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The australian exchange charge essay

The Australian Exchange Charge

By: Dontae Smith

Introduction: What elements affect the require and supply of Australian dollars in the foreign currency markets? Separate the conceivable causes and effects of foreign currency depreciation and a money appreciation for the Australian economic climate. What pushes have come in to play, if perhaps any, during the past four months that have influenced the value of the Australian dollar?

Exchange Charge: The rate where one unit of home-based currency is definitely exchanged to get a given sum of foreign exchange


Until 1971, the Australian dollar (AUD) was pegged to the British pound. This resulted in the AUD rose or fell in collection with the pound.

In 1971, the AUD became chosen to the US dollar rather. These currencies were set currencies, which usually meant that the Australian foreign currency would change value every time a major community currency also changed. This system lasted just until 1974 when the AUD became pegged to a trade-weighted selection of additional currencies. It was still a fixed currency.

In 1976 this number of currencies became moveable. Small shifts were able to take place when needed. In 1983 the AUD became a floating currency. This means that the significance of the money is determined by supply and demand.

At first, the Hold Bank of Australia had not been intended to get involved in the market nevertheless since then it is often deemed essential for intervention to happen, usually to prop up the purchase price.


Using a floating exchange rate, including Australias, supply and require factors generally determine the dollars equilibrium price. The exchange level is hypersensitive to within both demand and supply, that may cause modifications in our equilibrium exchange rate. Another factor, which will affect the supply and demand of Aussie dollars, is usually intervention in the market by the Book Bank of Australia.


The demand for Australias money in the foreign currency market (Forex) is a extracted demand. It truly is derived from the need for a countrys exports of products and companies and its resources.

In simple terms, people who may well have a requirement for the Australian money could contain:

_ Foreigners planning to purchase Australian exports

_ Intercontinental tourists browsing Australia

_ Foreign investors wishing to purchase Australian shares or property

_ Worldwide firms establishing branches or expanding nationwide

_ Speculators and investors who also think the significance of the Aussie dollar will certainly rise in expect of making a profit.

The necessity for the Australian dollars will be afflicted with a number of factors.

These kinds of factors happen to be:

The Size of financial goes into Down under

The dimensions of financial goes into Sydney from buyers who wish to invest in Australia and need to convert their money into AUD will influence demand for the dollar. The level of Australian interest levels relative to abroad interest rates and also the level of assurance in the Aussie economy is going to affect the standard of capital inflow. If Quotes has comparatively higher interest levels and more powerful confidence, then this will motivate capital inflow and maximize demand for the AUD. Employing this theory, the Australian dollar at the present wants be in a relatively strong location.

Rates of interest are beginning to increase (official interest has recently been risen 0. 25 points to 4. 5% and is likely to raise to five. 25% by September this coming year, with economic growth supposed to be around several.

75% in 2002/03. ) Also elevating the assurance in future economical growth is definitely the recent finances. The 2002/03 budget produced on 14th May 2002 was a shortage budget. Therefore the government has spent much more than it has received.

This is certainly an injection pounds into the Aussie economy and can stimulate economic activity and growth.

Price Targets

Targets of a foreseeable future appreciation of the AUD increases the demand to get the AUD by investors as they expect to make a profit by buying the money now and selling at a later date at a higher price.

The necessity for Australian Exports

The demand intended for Australian exports varies to get a variety of factors. One purpose is changes in commodity rates.

One other is the terms of transact. These two versions tend to have an instantaneous

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