by college graduate student 19. 1% and college or university (presently studying) was 6th. 8%. Someone under the group of vocational graduate was 4%. Educational achievement is a term commonly used simply by statisticians to refer to the greatest degree of education an individual features completed. Nevertheless , educational attainment of the persons in the community is low. The greater part only reached high school graduate. This mostly indicates that the community has a low educational competence in comparison with people with bigger educational background who will be more competitive, possess better quality lifestyle. Families who may have a low compa?ero economic status are more want to have too little resources or time availableness to provide children with academics or support. The state of the educational system inside the Philippines is an excellent are of concern. The data regarding the work status and average income of people correlates for the low persons educational amount of most of the persons in the community. Educational status of

persons in level should be dealt with to the local government of manila on order to accessible. School facilities and structures which will enable those to learn new things.

Table several Percentage Releasing Showing The area Of Source Among the Families Surveyed In Old Sta. Mesa, Brgy. 621, Zone 62, Region 6, Manila City By February 2013


Luzon| 46| twenty-five. 4|

Visayas| 34| 18. 8|

Mindanao| 9| 5|

NCR| 92| 50. 8|

TOTAL| 181| 100%|

Figure 8 Percentage Circulation Diagram Demonstrating The Place Of Origin Between Families Surveyed In Old Sta. Mesa, Brgy. 621, Zone sixty two, District 6th, Manila City As Of February 2013

The table demonstrates majority of the respondents had been originated in NCR that makes up 50. 8%. Individuals who are originated in Luzon include 25. 4% of a total population; Visayas have 18. 8% and Mindanao possess 5%.

Almost all of the respondents originated from NCR especially in Manila. This would suggest a problem regarding teaching; it may well influence the culture, way of life, health attitude, practice and human’s physical outlook. In province that they most presumed on “albularyo or “hilot-hilot. It also may well affect the acceptability of health information of the persons of brgy. 621 region 62 zones 6.

Desk 8 Percentage Distributing Demonstrating The Faith Of People Surveyed In Old Sta. Mesa, Brgy. 621, Area 62, Area 6, Manila City As Of February 2013


Both roman Catholic| 142| 78. 5|

Iglesia ni Cristo| 8| four. 4|

Born Once again Christian| 29| 16|

Pentacosta| 2| 1 . 4|

TOTAL| 181| 100%|

Figure being unfaithful Percentage Syndication Diagram Exhibiting The Faith Among Family members Surveyed In Old Sta. Mesa, Brgy. 621, Region 62, Region 6, Manila City Since February 2013

This table shows that the majority of the individuals surveyed were both roman catholic was 78. five per cent of the total population; followed by born again Christian 16%; then Capilla ni cristo 4. 4% and Pentecosta 1 . 4%.

Religion might influence lifestyle, lifestyle, well being attitude, practice and human’s physical perspective. It may impact the acceptability of health information or perhaps services. Like Saksi national insurance Jehova, it had been the religion that they not allowed to transfuse blood also it is most needed. This data implies that catholic have got a greater part in their populace. Other faith may imply some health problems regarding in their beliefs.

Table 9 Percentage Distributing Demonstrating The House Control Of People Surveyed In Old Sta. Mesa, Brgy. 621, Area 62, Region 6, Manila City As Of February 2013


Owned| 75| sixty-eight. 2|

Rented| 34| 231|

Rented-Free| 1| 1 . 2|

TOTAL| 110| 100%|

Figure 12 Percentage Syndication Diagram Showing The House Control Among Family members Surveyed: In Old Sta. Mesa, Brgy. 621, Area 62, Area 6, Manila City As Of February 2013

This table shows that almost all of the family from this brgy. held their house together with the percentage of 68. 2%’ while the various other family contains a percentage of 31%

rented houses. They practically lived in brgy. 621 region 62 zones 6 since birth.

It may well imply an optimistic outcome intended for families from this brgy. mainly because most of the people have possessed houses. Like they not need to pay a monthly rent for their house and that money could be the source for their health sources.

Table 10 Percentage Distributing Showing The Land Possession Of People Surveyed In Old Sta. Mesa, Brgy. 621, Area 62, Section 6, Manila City By February 2013


Owned| 53| forty eight. 2|

Rented| 57| 52. 8|

Free-Rented| 0| 0|

TOTAL| 110| 100%|

Figure eleven Percentage Division Diagram Demonstrating The Land Ownership Amongst Families Surveyed: In Outdated Sta. Direccion, Brgy. 621, Zone sixty two, District 6th, Manila Town As of Feb . 2013

This kind of table implies that rented whole lot was increased part with the percentage of forty-eight. 2%’ while the owned great deal were 48% of percentage. Based on our surveyed the families rented their great deal in the govt. This may cause a problem in the family if that they don’t pay money for the regular monthly rent.

Table 11 Percentage Distributing Exhibiting The Fresh air Of Family members Surveyed: In Old Sta. Mesa, Brgy. 621, Zone 62, Section 6, Manila City As Of February 2013


Well-Ventilated | 80| 72. 7|

Poor-Ventilated | 30| 27. 3|

TOTAL | 110| 100% |

Figure doze Percentage Syndication Diagram Demonstrating The Fresh air Among Family members Surveyed: In Old Sta. Mesa, Brgy. 621, Sector 62, Section 6, Manila City By February 2013

This table shows that a lot of the family provides a greater airy house using a percentage of 80%, even though the remaining friends and family has a percentage of 20% poor-ventilated houses. The airy house may possibly circulate through and storm. And To show (a substance) to the blood circulation of oxygen, as to retard spoilage. It could imply a health risk for poor-ventilated house to transmission of communicable conditions for the family members.

Desk 12 Percentage Distributing Demonstrating The Length Of Residency Of Family members Surveyed: In Old Sta. Mesa, Brgy. 621, Area 62, Area 6, Manila City By February 2013


< 6th mos. | 0| 0|

6th mos. ” 1 YR. | 9| 5|

1 ” 5| installment payments on your 2| 12. 5|

6 ” 10| installment payments on your 2| 12. 5|

10 yrs. & above| 128| seventy. 7|

TOTAL| 181| 100%|

Determine 13 Percentage Distribution Diagram Showing The size of Residensy Amongst Families Selected: In Outdated Sta. Comensales, Brgy. 621, Zone 62, District six, Manila Metropolis As Of Feb 2013

This kind of table implies that <6mos. as a absolutely no 0% of residency, 6mos. -1yr five per cent, 1-5 yrs and 6-10yrs of residency were doze. 5%, and 10 yrs and over have a percentage of 70. 7%. This means most of the friends and family were born, grew up and create a family. This could imply a good outcome for the family members in this brgy. because that they almost memorized the way going to health centre, chapel, highways, schools and hospitals.

Table 13 Percentage Distributing Showing The Type Of Real estate Of People Surveyed: In Old Sta. Mesa, Brgy. 621, Region 62, Section 6, Manila City As

Of February 2013


Makeshift| “””””| 0%|

Wood (Light)| 34| 31|

Concrete (strong)| 33| 30|

Mixed| 43| 39|

TOTAL| 110| 100%|

Figure 14 Percentage Distribution Plan Showing The sort of House Amongst Families Selected: In Outdated Sta. Comensales, Brgy. 621, Zone sixty two, District 6th, Manila Town 6 As Of February 2013

This desk shows that combined (wood and concrete) produced most of the residence in the brgy.. 621 region 62 area 6. Merged have a percentage of 39%, concrete (strong) 30%, wooden (light) 31% and makeshift has 0%. This may mean for well being threat pertaining to the families in this brgy. because most of the house manufactured from light and concrete materials. Like unexpected emergency fire and earthquake, it could destroy certainly and may reason behind an injury and death of the individual.


Stand 14 Percentage Distribution Displaying Water Supply of Families Selected in Aged Sta. Mesa Brgy. 621, Zone 62, District 6, Manila City

As of February 2013

Level| F| %|

I actually. Point Origin II. Communal Faucet Program III. Drinking water Works System| 08228| 07525| Total | 110| 100|

Figure 15 Percentage Circulation Showing Hydrant of Families Surveyed in Old Sta. Mesa, Brgy. 621 Area 62, Region 6, Manila City

As of February 2013


The Table demonstrates almost half the total populace used the Communal Tap system while the common method to obtain water supply which has a percentage of Seventy five ( 75%). Water works strategy is the second most popular source of hydrant with a 25 percent ( 25%) not only that non-e with the population surely could use level source.

Most of the houses in Brgy. 621 Sta. comensales street. uses Communal faucet as a source of water supply or the commonly known as inches poso “, it is also a groundwater which will uses tragedy pipes inside the ground. If properly carried out and presented a favorable earth condition, this might provide top quality water but once improperly performed. On the other hand normal water works product is to be employed. Point origin has no point percent. ( 0% ).

The date collected implies that the community generally uses Communal tap system that are considered to be unsafe because it requires maximum remedying of disinfections. Not enough knowledge and inappropriate practice in handling of water from the source to the storage area point in the home could contaminate drinking water. People who get drinking water from pipe water encourages are not free from diarrhea. Because half of the population employed Communal sink system that’s why the area may be possible for Diarrhea.

Table 15 Percentage Circulation Showing Excreta Disposal of Families Selected in Aged Sta. Comensales Brgy. 621 Zone 62 District six, Manila Town

As of February 2013

Excreta Disposal| F| %|

I. Gap Latrines II. Pour Remove toilets III. Auto Eliminate toilets IV. Balot System/ Wrap and Throw Sixth is v. Other, Designate: ____| 0961400 | 0871300| Total | 110| 100|

Figure of sixteen Percentage Division Showing Excreta Disposal of Families Surveyed in Older. Sta. Direccion Brgy. 621 Zone sixty two District six, Manila Metropolis

As of February 2013


The stand shows that the most frequent excreta fingertips in Brgy. 621 Sta. Mesa streets. Is the Pour-flush toilets with a percentage of eighty several (87%). Second is the Flush toilets having a percentage of thirteen (13 %). Last but not least the Balot system/ encapsulate and toss has absolutely no percent (0%).

The type of toilet is an essential factor in looking at bacterial contamination through stool. It really is imperative to have a good form of toilet regarding avoid distributed of conditions such as cholera, typhoid fever, etc . Majority of the houses uses Pour-flush lavatories or the regular removal or disposal of waste in a sanitary way it is hygienic and needs only an exact quantity of water for flushing. However , the percentage of family members use Flush toilets is additionally significant especially that it is the next commonly used excreta disposal method.

Waste which is not properly maintained, especially excretion and other liquefied and stable waste via households plus the community, are a serious health risk and bring about the propagate of contagious diseases. Normally it is the rainy waste that decomposes and releases a poor odor. This leads to unhygenic conditions and therefore to a within the health challenges. Educating those in the proper refuse disposal should be given priority to maintain a healthy and safe environment.

Table 16 Percentage Distribution Demonstrating Garbage Disposal of Households Surveyed in Old. Sta. Mesa Brgy. 621 Zone 62 Region 6, Manila City

Since February 2013

Garbage Disposal| F| Percentage|

I actually. DPS(collected)II. Open up dumpingIII. Burning| 10910| 990. 90| Total| 110| 100|

Figure seventeen Percentage Division Showing Rubbish Disposal of Families Surveyed in Aged. Sta. Mesa Brgy. 621 Zone sixty two District 6, Manila Metropolis

As Feb 2013


The table shows the effect of one of the environment indicators which can be Garbage fingertips the community of Brgy. 621 Sta. Direccion street. They can be listed as follows; DPS (collected) has a percentage of eighty nine (99 %), second the Open dumping has zero point nine (0. 9 % ). Following the burning up and spend segregation provides zero percent (0 %).

The people in the community should also end up being educated on proper segregation of garbage, between the eco-friendly which can be utilized as pet feeds or perhaps natural fertilizers, and not biodegradable which can be recycled and is a income source. The removal of waste materials in or the land devoid of careful preparing and managing can present a hazard to health insurance and the environment.

The Garbage disposal in Brgy. 621 have an ordinary way of disposing excreta the DPS (collected). Open dumping has one point twenty five percent and the other has zero percent.

Chapter MIRE

Wellness Indices

Table 17 Percentage Distributions Displaying the Food Safe-keeping Practice of Families surveyed in Aged Sta. Mesa, Brgy. 621, Zone sixty two, District six, Manila Metropolis As of Feb 2013

Food Storage space Practice| F| %|

Refrigerator| 50| 45. 45%|

Table| 40| thirty six. 36%|

Cabinet| 9| 8. 18%|

Safe-keeping Box| 7| 6. 36%|

Basket| 4| 3. 63%|

Total| 110| 99. 98%|

Figure 18 Percentage Distributions Showing the foodstuff Storage Practice of People surveyed in Old Sta. Mesa, Brgy. 621, Region 62, District 6, Manila City As of February 2013


This desk presents the Food Storage Procedures of people in Outdated Sta. Mesa. Data shows that majority of the families retail outlet their food in the refrigerator; it has a percentage of forty five. 45%. Most of the respondents opt to place all their food in the refrigerator in order to avoid spoilage of food. Alternatively, some people store this in desk, baskets, cupboards etc .

The word “storage means the safe keeping of products. So in this instance, most of them possess a refrigerator as their Foodstuff Storage by their own houses because it is vital that you store their very own food in a cool, dried out and clean place in so that it will prevent meals contamination which may lead to propagate of specific diseases.

Table 18 Percentage Distributions Exhibiting the Ways in Storing Food of Families surveyed in Old Sta. Mesa, Brgy. 621, Zone 62, Area 6, Manila City Since February 2013

Techniques on saving food| F| %|

Covered| 96| 87. 27|

Uncovered| 14| 12. 72|

Total | 110| 99. 99%|

Number 19 Percentage Distributions Displaying the Ways on Storing Foods of family members surveyed in Old Sta. Mesa Brgy. 592, Area 58, District 6, Manila City Since February 2013


The info above displays the Ways about Storing their food be it covered or perhaps not examine revealed that almost all of respondents, which in turn accounts for ninety six families of 87. 27% claimed of keeping their particular food and also other perishable items “covered, and 14 groups of 12. 72% claimed that they can kept their very own food “uncovered.

Covering their food is known as a practice that could prevent meals contamination which can be defined as the food that are spoiled or reflectivity of the gold because they will either contain microorganisms, just like bacteria, parasites, or dangerous substances which make them unfit for ingestion ingesting infected food includes a great effect to your health since it results in disorders that impact millions of people every year.

Table nineteen Percentage Distributions Showing the Infant Feeding Methods of People surveyed in Old Sta. Mesa, Brgy. 621, Sector 62, Region 6, Manila City

As of Feb 2013

Infant Feeding Practices ( 0-6 months)| F| %|

Mixed| 0| 0|

Breast Milk| 4| 100|

Commercially Well prepared milk| 0| 0|

Total 4100%|


These data shows the percentage division of Toddler Feeding Methods; 100% with the population utilized breastfeeding. They may be aware that Child is the typical way of featuring young babies with the nutrition they need to get healthy development and growth. And their Health Center inspires and enhance breastfeeding. Although the government issued an Exec Order fifty-one that should contribute to the supply of safe and sufficient nutrition intended for infants by the protection and promotion of breastfeeding and by ensuring the right use of breasts milk substitutes and breast milk products when these are generally necessary, based on adequate info and through appropriate advertising distribution.

Stand 20 Percentage Distributions Exhibiting the Immunization Status of youngsters in Older Sta. Direccion, Brgy. 621, Zone 62, District six, Manila Town

As of February 2013

Immunization( <1y/o )| Target Population| Number of Newborns Given| %| BCG| 8| 8| 100%|

OPV1 2 3| 886| 843| 100%50%50%|

DPT1 two 3| 886| 854| 100%62. 50%66. 66%|

HBV12 3| 866| 753| 87. 50%83. 33%50%|

AMV| 3| 3| 100%|

Fully Immunized Child| 3| 3| 100%|


Immunization is the process by which vaccines are released into the body before infection sets in. Vaccines are implemented to generate immunity therefore causing the recipient’s immune system to respond to the vaccine that makes antibodies to fight contamination.

Base within this study, several out of three has been completely immunized (able to receive total vaccines ahead of the child extends to 1 year old). The data above revealed the immunization position of the babies in Outdated Sta. Direccion. It implies that all of the concentrate on infants had been immunized, intended for BCG. A few of them doesn’t conform to the said schedule with their vaccine, can be the infant have problems with colds, fever or different common health issues.

Table twenty-one Percentage Circulation Showing the First person Contacted in times of illness of Individuals amongst Families Selected in Old Sta. Comensales, Brgy. 621, Zone sixty two, District 6, Manila Metropolis

As of February 2013

First person Consulted in times of illness| F| %|

Doctor| 86| 78. 18%|

Relatives| 10| being unfaithful. 09%|

Nurse| 7| 6. 36%|

Albularyo| 3| 2 . 72%|

Neighborhood| 2| 1 . 81%|

Midwife| 2| 1 ) 81%|

TOTAL| 110| 99. 97%|

Figure 20 Percentage Syndication Showing the First person Consulted in times of illness of Individuals amongst Families Surveyed in Outdated Sta. Direccion, Brgy. 621, Zone 62, District six, Manila Metropolis As of Feb 2013


The Stand shows the first person consulted in times of condition and most of the participants which accounts to 86 or 78. 18% seek advice from doctor much more illness although 10 or perhaps 9. 09% of them keep pace with advice to relatives and 7 or perhaps 6. 36% seeks the assistance of nurse. This kind of only implies that the most are aware with regards to the medical services available in the health centre even though it is far from all their places. Having awareness inside the availability of medical services inside the health middle and motivate the citizens of this community to utilize this.

And the residents of Aged Sta. Comensales are aware that they can must initially seek well being advice or perhaps health appointment from the Overall health Center particularly the Physician/Doctor.

Desk 22 Percentage Distributions Demonstrating the Conversation Network ” Health Information among the list of Residents of Old Sta. Mesa, Brgy. 621, Zone 62, Region 6, Manila City. Since February 2013


Health Care Personnel| 69| 62. 72%|

Television| 19| 17. 27%|

Radio| 12| 10. 90%|

Newspaper/Fliers/Posters| 7| 6. 36%|

Phone| 3| installment payments on your 72%|

Barangay Officials| 0| 0%|

Total| 110| 99. 97%|

Figure 21 Percentage Distributions Demonstrating the Connection Network ” Health Information among the Residents of Old Sta. Mesa, Brgy. 621, Sector 62, District 6, Manila City. Since February 2013


The table above states the sources of health information; 69 or perhaps 62. 72% of the population obtains health information from medical personnel when 19 or perhaps 17. 27% gains details through the use of tv, 12 of them or 12. 90% make use of radio as an information origin, whereas several or 6. 36% generally reads newspapers of fliers then, several or installment payments on your 72% confirmed that they gain information through the use of phone. Finally, non-e of the total inhabitants asks details from the barangay officials.

Sources of reliable information about health are essential for the community because this will act as their guidebook in decision making when it comes to all their health. Most of their resources are medical care personnel; stability of information about health is imperative because this may help in attaining and enjoyable their overall health status. They can obtain this kind of to those individuals who have knowledge in rendering medical services.



After 3 days of doing an interview within just Barangay 621, Sta. Mesa Manila, the researchers have obtained significant info to detect and deduce health conditions in the community. The researchers found out that many the participants are single and are dominate by guys. The data obtained also showed that many are unemployed. Majority of the people in the region are considered to become earning below the minimum salary. This salary is said to sustain the needs of every family member. The info reflects that a majority of respondents got graduated senior high school and also, most are Catholics. Pyschological data reports that a range of respondents came from the Luzon areas especially in NCR. And majority of the homes of the respondents have enough ventilation and they are made from combined concrete and lightweight materials. The water of the respondents is supplied through waterworks program. Most of

them also use pour get rid of toilets and so they dispose their very own garbage through truck collection. Regarding their particular health position, the obtained data demonstrates that most respondents have freezers for their foodstuff storage. Furthermore, most mothers patronize breastfeeding rather than the bottle of wine feeding; however , the mom had their children receive immunization for their children protection. The researchers also available out that the respondents search for help from the hospital and consults doctors whenever they experience deviation prove health. Likewise, the data shows that most of the participants receive health information from other healthcare personnel.

In the observation and information obtained during the interview, the researchers were able to identify some of the community’s needs that ought to be give goals. These trouble is the one that makes hindrances to their progress not only as a person but also as a world. CONCLUSION

Following scrutinizing your data gathered, the researchers came up with the conclusion which the barangay have got problem with regards to their cost effective status mainly because majority of them are earning beneath minimum income which could indicate shortage in resources and also could affect their well being status. Likewise there is a trouble to their availability in space for living for many the houses is too small intended for the number of masses living in that. Therefore , there are posing simply no difficulty in the spread of communicable conditions within the community and so, in solution to this kind of, the health proper care team ought to provide wellness teaching within the barangay concerning proper segregation and fingertips of the rubbish, and also correct sanitation. Although aside from these, the experts concluded that you will discover no additional signs of threat within the community.

The whole community is so much healthy for they have access and utilize the health care facilities like the nearby overall health center (Esperanza Health Center) and many of them are conscious with their health position as proved by their regular visit inside the said health center and other health care study centers.


2. To countertop the fire hazards of the community, the barangay officials must provide a fireplace extinguisher and orient the individuals of Barangay 621, Region 62 upon what is the appropriate things to do when there is fireplace.

* They should avoid tossing around garbages and smoking cigarettes non-spacious areas; this might be the cause of starting open fire.

* The barangay officials should perform a seminar to the individuals of their place for them to know that they must refrain themselves by using candles, throwing away their incomplete cigarettes plus they must be certain before sleeping the gas stove is definitely close and intact.

2. The barangay must provide a fire security alarm so that in case of fire mishaps the citizens will be aware as soon as possible.

5. The barangay should designate police patrols in the place to minimize criminal offenses occurences.


5. Jimenez, C. (2005). Community Organization Participatory Action Exploration (COPAR). Manila, Philippines 5. Maglaya A. (2008). Public welfare Nursing in the Philippines. Marikina City.. Argonauta * Reyala J. ain. Al (2004) Community Well being Nursing Services in the Korea. Community Well being Nursing Section, National Group of Philippine Government Nurses, Inc.


Review Form


* Economic indication

1 ) Combined month to month family income(Buwanang kita ng pamilya) ( ) you, 000-below (“) 1, 000-5, 000

( ) 5, 000-10, 000 ( ) 15, 000-15, 500

( ) 15, 000-20, 1000 ( ) 20, 000-25, 000

( ) 25, 000-30, 000 ( ) 40, 000-above

2 .. Other sources of income-livelihood (Mayroon pa boom pinagkukunan ibang pangkabuhayan) ( ) Yes (“) Simply no

If yes, what?

( ) sari-sari retail store ( ) poultry raising

( ) animals raising ( ) build making

( ) other (please specify) _________________

3. Month to month expenses ( Buwanang gastusin ng pamilya)

( ) one particular, 000-below (“) 1, 000-5, 000

( ) 5, 000-10, 000 ( ) 10, 000-15, 000

( ) 12-15, 000-20, 500 ( ) 20, 000-25, 000

( ) 25, 000-30, 000 ( ) 40, 000-above

four. Resources allocated for health-related ( Nakalaang pondo para sa kalusugan) ( ) Yes ( ) Not any

If yes, from where? ( kung oo, galling saan? )

( ) health insurance


( ) phil health

( ) others, please specify_______________

* Cultural variables

1 . Communication network

-where do you get health information?

( ) wellness center (“) television

( ) radio ( ) newspaper fliers/posters ( ) mobile phone

( ) fowl raising

( ) other, make sure you specify__________________

installment payments on your. Transportation system

( ) walking distance ( ) Bangka

( ) vehicles ( ) by animals

( ) other, you should specify___________________


1 ) Housing state

Lot: ( ) rented

(“) owned

( ) other, make sure you specify__________________

House: ( ) leased

(“) owned

( ) other, please specify___________________

Number of bedrooms for sleeping______

Volume of persons every room_______

2 . Types of real estate materials

( ) concrete ( ) makeshift

( ) wooden (“) combined

( ) different, please specify_______________

3. Venting

(“) adequate

( ) inadequate

5. Water supply

( ) level I-point sources

( ) level II-communal faucet

(“) level III-water function system

( ) shared

five. Excreta fingertips

( ) level I-pit latrines

(“) level II-pour flush toilets

( ) level III-flush lavatories

( ) ballot system/wrap and throw

( ) other, make sure you specify__________________

6th. Garbage removal

(“) DPS accumulated

( ) wide open dumping

( ) burning

( ) waste segregation

( ) throw in the lake and estero


1 . Recognized commanders in the community ( Pangunahing taong kinokonsulta at kinikilingan pinuno ng komunidad) ( ) barangay representatives ( ) religious commanders

( ) elders ( ) non-government organization (“) various other, please specify:

2 . Community program ( Ano ang alam bist du programa social fear komunidad) (“) peace and order ( ) tapat ko linis ko

( ) curfew ( ) different, please specify_______________

3. Predominant organization in the community ( Kilalang samahan sa komunidad)


( ) barangay council ( ) ( ) sanggunian kabataan ( ) ( ) couples for Christ ( ) ( ) senior citizen team

( ) other, plese specify_______________

some. Tradition famous observed in the city ( tradisyong ipinagdaraos sa komunidad) (“) fiesta (“) holy week

5. Leadership system

* Regulating authority

(“) barangay chief ( ) sitio barangay

( ) datu ( ) religious leaders ( ) social employees ( ) counselors

( ) others, make sure you specify__________________

six. Election program

( ) personal dynasty ( ) kamag-anak system ( ) session (“) COMELEC

( ) other folks, please specify_________________

7. Personal influences

( ) religion (“) educational achievement ( ) popularity ( ) personal dynasty ( ) lifestyle

( ) other folks, please specify________________

8. Social conflict

” Sources

( ) ethnic groups ( ) lifestyle

( ) religious beliefs ( ) politics

( ) health problems

(“) other folks, please designate: fraternity

on the lookout for. Ways in resolving conflicts in the barangay

(“) barangay appointment ( ) bahalana program

( ) house to house visit

( ) other folks, please specify_______________


1 . Community well being programs (Programang pangkalusugan)

Aware Unaware Utilizes

( ) free consultation _______ ________ _______ ( ) immunization_______ ________ _______ ( ) family organizing _______ ________ _______ ( ) prenatal

check-up_______ ________ _______ ( ) well-baby medical clinic _______ ________ _______ ( ) other folks, please specify_______ ________ _______ 2 . Meals usually ingested (Madalas mhh kinakain)

( ) fish ( ) meat

( ) vegetable (“) mixed

three or more. Food intake

( ) one per day (“) thrice

( ) 2 times ( ) others, make sure you specify______________

some. Food storage area practices (Pangangalaga sa pagkain)

( ) chilled ( ) not chilled

( ) desk ( ) basket

(“) covered ( ) uncovered

( ) cabinet ( ) others, please specify_____________

5. First-person consulted much more illness (Unang taong kinukunsulta tuwing may nagkakasakit) ( ) doctor (“) albularyo

( ) midwife ( ) relatives

( ) nurse ( ) other folks, please specify_______________

6. Medicine taken during illness (Gamot na iniinom)

( ) approved ( ) dispense (health center)

(“) organic ( ) over the counter

( ) others, make sure you specify______________

several. Health risk`s behavior

( ) smoking: ___________ for how long: ______

No . of years uncovered (family member): ______________

No . of stick/s used per day: __________

( ) applying illegal prescription drugs, who: ___________________

( ) alcohol consumption, who: dad duration: 18years ( ) eating saline foods, who have: father

( ) sedentary way of living, who: ____________________

8. Strategies of Family Organizing (pagpaplano ng Pamilya)


Jennifer Ramos (mother)| 24| 2. | |

| | | |

| | | |

| | | |

A. All-natural

( ) rhythm( ) cervical mucus method

( ) withdrawal( ) basal body temperature

( ) Additional, please specify

B. Artificial contraceptives

( ) condoms( ) IUD

( ) pills

( ) others, please specify

C. Permanent

( ) Vasectomy

( ) Tubal ligation

9. Newborn feeding software

( ) breast milk( ) commercially prepared milk

( ) mixed

In a commercial sense prepared:

( ) condensed milk( ) evaporated milk

( ) powdered milk

( ) various other, please specify_____________

10. Maternal care ( Pangangalaga sa buntis)

Name(Pangalan)| Number of pregnancy(Bilang ng pagbubunti)| Regarding Gestation(Bilang ng buwan ng pagbubuntis)| Expected date of delivery(Inaasahang Petsa ng panganganak)| Pre-natal check-up| Tetanus

Toxoid immunization| | | | | WITH| WITHOUT| WITH| WITHOUT|

| | | | | | | |

| | | | | | | |

* Obstetrical Record




* Tetanus Toxoid used:

( ) TT1( ) TT2( ) TT3( ) TT4

( ) TT5

* Prenatal check-up

First trimester: ____________

Second trimester__________

Third trimester____________

2. Sources of prenatal Check-up

( ) Doctor( ) Midwife

( ) Nurse( ) hilot

( ) Others, please specify _____________

* History of past disease

( ) penile bleeding( ) PIH/ Eclampsia

( ) substantial blood( ) Asthma

( ) Diabetes( ) Others, please specify__________

* Vitamins taken

( ) Iron with Folic acid( ) Nutritional A

( ) Others, please specify( ) Iodine

14. Immunization Status of Concentrate on age Group (0-12 months) Name| Age in moths| BCG| DPT| OPV| HEPATITIS| AMV| REMARKS| | | | 1| 2| 3| 1| 2| 3| 1| 2| 3| | INC|

COMPLETE| FIC| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

12. Nutritional Status for the children (0-71 months)

Name(Pangalan)| Date of weighing(Petsa ng pagtimbang)| Time of birth(Kapanganakan)| Age(in months)| Weight(Bigat)| Remarks| | | | |. | |

| | | | | |

Discovered Problems

1 . Low Family Cash flow

installment payments on your Accident danger: Fire Danger

Low Friends and family Income

Criteria | Scoring| Actual Score| Justification|

Mother nature of Problem| 2/3 x 1| zero. 67| It is a health resources problems mainly because it may affect the ability of the each relatives in the community to sustain and support all their future complications which may arise| Magnitude of problem| 2/4 x 3| 1 . 50| Approximately 42. 17% of the total populace is affected by the problem. | Modifiability with the problem| x 1| 0. 5| -The amount of income of every individual depend upon which type of their particular jobs. -Families can look pertaining to other alternatives for source of income | Preventative Potential | 2/3 back button 1 | 0. 67 | This can be a preventive problem if most individual person in the community in legal age group have job and/or got another source of income. Thus raising the mixed monthly income of each friends and family in the community. | Social Concern| 0/2 by 1| 0| Not a community concern. | | Total| 3. 34| |

Random Hazard: Fire Hazard

Criteria | Scoring | Actual Score| Justification|

Nature of Problem| one-half x 1| 0. 33| It is a health-related factor because the physical and environmental elements affect every individual in the community. | Magnitude of problem| 4/4 x 3| 3| The entire population in the community is definitely affected by the challenge. | Modifiability of the problem| times 2| 1| Intervention that can be used is to avoid the use of light

components to their properties. | Precautionary Potential | 1/3 by 1| 0. 33| Members of the community don’t leave any un monitored appliances and other materials (candles, insect repellant or “katol) that can trigger and start fire. | Sociable Concern| .5 x 1| 0. 5| The community would not see this as a difficulty because they lived with this situation, generally of them, over 10 years and find out how to cope up with scenario in case it is going to happen. | | Total| 5. 16| |


1 . Unintentional hazard5. sixteen

installment payments on your Low Relatives Income3. several

Action Plan


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