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To Beautifully constructed wording A Mongoloid Child Managing Shells for the Beach As you

first read Richard Snyders narrative composition, A Mongoloid Child Handling

Shells for the Beach, it may be perceived the fact that poem is definitely about a

child, happily gathering shells upon the shoreline. However , if we closely consider

the diction and connotations that Synder uses, we are able to speculate the fact that meaning

of the poem describes a much deeper and darker theme.

The title alone gives us an idea

right from the start. The word Mongoloid, as determined in Websters New World

Book (675), is an early term for Lows Syndrome, a situation of mental

retardation. Therefore I believe that the poem represents the child while an

outcast from the norm of society. There are several phrases in the text that send

to the kid that we generally wouldnt connect with junior.

An earlier clue will

again be seen in the subject, A Mongoloid Child Controlling Shells on the

Beach. Realize that Snyder used the word managing instead of

playing or collecting, words wich we might think about while conceptualizing a young

young lady investigating marine shells. Snyder also uses the word slower to describe the

child on more than one celebration, as we discover in line a single and range eight:

She turns them over in her slow hands/..

. hums back in it their slow

vowels. Yet another case in point could be equal four, which in turn reads:

they are the calmest things on this sand. Calm is yet another word that we

probably would not most likely value to portray a young child.

It very well could possibly be that

the author is trying to paint an image of her impairment and symbolize her

condition through her activities. Considering Snyder depicted the ocean while

.. the mazarine maze, (3) instead of merely stating that it is the

deep blue sea, it is easy to think that the marine represents

lifestyle itself.

Her becoming outside of the water while all of those other children are

going swimming is a crucial example of her being isolated. The way that she is shown

which is sluggish and rather solemn, contrasts with the different children who also are

rough as browse, gay because their nesting shower towels. (6). I feel that this

sort of symbolism is definitely repeated through the remainder of the poem.

The sea

shells, for instance, are another important portrayal of her isolation. It

reads in line three: busted bits coming from a mazarine maze,. Whenever we look

on the mazarine web as being life, and the covers are busted bits of it washed

ashore, it becomes clear that the lady is hidden out of the standard society, much

as the shells had been swept out of the sea. It can be even more understandable when we

consider the line The unbroken children splash and shout,.


Snyder meant simply by unbroken children is that they are certainly not broken away

from existence, much like the child. They are not broken from the sea, much like

the shells. The child and the shells seem to have got a valuable bond in laying out

the girls solitude form contemporary society. This idea becomes even more graspable if we

look at lines seven and eight: But she plays soberly with all the seas little


… Websters New World Dictionary defines the phrase small change

as petty or unimportant(721).

It may very well be the child can be

seen as significantly less important by simply people of the culture. She is the only one who performs

with the covers, perhaps the only 1 who can truly appreciate these people. Perhaps this

is that the additional children disregarded the shells on the seashore, and had been tantalized

by water instead, and maybe this really is a forecast of her life-to-be, getting

ignored and pushed away by others. It is unique that this composition describes a

child around the margin of society.

Yet even though she will not enjoy the seaside as

the other children do, That stuff seriously she does not resent all of them, but rather will take

pleasure in the small and minor things, much like herself. Snyder runs on the

cacophony of symbolic images and carefully chosen terms to convey a note

about the ladies life as it is, and perhaps just how it will turn into.

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