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America needs the nerds composition

Inside the passage from “America Requirements Its Nerds”, author Leonid Fridman dissect his disagreement by evaluating and contrasting America’s on-going social philosophy and awareness of the geek and the actual positive position taken about by the geek and why the role that they enjoy is so vital to our culture. Friedman starts with, bringing to our focus, the type of conditions our society uses to explain the “intellectually curious and academically significant.

These types of negative terms assist in displaying Fridmans view stage on the subject when he believes the `use of such words to spell out nerd and geeks are in reality an issue.

Fridman uses diction that disgraces our culture who casts out nerds because of their “intelligence and refusal to conform to societies anti-intellectual values. ” Friedman does apply the term ‘ostracized’ as a after follow up towards the previous information of how it is common for the kid who’d rather study or perhaps read ebooks is appeared down upon versus sports athletes who will be falsely praised.

In his composition, Friedman gives us understanding on the bad connotation with the nerd and the failure to criticize those people deserving of it. After this piling up reaches a climax, Fridman establishes a turning point in his argument, making use of one short and very simple sentence to display how fatigued he has become with the stereotype that the studious person is automatically provided. Here, he begins to change his tone from bitter and disgusted to mindset and uplifting.

He even weaves patriotism into his argument, seemingly stating that the nerd inhabitants has become a countrywide disaster sector in need of quick attention coming from each individual resident. Immediately following nevertheless , he turns and disorders our land by giving an evaluation between the ALL OF US and Asia, claiming that they can, our “rivals, ” are doing a much better work of rising their own intellect. As Fridman closes, he begins to place his disagreement into his reader’s hands by requesting multiple and repetitive questions the teacher asks the class.

By over-generalizing America’s “typical” parent, he again motivates his audience to set him self apart from the cruel and stereotypical (most most likely athletic) masses and begin appreciating the “nerd” for himself. In this verse, Fridman makes a noteworthy efforts to better an clearly shallow American standard. Which has a large medication dosage of his own biased bitterness, and possibly a dash of his own “nerdy” revenge, he makes the solid argument that “America requires its nerds. “


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