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Lees surrender essay

Some people believe Robert Elizabeth. Lee did not have that much influence within the South. Consider that having been a just a great basic and that he didnt have very much impact on the Confederate states. These people should have been through the North since General Robert E. Shelter had a wonderful impact on the South during the war, but he had an even greater impact after the war.

People do not always act in their own interests. The Southern region spent even more in decrease of lives than keeping captivity was really worth in financial terms. The North spent more struggling with the To the south than it will have cost to pay for the slave owners for their property. People by large will be guided by simply leaders. The moment their frontrunners march away into a folly, the people typically follow (Alexander 318).

The smartest issue Lee at any time did was surrender at Appomattox make an end for the fighting. Before Lee surrendered, he was faced with Porter Alexander and offered the idea of facción warfare. Lee forcefully and lastly rejected the idea of this. He saved countless lives of his soldiers by rejecting this idea. Lee do this statement in the hours prior to surrender, It really is our work to live, for what will become of the women and kids of the Southern region if we are certainly not here to support and keep them safe (Bradford 111).

The Southern had a lot of honor and respect intended for Lee. Everybody knew that Lee experienced fought for the very end. He had a fantastic influence in the South, therefore, when Shelter asked his men to get as good as individuals of a combined nation because they had been great soldiers in war, they agreed whole-heartily. His tips turned a large number of Southerners from their emotions of hate and vengeance toward cooperation and tranquility (Alexander 320).

After the war, the South realized that slavery was too costly. The day after the surrender, Shelter told Scholarhip, The To the south was right now as opposed to man bondage while the North (Alexander 320). The only real concern between the North and Southern region had been settled.

If Robert. E. Lee wanted to continue fighting the civil conflict, he would have with very much support. Lee was adored deeply by his soldiers, and they would have fought with him for the very end. That Shelter was precious by his army it is hardly important to say, immensely beloved, dearest as couple of generals possess ever been (Bradford 82). Lees army trusted him wonderful decisions. That they followed his orders and would have adopted the order to stay and fight.

Lee made the South recognize that the City War was actually a war between buddy, not a war between opponents. If Shelter had called for more struggling, the history books would be informing of even more bloodshed and division between North and the South.

After the conflict, Lee refused offers to get an professional and live the rest of his existence in a prosperous fashion. Instead, he started to be president of Washington and Lee University or college. Here, he taught new Southerners being Patriotic, devoted citizens of a united nation (Alexander 320).

Lee would not win the Civil Conflict for the South. He made it likely, though, for the North to get back together in camaraderie and unanimity. He made this possible for the North and South to produce the most effective nation in history. Surely, persons can see that he had an infinitely more profound influence than getting just a superb general inside the worst conflict in American history.


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