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Amy Waldock Amy Waldock M2 compare the effectiveness of diverse teams Clarifying objects during my team we all clarified goals by playing the team leader and the man in charge of the actions at Blacklands farm and asking him questions about the activities to make sure that everyone totally understood everything.

Compared to my team inside the bridge building challenge all of us listened to the team leader and asked inquiries a lot more so therefore the work completed at Blacklands farm was a lot more powerful. Agreeing tasks at Blacklands farm we all agreed on the duties by conntacting each team member to obtain everyone’s point of view to make sure that everyone got a say directly into what they believed, by doing this that meant that everybody in the group agreed on the approach to the job.

Sometimes someone would don’t agree with a concept which could trigger conflict in the group, all of us dealt with this kind of by taking a vote and going with the fact that was voted one of the most. When doing the bridge building challenge since my group only contained three people there was much less conflict in the group because it was simpler for us to agree on the work, it was as well easier since we had a team leader so all of us just proceeded to go along using what he explained.

Valuing persons valuing persons was extremely important at Blacklands farm because the tasks arranged were incredibly full on and physically hard so it was essential that every team member was valued as an individual and involved because with tasks such as the spider’s web just of help was needed. Even though the bridge building challenge wasn’t as physical it was nonetheless very important that each team member was valued similarly because the process involved a lot of attention and trickery skills.

Getting receptive to feedback at Blacklands farm we did a task that we failed over a number of moments so all of us leader stopped us and gave all of us feedback about what we was doing proper and whatever we was performing wrong and what we may do to complete the work more quickly and simply. Me and my staff listened to all of us leader and were receptive to his feedback and did when he said and our benefit completed the job.

When doing the bridge building challenge i was given reviews on methods of how to total the challenge quicker and successfully, unfortunately myself and my group did not pay attention to the reviews and therefore each of our bridge was not completed in period. Maintaining emphasis maintaining focus at Blacklands farm was important for much of the tasks because if focus was misplaced it could impact the whole group and produce a certain task fail, at times it was hard to maintain a spotlight because of cold weather and dull conditions.

To keep a focus all of us pulled with each other as a group and were motivated by our team leader and team members. It had been hard to maintain a focus when you are performing the bridge building obstacle for my personal group since at times each team member would get frustrated once things weren’t going as planned, we all maintained a spotlight by considering the reward that could be received to whoevers bridge can hold the the majority of amount of glue twigs.

Encouraging different team members to recommend improvements this was crucial at Blacklands farm because if there were something inside the task that wasn’t likely to plan it may be changed and improved for the better of the group. When doing the bridge building problem it had not been as crucial to encourage a team member to recommend improvements because there was only three people in our group and we voted on who must be team leader so we was confident that who we had chosen knew that which was right therefore we selected what they stated.

Dealing with conflict at Blacklands farm since my crew worked very well together therefore there was hardly any conflict, but since there was issue we handled this by discussing the condition together as a group and then talking about what is the best approach to the problem and if necessarily to adopt a election. If there were any issue whilst carrying out the connection building concern we addressed this simply by letting the matter fall into the team leaders hand and letting them decide your best option for the group, using this method it prevented more discord.

Communication methods at Blacklands farm we all communicated simply by asking questions to make sure that anything was protected and so that everyone had a good comprehension of the task, we also paid attention to each part of the team when they chatted to maintain a fantastic communication inside the whole crew. At times we used body gestures to contact team members through the use of expressions since thumbs up and thumbs to indicate certainly or no.

We all also was required to use gestures in one process where i was asked to get in a line according to bday but with no talking so in this activity we employed our hands to indicate amounts. Unlike by Blacklands farmville farm when doing the bridge building challenge we weren’t asked to do anything devoid of talking therefore body language had not been as necessary, all of us still were required to constantly ask questions and listen to team members to keep a good romance in the staff and to make certain communication was maintained.

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