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Consumerism and the pursuit of pleasure

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It truly is no secret that dissatisfaction and discontent really are a part of your life. But we as a operating society include let ourself go to an extent in which we find content and pleasure from materialistic things.

So much so that the government together with major businesses have located a way to exploit the public to create big bucks.

Like Bradbury predicted, our company is not only infatuated with the magic of advertising ” although also with life things. Can make us vunerable to a cycle where we just retain spending the blood, perspire, tears and money chasing after a these kinds of materialistic points that leads us to our unhappiness.

Contemporary society has now come to a point where we are #obsessed over, over-advertised, over-hyped and over-priced products.

Why is it that folks today go out of their way to manage to get thier hands-on ‘things’? Why do people spend thousands of dollars on designer clothing, the latest cellular phones and expensive cars?

Perhaps like Millie, the possession of having the fourth wall membrane despite it is costs in the room fills a void. A void which can be created and after that exploited simply by her contemporary society.

Inside the novel, both equally Montag and Mildred happen to be undoubtedly disappointed. But while Montag puts in the effort to check into why he’s unhappy, Mildred uses the distractions provided by their society to hide her disappointment, even from herself.

And when Montag mourns his unhappiness, Mildred beams, “I am. And proud of it”.

Was she even though? Was the girl really?

It’s said that you can get you joy and yet, there may be constantly reports about frustrated millionaires who have spend prospects on practitioners or well-known persons that devastate themselves through drug-addictions.

A pioneer in this consumer lifestyle named Edward cullen Bernays, said that he previously developed a strategy to “stimulate people’s inner desires and then by sating them with customer products he was creating a fresh way to handle the illogical force from the masses”. In a sense ” a sort of social control with the support of consumerism.

Actually an American teacher redefines consumerism as “the belief that personal wellbeing and happiness depends to a very large level on the level of personal consumption, particularly on the acquiring material products. “

Just how shallow have got we turn into to affiliate people’s joy with what they own?

That very mindset is usually supporting a culture that is both ‘socially destructive’ and ‘self-destructive’. This destroys the happiness and peace of mind of these who succumb to it.

While consumerism’s original goal may have been to push economic expansion, it now has quickly progressed into a instrument for interpersonal control.

We must escape from the techniques of mass media and control our interior desires. ‘How? ‘ you ask. Well, simply by firstly not really giving a darn to developments, hypes and designed obsolescence which all serve a closely related purpose.

It is only when Clarisse requests Montag what brings him personal pleasure and happiness does Montag realize this individual doesn’t offer a damn- by any means. About his mindless work or the next wall.

Maybe all of us too can understand that the materialistic things we purchase are masks of our unhappiness. Can we all need a Clarisse for making us realize that all these materialistic things really don’t matter- by any means?

Purchase that two-thousand-dollar jacket, look at your self in the looking glass and ask yourself, “Are you happy? “

Not your bank account gowns for sure.

The need to sustain endlessly creating hype devices and inexpensive, quick and disposable styles are forces that subdue us right into a sense of panic. The panic which usually convinces all of us we need that new Gucci bag.

We have sadly succumbed to our consumer-driven society since it distracts us from the violence of our current state- each of our maybe unfulfilling lives, the continuing bombardment of bad news that fill good news channels you decide to use not to enjoy and dismiss, and the #badvibes from the hater who mentioned on your well edited Instagram photo.

How far happen to be we going to let discontentment plague each of our life?

That’s where I won’t be able to help but think about Mildred and how the girl exemplifies how dissatisfaction may be the norm in her contemporary society and yet no-one does everything with it.

They all put up a façade that they are cheerful, and they usually do not care. Would not you feel the unhappiest should you had to pretend that you were happy?

Might be that’s why there’s so much reports of frustrated people. Spending a lifetime looking to prove anything by having the best of everything isn’t a one-way ticket to the promise-land. Maybe, rather, credit cards will be one-way entry pass to the downfall of humanity and the nurturing of our insanity.

Marcuse, whose teachings and publication, One-Dimensional Person, argued the sense of feat we get through spending and consuming is a hollow one which conversely makes us unsatisfied.

The similar kind of hollow relish Montag concerns realize that continues to be ever-present in the life. He admits that, “we have got everything we have to be content, but we arent happy. Somethings lacking. “

That all thing missing in Montag’s life was happiness and fulfillment. A deeper goal in life. Mainly because until that period from his awareness of his unhappiness ” all his interactions with people in including his partner were succinct, pithy.

Succinct, pithy ” the same as the materialistic items we are certain we need and thought manufactured us content.

Research shows that people who also place increased value in being with the individuals they care about and performing things consider in, often be much healthier, both physically and mentally.

Which leads me to trust that having minimal issues is better than having everything.

Even Rebecca Bloomwood from the movie Religion of a Shopaholic, says “we all fail to appreciate daily just how much we already have. Light, air, freedom, the companionship of friends. inch

I’m not really saying that you should restrict your self from shopping for yourself issues, no, never.

Every I’m aiming to say is that keeping up with styles, hype as well as the latest types of technology just isn’t going to keep you happy in the end.

My spouse and i reckon if we’re going to shut down on all the unnecessary and irrational investing in materialistic items, we should for least get more fulfilling things to use our money on.

And if there are some things you want to acquire that is one-third of your earnings, make sure you aren’t riding the band-wagon of trend and it offers you more rewards than displaying mindless television shows that get rid of your brain cells.

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