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Hemingway inside the old man and the sea


mother nature through the sight of the leading part, Santiago. Santiago senses his place in mother nature.

Though he aspects and enjoys her, he can constantly dealing with her. The man, formerly

called Santiago, is a smart, simple, enduring, and understanding person. The old man

understands he must fish to live, however it saddens him that he or she must kill these people sometimes because of

their magnificence. An example becoming the Marlin in this tale, he views him a brother

and yet he needs to kill him.

He examines the Marlin to another guy marlin he has encountered (pg. 69). The

marlin he recalls had allow his lover feed initially. Then Santiago caught women marlin and

she panicked but while the girl swam about the male stayed right with her. Even after the lady

was brought up he swam by the fishing boat until finally he jumped up to find his mate one previous

time and in cui into the depths of the ocean. The old man and the son, who parallels the

old fart in the conflict, felt awful. They promptly begged her pardon and butchered her.

During the account he likewise remembers equip wrestling having a Negro from Ceinfuegos

(pg. 69). This individual recalls the bets that were placed and just how the Renegrido had been thus sure this individual

would earn. Santiago considers how this individual held the Negro for starters whole night time and one whole

time. The referees took several hour adjustments and on Wednesday he finally took the Negro straight down.

At that point the old gentleman decided this individual could whatever it takes he wanted to if he put his mind

and body to it. Having been referred to as the champion for a while after that.

The final struggle depends on a large group of friends and gradually turned into a quick line.

Short enough so the gentleman could view the Marlin (pg. 86). Santiago stares about in shock, he

by no means thought it will be this big. Sure he previously seen that before, but he had no idea that it

will be two to three times as big as the skiff. Because the Marlins tail begins to hit the line

the old person knew the Marlin was starting to feel the pain. Santiago gives him some series

each time this individual hit that for the pain could drive the Marlin angry, which the old man did not

want. After a very long struggle (close to 6 hours), the old guy finally experienced the Marlin. He performed

regret eradicating him although knew he had complete his task.

It can be apparent the man provides gained very much wisdom through past experience.

Santiago also has a whole lot of good sense, or simpleness, as you can see by how he decided

that there was nothing he could hardly do after he beat the Negro in arm wrestling. The old

guy also shows endurance by simply staying with the Marlin for two and a half days. He is also

very understanding by the way this individual feels remorseful for having to kill the Marlin that was his


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