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Restaurant assessment essay

Restaurant Review Essay

It had been rainy, crowded and loud at the access, the smell of cigarette and rum filled

the air with the lobby area. It was Sunday night at the T. G. I. Farrenheit in Bay area, the Titans

had been playing and so the place was packed and fans ended uphad been loud.

The restaurant is located upon

a corner nearby Pier 39 and it almost posseses an Aspen look for it. The building itself is constructed of

stones with big colorful glass windows and huge cherry wood finished solid wood doors with brass grips.

Inside, the walls will be cherry wooden and protected with big mirrors and stuffed dear heads. The

tables and chairs are generally dark wooden with a extremely rich red color. The ambiance inside practically

recently had an Irish club feel to it, everyone was very happy and socializing noisy, laughter packed the

air. Guys argued regarding whose crew was better, young people having a laugh at comments and good friends

there were television sets tuned to sports.

The staff there were almost all clean minimize and very down to earth but yet nice and helpful.

Though we were a celebration of 12-15 and the place was crammed, the wait was only a quarter-hour.

They seated us down and we a new waitress with us promptly to adopt our beverage order. Presently there

cuisine much more along the type of good old fashioned Americana food. Toast foods, ribs

cooking area and hamburgers. They have a tiny variety of green salads and soups but it acquired something

for everyone, if in a diet plan or not.

Presently there prices will be reasonable intended for the amount and quality

of food presented.

That night I had been very ravenous and felt like going with something big and filling, My spouse and i

wasnt observing in a diet that night. To get an appetizer I bought a broccoli cheddar soups. The

soup was presented in less than 10 minutes with saltine crackers. It was hot and smelled

wonderful, it selected great with the ugly and cold weather outside the house. The soups was really

good thick and creamy and it made me happy and content although waiting for my food.

For my

main course I ordered the Jack Daniel structure, it contained ribs, glowing beer battered shrimp

sesame chicken and onion wedding rings. I didnt understand why it had been called a tower system until they

brought it out. The foodstuff was organized in 4 plates by biggest to smallest on this black flat iron

tower. Feeling hungry I gone straight to get the steak, they were very tender and meaty along

with the spices made with Jack Daniels whiskey and barbeque sauce. The shrimp were

jumbo and very good along with the good marinara sauce and compressed lemon. The sesame

chicken was good, it was a mix of fairly sweet and spicy which associated everything else.


red onion rings of course were deep fried and big enough to wear bracelet.

We were almost all hungry together just emerge from a really good service from our public

using a cause meeting. So the place was excellent because we were able to stay and share the

great points God would and also have a good time socializing and obtaining to know different

persons from other churches. I don’t recommend the restaurant for any date with the boyfriend

or partner. The place is loud and not romantic by any means. I recommend the spot for a nighttime

away with the kids or friends, maybe to get an appetizer with a friend to catch up with or simply

to just come on the own and enjoy the great meals of Capital t.

G. My spouse and i. F and make new friends..

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