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School Therapies Program

Education has and can always be a crucial aspect in the expansion not only with the person yet society too. The building of any great country has always been influenced by the knowledge, expertise, and activities the citizenries have that contributed to the betterment in the place that they belong to. Although all of these certainly would never have observed fruition with no education presented to those who had been responsible for culture and land building. From your primary education years to the graduate and post-graduate levels, guaranteeing the right kind of education based on the interest and level of the student or spanish student is important. This really is critical in enabling a person to accomplish at their peak as the right education course or career suit has been presented. A school counselor or education guidance employees has always been instrumental in featuring insights, direction, and suggest to students or potential learners from all educational levels. It truly is in this regard i am enthusiastic about the Master’s Program in School Counseling in the Harold Abel School of Social and Behavioral Savoir, Department of Counseling. I possess always been thinking about working with students and foreseeable future learners in providing them the help they want in various problems and difficulties faced throughout their formative educational years.

We graduated from the Georgia Point out University in 2006 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. I am presently taking my personal Master’s inside the same discipline but recently, I found which i am even more inclined in becoming a Institution Counselor since I securely believe that my personal niche sets in working together with students attain their very best potentials in the school environment. I especially welcome the process that will be as a result of those learners with learning difficulties and various cultural and psychological problems encountered whilst learning. I want to end up being their guide and advisor towards their particular road to recovery and also complete their education with flying colors.

I realize I will be great at being a university counselor not only because of my natural affinity for people yet having experienced discovering people who were helpless and did not understand where to try to find help. I actually am chatting also via experience since I was a refugee during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The experience have been an eye opener with regards to how persons needed support during times of turmoil. When the battle then was nearing it is end and things

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