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Celtico focus on the learner composition

Learner Profile

I evaluated ******** a great Iranian 31 year old girl student inside the Level My spouse and i class. ****’s native dialect is Persian (Farsi). **** came to Great britain a year ago to join her Iranian husband who may have been living and working in Great britain for the past five years. Currently they have not any children. This lady has only been attending school at college or university for a few weeks where she’s also taking a class in mathematics to be able to learn the correct English terms. **** can be an enthusiastic and highly enthusiastic student who have arrives at category early and contributes through the lesson.

Her main determination for learning English is that the lady wishes to attend University to analyze for a degree in math concepts. Currently in her personal life she feels she has small need or perhaps opportunity to employ English. She and her husband speak Persian entirely at home and confine their very own television browsing to viewing Persian dialect films. She gets made close friends with a fellow Iranian student and outside of lessons, and occasionally in the lesson, they talk in Persian.

**** attended English language classes in Iran for starters year just before coming to England.

She describes the classes as significant, with 40 or more college students, and that the focus was about grammar rules, reading and writing. Dolati and Seliman (2011)1 have got highlighted that this focus makes up about a general weakness of voiced English amidst Iranians. **** feels the fact that focus on writing and reading was important due to the problems of changing coming from Arabic to Latin software and also changing the path of the text to still left to right. Only occasionally did the class get the opportunity to view a video and hear spoken English after which have the opportunity to talk about in The english language what they experienced seen.

There were no for you to hear or perhaps speak The english language outside of the classroom. Because of this lack of practice she especially struggles with listening physical exercises. She feels certain when listening to the educator when image aids are being used and proved that she’s predominantly a visible learner when ever she stated that she actually likes the PowerPoint images used in course as the pictures helped her remember fresh vocabulary. The lady finds the accents of her guy students challenging to understand sometimes.

Problems Recognized

Two of the issues that Persian speakers often have when speaking English, described by Michael Swan and Bernard Cruz in Student English: A teacher’s tips for interference and also other problems, had been demonstrated by simply ****: ¢Word stress in Persian is highly predictable and tends to fall season on the final syllable. **** predominately anxious the final syllable of phrases during the interview e. g. read’ing (instead of ‘reading) and Brom’ley (instead of ‘Bromley). ¢Conjunctions are used often in Persian than in English, particularly at the start of sentences. The most common conjunction is definitely ‘and’. **** began numerous her content with the phrase ‘and’.

However , the problem I wish to address is definitely the omission with the ‘s’ finishing on the verb when using the third person singular. Whilst this is certainly a common trouble for all scholars, Aliakbari and Toni (2008)2 have recognized that this is actually a particular issue for Persian speakers when learning English. Persian only offers one pronoun for equally he and she and, when speaking formerly in order to show respect, plural verb endings are usually used with the singular pronoun. When **** spoke regarding her hubby she regularly omitted the ‘s’ stopping from the action-word e. g. “My husband work¦.. , “He live¦¦.  and “He speak¦¦. .

Suggested Activity

Since **** shows that she actually is predominately a visible learner Let me show her the principles for action-word endings using a substitution desk that we can see through and discuss jointly (Attachment 1). I will utilize the verbs that she built errors with during each of our interview and refer returning to our discussion to give the physical exercise context. The table also includes negative set ups and concerns so that the girl understands that in these instances ‘do’ becomes the verb that must accept the subject.

Let me ask her to finish two gap-fill exercises by English Grammar in Use simply by Raymond Murphy (Attachment 2) to see if your woman can use the right forms within a restricted method. As the original blunders were made while speaking, Let me then question her once again about her current your life to see if she is now in a position to use the focus on language correctly in freer practice. If required we is going to repeat the above steps.


1 . Dolati, We & Seliman, S. (2011, September), A study On Iranian Students’ Weak points In Spoken English, Journal of Edupres, Pages 94-99. Retrieved 28th October 2012, from http://eprints.utm.my/15930/1/JOE-1-2011-013.pdf


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