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On the smaller painting than two other related paintings, Vincent Van Gogh carefully painted for the next time his bedroom in Arles, an enthralling town inside the south of France, and thus created this approximately twenty two? x 29” artwork. In fact , Van Gogh made three almost the same paintings on the theme of his bedroom and they are named « Bedroom in Arles ». The first one, stored at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam is decorated in March 1888.

In regards to a year after, Van Gogh made two copies: one of which is the same size and is also preserved today at the Art Institute of Chicago.

The 3rd one is presently at De Young Art gallery in S . fransisco (but originally belongs to the Musee d’Orsay in Paris) which is smaller than the others1. This kind of oil piece of art on a bed and bath canvas presents Van Gogh’s tidy room. Nothing lets us think that this is the room of any painter. We do not know this kind of because he would not display his painting gear. Nothing is around, not even a paint tube in a corner or a brush. This kind of bedroom seems to be for relaxation and not to get his are a artist. Here, he could finally forget his fatigue, have some comfort, sleep in peace.

The bed is usually thus the dominant subject of the piece of art, suggesting the importance of enjoyment rest. By painting his bedroom exactly where everything is within its place, the painter may also desire to show that he is a really neat gentleman who cares for himself, and who sets up his life in a sensible manner. In addition to the prominent foundation, this space exudes tranquility and communicates, absolute snooze by the various tones. Indeed, the space has gorgeous shiny colours. In The netherlands, where the painter was born2, the weather is usually not always nice the sky is consequently often dreary.

Here nevertheless , there are multiple vibrant colors that absolutely illustrate the happy lifestyle he had in France. Perhaps he had arrive to Arles for the sunlight and for him, it was a great immense happiness to live in these kinds of bright bedroom, bursting with colours. What is also fascinating about this piece of art is usually how the artist highlights the simplicity of his room through the method of color: « the pale lilac walls, the floor of an old brown, the chairs and bed stainless- yellow, the blood red cover, the fruit little desk and the green basin”, since the painter describes that.

Van Gogh asserted that he wanted to express an entire rest simply by handling all of these different shades2. The color black, which could end up being evocating a certain form of suffering, is almost absent in this art work. Only the body of the reflect and windows is dark-colored. We wonder if this could signify Van Gogh was afraid of his foreseeable future and afraid to face up to reality. This can be a possibility. Actually despite the evidence of his delight, present in this kind of painting, Vehicle Gogh has not been married2 and a lot of clues in this article let us feel that he desired to be.

Even though the bedroom is extremely sparsely supplied and only is made up of essential products (which displays, in addition to the range of colors, a great simplicity), we all notice that several objects get together in pairs (two pillows, two chairs, two portraits for the wall, two drawings, and in many cases two doors). Thus, this kind of painting on canvas was perhaps his way of revealing his want to meet somebody and that his bedroom was arranged so as to welcome her.

But as it was simply him in this bedroom, this individual certainly sensed less unhappy by duplicity the objects. Van Gogh’s painting comprises almost totally of right lines. This is reminiscent of a children’s coloring which could have been completed with color pencils, for the reason that edges of objects will be bolder and the filling up seem to be almost slapdash, neglected. This kind of elaborate post-impressionist design might be compared to this kind of work as Georges Seurat’s A Sunday about La Avismal Jatte (book p. 370).

But while Van Gogh favored artwork composed of multiple thin remember to brush strokes, Seurat preferred the pointillism program, which contains “applying color to the fabric in little dots. 3” In this portrait of Seurat, the color likewise focuses on colors. There are numerous shades too, all their contrast is definitely intense, as well as the sun glow, like in the Van Gogh’s bedroom, fills the picture, indicating happiness and tranquility. Just like Van Gogh, Seurat used repetitive varieties (the sun umbrellas, people in profile, trees and shrubs, and boats).

People with this piece happen to be rigid. In fact , they do not manage to move, although on the contrary, seem to be strangely immobilized, paralleling the furniture of Van Gogh’s bedroom. Curiously, Van Gogh’s furniture appears to be even more “alive” than the persons in the Seurat’s painting. Both the painters would not have the same strategy when they determined which hues they wished to illuminate their canvases, whilst Van Gogh was well guided by his emotions and instant emotions, Seurat thoroughly analyzed the colours and “meticulously calculated principles. ” However in both items, Van Gogh and Seurat express all their sense of organization by causing objects, forms, motifs and colors coherent. In conclusion, the enchanting, luminous shades, and the well-organized motifs with the depiction of Van Gogh’s bedroom, were not the game of chance. Everything in this painting seems to echo the thoughts of Truck Gogh, conveying at the same time his happiness in Arles and the great peace and tranquility he felt there, nevertheless also his desire to discover his soul mate, with who he may share his home and thus, reach pleasure certainly even more.

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