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Thump thump there was a loud noises at the door

Good hold on, Im coming. Tim yelled. Bernard was in his early twenties, he had a blue

mowhawk, always dressed up shabby, and addicted to heroin. Tim strolled to

the door and opened it up, Yes. he said sarcastically.

The man with the door asked if Gwen was house, Are you Gwens new

partner Tim asked him. Yes I are, my name is Tony a2z he responded. Nice to

meet you Tim stated. No, Gwen is certainly not here at the moment. I think she’s still

hoping to get the job in which bar in 6th street Tim replied.

Oh, very well tell her i came by and just to give me a phone, OK? Tony said.

One trouble Tim said. Oh, and whats that? Tony replied. Didnt Gwen

tell you? Tim said we dont have a phone, or possibly a T. Sixth is v or any different

appliances, were gutterpunks. So why do you think all of us live in this shed?

Well I guess I will just revisit later Tony adamowicz said which has a strange seem on his


Tim! Wakeup! Gwen yelled. Huh? Bernard replied. Wake-up!, she

yelled back. Wow, OK Harry yelled again. That son, Tony came by, searching

for you, he thought we had a mobile phone. Tim stated chuckling. You didnt notify

him we dont have a phone and also the other stuff do you?! Gwen yelled.

Um, very well kinda yep, why? Harry questioned. How come? she screamed and

stormed off.

Gwen was the type of girl who have didnt care what people thought of her, although

she didnt like it when people would find out that she was poor. She acquired

blonde locks, and was very slender. She used sequined jeans, and these funny

looking shirts more often than not, unless she went out.

Gwen?, Mike, and Shirley are home. Look Im my apologies I advised Tony. Tim

said. Mail Shirley in. Gwen yelled back. Shirley, Gwen desires you. Harry

said. Unwell be right in the girl yelled back again. Shirley was an Irish girl whose

parents acquired both passed away, and the lady was delivered to America to live with her aunt

your woman ran away and met Mike. Shirley had reddish colored hair, and was the weird

bureau, she had a job in a selection filing catalogs. The pay out was awful but your woman

would recognize anything, that would keep them in.

Im exterior Gwen, occur out and we will talk. Shirley yelled in to

the shed. Whats incorrect with her? Mike asked. Tim told her new boyfreind

we were poor, Shirley responded. So , whats wrong with being poor? Mike

asked, We have a location to sleep and were content. Yeah, but you know

just how Gwen is about these things. Shirley said. Yep, I guess, Robert


Mike had brown hair, worked in a music store that paid him almost nothing.

This individual plays your guitar really well, and has used to be in local bands so this individual

could earn income but hadnt been blessed. He is the only one of the group that

knew about Tims heroin problem.

Gwen walked out from the shack and apologized to Tim to get storming away

and advised Shirley that she was fine, and didnt need to discuss anymore.

Therefore , Tim, once are you going to go choose a job? Robert asked.

Ugh.. me operate!? Tim replied sarcastically. You actually. Mike said. I will

start first thing tomorrow, looking for 1, I assurance. Tim said.

Well I dont learn about you folks but Internet marketing going for a walk. Tim stated.

Bye all of them said. Could be I should go with him, Mike thought to him self.

Ill be back in a tiny, Mike informed the girls. He ran to catch up with Bernard

Tim! he yelled Hold out up! So what do you need? Tim asked. Do you have

any heroin along? Mike asked Oh, which means you know Im hooked? Harry

questioned. Simply no! I i am just ensuring you don’t, so you will not mess

yourself up. Mike said Robert, just keep me only, I dont need you telling

myself what to do! Tim yelled by Mike. Good but dont think about heading back

to the residence unless you stop right now! Robert yelled back again. Fine in that case, tell

gwen and shirley that it was nice knowing all of them. Tim explained.

I ponder where they are? Gwen said. I am sure they are home

rapidly. Shirley said. Clang! The doorway of the shed opened, Robert walked in but

not any Tim, he explained the whole thing to these people about Bernard being hooked

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