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Study the buying tendencies of consumers regarding branded shampoos in Ludhiana Research Project Record Masters in corporate Administration Simply by Jasdeep kaur Table of Contents |Chapter No . |Particulars |Page no . |1 |Introduction |8-16 | |2 |Research Methodology |17-20 | |3 |Data Evaluation and Presentation |21-33 | |4 |Results and Results |34, 35 | |5 |Conclusion and Summary |36 | |6 |Appendix |37-40 | |7 |Bibliography |41 | Set of tables |S.

No . |Particulars |Page Number | |1 |Number of respondents using branded shampoos |21 | |2 |Frequency of employing Shampoo within a week |22 | |3 |Awareness degree of espondents regarding various designs of shampoos |23 | |4 |Source info regarding Brand name shampoos |24 | |5 |Most important factor of buyer preference |25 | |6 |Preference of brands of shampoos |26 | |7 |Importance level of factors considered simply by respondents although purchasing |27 | | |Shampoos | | |8 |Brand Change if particular brand is usually not available |28 | |9 |Brand Dedication among consumers |29 | |10 |Reasons that built respondents stick to one particular make of shampoo |29 | |11 |Response in regards to intention to stay to the current make of |30 | | |shampoo being used | | |12 |Satisfaction amount of consumers towards their preferred shampoo brand |31 | |13 |Demographic profile of respondents |33 | List of Figures |S. No . |Particulars |Page Number | |1 |Number of respondents applying branded shampoos |21 | |2 |Frequency of applying Shampoo within a week |22 | |3 |Awareness degree of respondents relating to various brands of |23 | | |shampoos | | |4 Supply of information regarding Branded shampoos |24 | |5 |Most important factor of consumer preference |25 | |6 |Preference of styles of shampoos |26 | |7 |Importance amount of factors regarded as by participants while |27 | | |purchasing Shampoos | | |8 |Brand Switch in the event particular manufacturer is not available |28 | |9 |Brand Loyalty between consumers |29 | |10 |Reasons that made participants stick to a particular brand of |30 | | |shampoo | | |11 |Response in regard to intention to stick to the current manufacturer of|31 | | |shampoo being used | | |12 |Satisfaction level of consumers to their favored shampoo |31 | | |brand | | Chapter I Intro 1 . you Shampoo Shampoo is a common hair-care product used for the removal of essential oils, dirt, skin area particles, environmental pollutants and other contaminant contaminants that steadily build up in hair.

The goal should be to remove the undesired build-up without stripping out a whole lot as to generate hair unmanageable. Shampoo formulations seek to take full advantage of the following attributes: Easy rinsing Good complete after cleaning hair Minimal skin/eye irritation No problems for hair Feels thick and creamy Pleasant fragrance Low toxicity Good biodegradability 1 . 2 Evolution The word hair shampoo in the english language usage dates back to 1762, with the that means “to massage”. The word was obviously a loan coming from Anglo-Indian shampoo or conditioner, in turn by Hindi champoo, ie “to smear, rub the muscles, massage”. It by itself comes from Sanskrit/Hindi word “champa”, the blossoms of the flower Michelia champaca which have customarily been used to make great smelling hair-oil.

The word and services was introduced by a Sake Dean Mahomed, who exposed a shampooing bath called Mahomed’s Of india Vapour Bathing in Brighton in 1759. His bath were just like Turkish bath where consumers received a great Indian remedying of champi (shampooing) or restorative massage. During the initial phases of hair shampoo, English locks stylists boiled shaved cleansing soap in water and added herbs to give the hair as well as fragrance. Kasey Hebert was your first well-known maker of shampoo, and the origin happens to be attributed to him. During the early stages of shampoo or conditioner, English hair stylists hard boiled shaved detergent in water and added herbs to have the hair shine and fragrance. Kasey Hebert was your first well-known maker of shampoo, plus the origin happens to be attributed to him. 1 . several Segmentation:

Shampoo or conditioner market is segmented on gain platforms ¢Cosmetic (shine, overall health, strength) ¢Anti ” Dandruff (AD) ¢Herbal 20% with the total shampoo or conditioner market is paid for by the ADVERTISEMENT shampoos. The AD portion is the fastest growing part, growing by 10% to 12 % every year Utilization: The frequency of shampoo or conditioner usage is very low in India. Most buyers use shampoo or conditioner only once or perhaps twice in a week. Most of the time, these products are used on special occasions such as marriages, parties etc . About 50% of consumers make use of ordinary bathroom soaps to scrub their hair. About 15% of consumers use toilet soaps and also shampoo to get cleaning their hair. Also 70 percent of the total shampoo sales are through sachet revenue.

HLL provides higher buy-ins in the rural market with an 80% share. The bottle sales are well-liked in the north region exactly where 50% of the shampoo bottles are sold After a sober growth in 2005 due to the recession of the FMCG sector, shampoo or conditioner sector noticed strong expansion in the next two years due to the launch of sachets and a surge in countryside demand. The entire shampoo marketplace, which views annual volume level sales of approximately 63, 500 tonnes, found rural away take develop by forty percent last year, when urban require grew 1 / 2 that by 21%. From a transmission level of 13% in 2000, now nearly a third in the country’s country population uses shampoo with penetration amounts zooming to 32% in 2005.

While the north and west areas and specific zones have tripled in transmission, the southern region and east zones possess doubled Downtown , forty five % Non-urban , ten Targeted buyers: Shampoos are mostly target for Upper middle class, Middle class housewives and higher rural category. However the main segment is definitely Teenagers. 1 . 4 Opportunity Penetration of shampoo is extremely low in India. The average per-capita consumption of shampoo in India is very low for approximately 13 ml and several people in rural India still make use of toilet cleansers. People still perceive shampoo or conditioner as top quality product in the rural areas. This provides a big opportunity to “”. The huge size of the untapped market contributes to a great possibility of the existing players.

India can be and will remain for some time one of many youngest countries in the world. Currently there is a human population of 163 m young in India. Approximately half the 1 bn plus population is within the age of 20, which is one of the largest buyers of hair-care products. This provides huge industry for the shampoo players. Also, together with the increasing income levels of the midsection class populace, the usage of shampoos has increased. In spite of its indisputable potential, the rapid expansion of the shampoo or conditioner market was interrupted in 1999. Overall progress rates on the market slowed to 1. 7% in 1999, from 16% the previous year. Lack of advancement was the key reason for slow down. The belief that shampoos contain harsh hemicals that can damage frizzy hair, high price as well as the view that the shampoo is more of a romance product rather than a hygiene product led to reduce sales. The players came out with the idea of smaller packages, which were profitable. Also, products like anti dandruff began getting focus and became the fastest growing category. Players like Dabur and Ayush came up with organic shampoos. 1 ) 5 The top Shampoo brands Normal Shampoos ¢Clinic As well as ¢Sunsilk ¢Chik Anti Dermititis Shampoos ¢Clinic All Clear ¢Head and Shoulders ¢Dabur Vatika AD Superior Products ¢Shehnaz Hussain ¢Revlon Flex ¢L’Oreal 1 . six Market Circumstance of shampoo or conditioner industry The India shampoo or conditioner industry can be estimated for Rs 18 bn and it is growing at an average price of 20% per annum.

In respect to ALTERNATING CURRENT Nielsen, hair shampoo is one of the speediest growing groups within FMCG sector and it is expected to grow at 25% per annum inside the coming years. Major Players of American indian shampoo sector [pic] HLL By most accounts, the UNILEVER group is India’s foremost multinational. The group has been operating in India over 60 years. Staying first they have being provided the market command position in many product classes. Lever’s possess a sprawling distribution protection which in the truth of HLL extends to 3, 200 stockists and 600, 000 retailers directly maintained by the organization. HLL is usually today a multi-product, multi-unit organization handling various public health challenges facing humanity.

HLL is the undisputed leader through the early nineties with brands like Sunsilk, Clinic Hurricane warning and Medical clinic Plus. Sunsilk is the name of your brand of hair-care products for females produced by the Unilever group. It was launched in 1954 in the United Kingdom through 1959 it had been available in 18 different countries world-wide. Currently, Sunsilk items are staying marketed in over 50 countries through Asia, Latin America, The Middle East and North The african continent. The Sunsilk brand is supposed to demonstrate a perceptive and sympathetic knowledge of women, connect the idea of acquiring the “emotional drama within a girl’s existence, and to supply a source of experienced beauty take care of women. G , G

In US-the world’s major market place regarding effective demand-the Cincinnati (Ohio)-based household and private care products colossus P , G Company. is a well known company. Over the past 157 years (1837-1994) since William Proctor and Adam GambIe entered into partnership to manufacture candles and cleaning soap in Cincinnati, P , G features conceptualized, made and successfully marketed a stream of consumer items, which have offered significantly to American buyers Currently G , G employs l lakh people globally and has subsidiaries in over 60 countries including India. On first April 1988, the Bombay based Richardson Hindustan Ltd. commenced working as Proctor and Gamble India Limited.

The tactics and strategies that the firm has innovated to facilitate its severo growth have got won that a place of honor in virtually every nation. Yet to categories G , G as merely an excellent seo company is to do it an injustice. It is an excellent marketing and merchandise research company while its 3rd there’s r , Deb, manufacturing tactics and businesses are the major strong points. P , G came into India in Nov 1995, with the planet’s largest offering brand ” Pantene. It also launched Brain, which is the key AD shampoo Head , Shoulders is known as a famous brand of anti-dandruff hair shampoo produced by Procter , Chance. Head , Shoulders was first introduced to the U. H. market in November 1961, as a blue-green shampoo formulation.

Unlike other shampoos, Mind , Shoulder blades had fairly few variants until the late 1990s and early 2000s, and there are today in excess of ten different kinds of hair shampoo for different types of hair under the Brain , Shoulders banner. It includes since then expanded into a billion dollar company. The people responsible for this were Robert Jongstra (Procter , Gamble General Manager) and Olga Barr (Saatchi , Saatchi Global Creative Director). Pantene can be described as brand of hair care products owned by Procter , Gamble. The brand’s best-known product is the health and fitness shampoo Pantene Pro V. CavinKare CavinKare was founded by simply Ranganathan in 1983, with a modest capital investment of Rs 12-15, 000 and with a single product. The company was called Chik India Pvt. Ltd., and its product was Chik shampoo or conditioner.

The company targeted the local industry and in a few years appeared as a leading regional person in the shampoo or conditioner market in South India. In 1998, the business adopted it is present name, CavinKare Pvt. Ltd., to signify the change from a single-product organization to a wider FMCG business, encompassing various market sectors such as curly hair, skin and personal care. In respect to firm sources, , Cavin’ is known as a literary expression in Tamil meaning Splendor and Grace, whilst , Care’ was customized to start with the letter , K’ rather than , C’ as a homage to Called Nathan’s daddy, , Chinni Krishnan. , ,. L’Oreal Group [pic][pic]L’Oreal Group headquartered in the Paris suburb of Clichy, France, may be the world’s greatest cosmetics and beauty firm.

L’Oreal has created activities in neuro-scientific cosmetics, concentrating on hair color, skin care, protection from the sun, make-up, perfumes and hair-care. L’Oreal can be active in the dermatological and pharmaceutical fields. L’Oreal is also the very best nanotechnology patent-holder in the United States. THe CEO of L’Oreal SA in Portugal is Jean-Paul Agon. L’Oreal is a shown company, but the founder’s child Liliane Bettencourt who is one of the richest people in the world, and the Swiss foodstuff company Nestleeach control over 1 / 4 of the stocks and shares and voting rights. L’Oreal markets their range of specialized hair care products exclusively through salons and beauty shops. It is the only company in the market that has a locks colour range tailored entirely for shops.

The company was also the first to introduce contemporary shampoo-based frizzy hair dyes intended for the Of india market Garnier is a company producing hair care items, including the Fructis line, and a lot recently, skin care products under the name, Nutritioniste, that are marketed around the world. This can be a brand of L’Oreal. One of their very own key ingredients is a fruits concentrate found in all their goods. It is a mix of fruit stomach acids, vitamin B3 and B6, fructose and glucose 1 . 7 Buyer Behavior The term consumer habit may be understood to be the decision method and activities in which persons engage all of them while assessing, acquiring, employing or getting rid of off goods and services. The study of buyer behavior is the study of how people make decisions to spend their available methods on consumption of related items. Buying behavior is an effort to understand and predict individual actions in the buying function.

The issues that dealt within the discipline of consumers’ obtaining behavior happen to be:? What product or service do the consumers buy? Just how do they buy? Why perform they acquire? From where do they will buy? When do they purchase? Consumer tendencies provides a audio basis for identifying and understanding consumer needs. It’s the act from the individuals directly involved in obtaining and employing economic goods and services. The study of consumer behavior is an integral part of marketing. The adoption of promoting concept by the marketers offers the impetus pertaining to the study of consumer behavior. In the case of New Product Intro in the market, there is a risk of item failure.

To improve the chances of accomplishment of new items, better data of the customer behavior is needed. Their wants, tastes and preferences are to be taken care of. So from all of these aspects study regarding consumer behavior is important. 1 ) 8 Goals of the study ¢ To study the consumer understanding regarding brand shampoos. ¢ To study the origin of information relating to awareness of brands ¢ To examine the factors influencing range of consumers towards branded shampoos. ¢ To analyze the reasons pertaining to consistency /change in regard to sorts of shampoos. PART 2 ANALYSIS METHODOLOGY Exploration Methodology deals with the method of study i actually. e. the way the study was carried out and what were the various methods used.

It really is careful analysis or interrogation in a organized manner to find a solution to problem in analysis. It includes defining and redefining problems, formulating hypothesis or suggested solution, collecting and analyzing data, producing deduction and reaching calculation etc including last treatment fully screening the results to determine whether they fit the formulated hypothesis or not. It includes the scope with the study, study design, assortment of data, analysis of data and limitations in the study. installment payments on your 1 Scope of the research The scope of the examine is to get the information about the buying patterns of consumers for the branded shampoos in Ludhiana.

The range is restricted to examine consumer’s recognition regarding top quality shampoos plus the factors affecting choice of buyers towards brand name shampoos in ludhiana. This is done to steer clear of perceptual prejudice and for featuring objectivity towards the study. installment payments on your 2 Analysis Design The investigation design can be an set up of state for collection and research of data in manner that aims to incorporate relevance to the research purpose with economic climate in procedure. The research problem in clear-cut conditions helps the researches to arrange a research design and style. It makes up the blueprint for the gathering, measurement and analysis of data. It is the technique for a study and the plan through which the approach is to be accomplished.

The research transported down is usually descriptive in nature because it describes the buyer buying habit regarding branded shampoos. 2 . 3 Info Collection installment payments on your 3. 1 Primary Data Primary info is that info which is gathered for the first time. It really is original in nature in the shape of natural material. With regards to collection of principal data, a well-structured questionnaire was given towards the respondents and so they were privately interviewed to fulfill the goals of the study. The customer survey comprises of close ended and also open-ended queries. In close ended questions dichotomous, rank, likert’s size, checklist queries and mcq are used. 2 . 3. Second Data Extra data is the data which is already accumulated by an individual. They are second in nature and are in shape of done product. Second data was collected to be able to have exact results plus the required info was collected from various magazines, papers, journals and internet to assemble relevant information about the shampoo market and the leading brands of shampoos. 2 . four Sampling Design Sampling refers to selecting a few of the elements within a population by which one can draw conclusions about the entire populace. 2 . some. 1Universe Galaxy is the endless number of components that the researcher is concentrating on in his examine.

Here the universe pertaining to the study involves all the people that use branded shampoos. 2 . 4. 2 Population Populace is limited number of factors that the specialist is going to focus on in particular region. People during Ludhiana whom use top quality shampoos comprise the population of my research. 2 . some. 2 . A) Element- Buyers i. e people using branded shampoos 2 . some. 2 . B) Sampling Unit-A single consumer using Top quality shampoo installment payments on your 4. installment payments on your C) Extent- Ludhiana town 2 . some. 2 D) Time of Study- Six months 2 . 4. 3 Sampling Approach In my study I have used non-probability technique for pulling a sample from your population.

In non-probability approach I have desired ‘Convenience sampling’ method mainly because population of my research is huge and due to the time constraint I will be catering to 100 persons according to my convenience. The selection of the respondents was done on such basis as convenience based upon the non-probability method of testing. Convenience sampling was fundamentally used as a result of money, period as well as range constraints. installment payments on your 4. four Sample size Sample size is the size of sample drawn from the citizenry which is the real representative of the study. The number of respondents included in the study was 95 for comfort in considering and studying the data and because of time limitation. Business |18 | |Service |24 | |Professional |5 | |Student |40 | |Housewife |13 | |Total |100 | 5. Data Analysis and Interpretation When it comes to analyzing, raw data was summarized within a master desk and from this table the results have been completely carried out. The questions having alternative alternatives were analyzed by taking proportions. In the case of queries on Likert’s point size, the suggest scores and percentages were calculated.

In the event of ranking concerns the total credit score has been added and last ranking has. The inquiries to which there are specific answers the amounts were clubbed and proportions were computed. In case of explanatory questions, the overall suggestions were summarized. installment payments on your 6 Limitations of the analyze Sincere initiatives have been built to collect authentic and reliable information from respondents, even so the report is subject to following limitations: 1 . The study was limited to Ludhiana city just. Wider coverage would have manufactured the study more reliable and rep. 2 . Test was attracted by convenience sampling, therefore possibility of sampling error cannot be ruled out. 3.

Responses of respondents had been biased based upon their personal preferences. 4. As a result of time and cost constraints, research could not be carried out over a large scale a few. Sample might not be the true associated with the universe CHAPTER three or more ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION The modern day chapter handles analysis of information collected through the consumers relating to their recognition level with regards to branded shampoos, Factors regarded by all of them while getting branded shampoos and to verify their company loyalty. An overall total of 75 consumers were personally interviewed with by using a structured questionnaires. Results from the study: Table 3. you Number of respondents using branded shampoos |Response |No. farrenheit respondents |Percentage(%) | |Yes |88 |88 | |No |12 |12 | |Total |100 |100 | Figure 3. one particular [pic] Meaning: From the above desk, we can conclude that out of 90, 88% participants use brand name shampoos and 12% avoid using branded shampoos. So branded shampoos are incredibly commonly used in Ludhiana. Desk 3. 2 Frequency of using Shampoo or conditioner in a week |Frequency |No. f Respondents |Percentage (%) | |1-3 times |48 |48 | |3-5 times |33 |33 | |Daily |19 |19 | |Total |100 |100 | Figure 3. 2 [pic] Interpretation:

From the above table, it is clear that 48% respondents make use of shampoos 1-3 times in a week, 33% respondents make use of shampoos approximately for five times within a week and rest of the respondents use shampoos daily. Stand 3. several Awareness level of respondents with regards to various brands of shampoos |Brands |No. of responses |Average Scores | |Garnier |80 |0. 18 | |L’Oreal |73 |0. 14 | |Sunsilk |92 |0. on the lookout for | |Pantene |83 |0. 17 | |Clinic |77 |0. sixteen | |Head , Shoulders |84 |0. 17 | Figure 3. 3 Meaning: From the above desk and graph it is crystal clear that away of 100 respondents, 92% are aware of Sunsilk, followed by Brain , Shoulders, Pantene, Garnier, Clinic and least are aware of L’Oreal. Stand 3. 4 Source of information regarding Branded shampoos |Sources |No. n responses |Average Scores | |Newspaper |51 |0. twenty two | |Television |81 |0. 35 | |Magazine |49 |0. 21 years old | |Salesman |4 |0. 02 | |Friends/Relative |27 |0. 8 | |Internet |18 |0. 08 | Figure a few. 4 Meaning: From above stand it is crystal clear that tv set is the most important method to obtain information and then Newspaper, Magazine, information coming from friends/relative, Net and least important way to obtain information is from jeweler. 3. your five Most preferred shampoo brand among buyers is Sunsilk followed by Head and Shoulder muscles, Pantene, Garnier, Clinic and least desired is L’Oreal. However some respondents as well prefer chik shampoo due to its price and a few other cured shampoos or perhaps herbal shampoos. Table three or more. Most important factor of consumer choice |Factors |No. of reactions |Avg scores | |Price |27 |0. 15 | |Brand |35 |0. 20 | |Quality |76 |0. 43 | |Schemes(discount offers) |9 |0. 5 | |Packaging |10 |0. 06 | |Quantity/Package |6 |0. 03 | |Advertisement |15 |0. 08 | Number 3. 6th [pic] Interpretation: From the above stand, it can be concluded that quality is the most important factor whilst considering the inclination of shampoos followed by brand and selling price factor. Plus the least essential aspect while buying the shampoo is definitely Quantity/Package after Packaging. Desk 3. 7 Preference of brands of shampoos Brands |Total Score |Rank | |L’Oreal |379 |6 | |Head , Shoulder muscles |332 |3 | |Pantene |324 |2 | |Clinic |378 |5 | |Sunsilk |312 |1 | |Garnier |377 |4 | Figure 3. several [pic] Presentation: In the previously mentioned table one particular is given to the most recommended and 5 to the least preferred to rank the shampoo brands. Most desired shampoo company among buyers is Sunsilk followed by Pantene, Head and Shoulders, Medical clinic, Garnier and least recommended is L’Oreal. Table several. 8 Importance level of elements considered simply by respondents whilst purchasing Shampoos |Factors |Strongly Disagree (-2)|Disagree |Neutral |Agree |Strongly Consent |Mean Report | | | |(-1) |(0) |(1) |(2) |. |Price |7 |26 |23 |23 |21 |0. twenty eight | |Brand |3 |19 |21 |33 |24 |0. 63 | |Quality |2 |10 |19 |39 |30 |0. ninety six | |Schemes |36 |17 |22 |16 |7 |-0. 67 | |Packaging |12 |26 |31 |24 |6 |-0. 5 | |Quantity/Package |31 |28 |18 |19 |3 |-0. 73 | |Advertisements |12 |4 |34 |20 |30 |0. fifty four | Determine 3. almost 8 [pic] Interpretation: In over table, two is the weightage given to Firmly Agree, one particular to Agree, 0 to Neutral, -1 to Disagree and -2 to Strongly Disagree, the mean (0. 96) of quality being calculated is between zero to 1 so it is very near to strongly acknowledge therefore to sum up table we could conclude that respondents believe that quality is the most important factor while considering the inclination of shampoos followed by brand, advertisement and price factor.

And the least important factor while buying the shampoo is Quantity/Package after Plans available his or her mean scores are arriving negative. Stand 3. 9 Brand Change if particular brand can be not available |Response |No. of respondents |Percentage (%) | |Yes |62 |70 | |No |26 |30 | |Total |88 |100 | Figure a few. 9 [pic] Interpretation:

From above table, it truly is clear that 70% with the respondents buy another brand if the particular company is unavailable. 3. 15 The most preferred various brand can be Clinic, followed by Head , Shoulder, Medical clinic, L’Oeal, Pantene and the least preferred brand as an alternate is Garnier. Table 3. 11 Manufacturer Loyalty amongst consumers |Response |No. Of respondents |Percentage (%) | |Yes |58 |65. 91 | |No |30 |34. 9 | |Total |88 |100 | Figure a few. 11 [pic] Interpretation: It truly is clear in the table that 65. 91% of the participants are not brand loyal and does switch in the brand Table 3. doze Reasons that made participants stick to the brand of shampoo |Factors |No. of respondents |Avg Scores | |Price |18 |0. 23 | |Brand |18 |0. 3 | |Quality |26 |0. 33 | |Schemes(discount offers) |4 |0. 05 | |Packaging |3 |0. apr | |Quantity/Package |4 |0. 05 | |Advertisement |6 |0. 08 |

Determine 3. doze [pic] Presentation: It is clear from above that quality is the central reason that made participants stick to one specific brand as it is having the top mean credit score. Price and brand are having equal imply scores and therefore are the second most important factors. several. 13(a) The most frequent reason that made respondents switch to another brand of shampoo is that they like changing brands. Other important factors are quality and plans that produced respondents move over to other brands of shampoo. Table 3. 13(b) Response in regard to goal to stick to the present brand of hair shampoo being used |Response |No.

Of respondents |Percentage (%) | |Less than one month |19 |28. thirty-five | |1-3 months |23 |34. 32 | |3-5 months |13 |19. forty five | |More than a few months |12 |17. 93 | |Total |67 |100 | Physique 3. 13(b) [pic] Meaning:

From above figure it is clear that out of 67 respondents who would not stick to one specific brand, 19 have objective of sticking with current brand for you to 3 several weeks, 19 for lass suntan 1 month, 13 for approximately for five months and 12 for more than 5 months. Table No . 3. 16 Satisfaction standard of consumers towards their recommended shampoo manufacturer |Very Poor |Bad |Average |Good |Very good |Mean Score | |(-2) |(-1) |(0) |(1) |(2) | | |-20(10) |-4(4) |0(10) |29(29) |70(35) |0. 85 | Number 3. 14 [pic] Meaning: In over table, two is the weightage given to very good, one particular to Very good, 0 to average and -1 that slow and “2 to Very Bad, the mean (0. 5) becoming calculated lies between 0 to 1 so it will be more all around Very Very good therefore from the above table we can conclude that respondents will be satisfied with all their currently using brand. Demographic profile of respondents Sexual Wise |Sex |No. of respondents |Percentage (%) | |Male |41 |41 | |Female |59 |59 | |Total |100 |100 | Age Smart |Age |No. f respondents |Percentage (%) | |16-25 |35 |35 | |26-35 |28 |28 | |36-45 |14 |14 | |More than 46 |23 |23 | |Total |100 |100 | Career Wise |Occupation |No. f respondents |Percentage (%) | |Business |18 |18 | |Service |24 |24 | |Professional |5 |5 | |Student |40 |40 | |Housewife |13 |13 | |Total |100 |100 | Chapter 4 Results and Findings Findings from the research: ¢ From your research it had been found that 88% respondents use brand name shampoos. ¢ As far as rate of recurrence of using shampoos in a week is concerned, 48% participants use shampoos 1-3 instances in a week, 33% participants use shampoos 3-5 occasions in a week and rest of the respondents use shampoos daily. Television (81%) is the most important method to obtain information and then Newspaper (51%), Magazine (49%), information by friends/relative (27%), internet (18%) and least important way to obtain information is definitely from jeweler (4%). ¢ Most recommended shampoo company among buyers is Sunsilk followed by Pantene, Head and Shoulders, Clinic, Garnier and least desired is L’Oreal. ¢ The main factor regarded as by participants while getting shampoo is definitely quality mainly because it has mean score of 0. ninety six, followed by manufacturer (0. 63) and ad (0. 54) ¢ Out of 100 respondents, simply 37% participants stick to one particular brand and out of respondents who also stick to one specific brand consider quality becoming the most important aspect for it Away of 67% respondents who also switch to different brand, most them quoted the reason “I like changing Brands pertaining to shifting to other brands. ¢ As far as the intentions of 67 respondents for staying with current company used by them is concerned, extremely less have intention of switching in the brand and are satisfied with the existing brand they are really using. ¢ Out of 67 participants who did not stick to one particular brand, 19 have goal of staying with current brand for you to 3 several weeks, 19 for lass color 1 month, 13 for approximately for five months and 12 for over 5 months. ¢ Mostly all the respondents are content with their presently using brand. ¢ The suggestions which are given for currently used brand will be: Consumers of L’oreal need its cost to be lesser.

Consumers of Pantene want to have more curly hair specific just like Sunsilk. No suggestion has become recommended simply by consumers of Sunsilk Part 5 Summary and Overview The results reflected the perception of users in Ludhiana of branded shampoos. The outcomes of the examine indicate that though the cost of shampoos is recognized to be on the higher aspect of users, the quality offered by these products makes up for their unhappiness. The Ludhiana users accept that top quality comes at a cost. Since the analyze was restricted to the Ludhiana city and so there is have to study even more in other cities to get the clear view in the findings. Range for further study

Many companies happen to be coming up with the shampoos with enough selection as it’s the fastest developing FMCG item now days. We have a huge potential market in India and better range. To survive in such an environment, all the firms will have to take on bold attempts towards goods in such a way so as to meet the requirements and objectives of the buyers. It therefore necessitates a continuous exploration in this discipline as buyer preferences retain changing as time passes and so will their obtaining behavior. Therefore it provides foundation a opportunity for further research. Appendix Questionnaire 1 . Do you really use brand shampoo? Yes No 2 . How many times do you work with shampoo within a week? a. 1-3 times _____________ m. 3-5 instances _____________ c.

Daily _____________ 3. Which usually of the next brands have you considered? a. Garnier _____________ m. L’Oreal _____________ c. Sunsilk _____________ m. Pantene _____________ e. Medical center _____________ farreneheit. Head , Shoulders_____________ 4. What is your supply of information in this? a. Newspaper _____________ w. Television _____________ c. Journal _____________ g. Salesman _____________ e. Friends/Relative _____________ farreneheit. Internet _____________ 5. Which usually brand are you using? _____________ 6.

For what reason do you use this particular manufacturer? Price? Brand? Quality? Plans (discount offers)? Packaging? Quantity/Package? Advertisements In the event that any other you should tell several. Please list the following brands of shampoos on such basis as your preference (a-most preferable and f-least preferable) a. L’Oreal _____________ n. Head , Shoulders _____________ c. Pantene _____________ m. Clinic _____________ e. Sunsilk _____________ farrenheit. Garnier _____________ 8. While making a purchase decision, rate this factors that affect for you to decide. Factors |Strongly Disagree |Disagree |Neutral |Agree |Strongly | | | | | | |Agree | |Price | | | | | | |Brand | | | | | | |Quality | | | | | | |Schemes | | | | | | |(Discount offers) | | | | | | |Packaging | | | | | | |Quantity/Package | | | | | | |Advertisements | | | | | | 9. If the preferred manufacturer is unavailable, do you purchase another brand? Yes No If yes go to Q No 12, if no go to Q No 11 10. Which brand you need to to purchase if your preferred manufacturer is unavailable? _____________ eleven.

Do you change over a particular brand? Certainly No If you do go to Q No 13, if no go to Queen No doze 12. How come do you follow a particular manufacturer? a. Value _____________ b. Brand _____________ c. Top quality _____________ deb. Schemes (discount offers) _____________ e. Presentation _____________ farreneheit. Quantity/Package _____________ g. Adverts _____________ 13. a) So why did you switch over the brand? b) For the length of time you intend to stick to current company? a. Lower than 1 month _____________ b. 1-3 months _____________ c. 3-5 months _____________ d. More than 5 months_____________ 14.

So what do you think about the current brand you are using? Very Bad Bad Average Very good Very Very good , , , -I, , , , , I, , , , , I, , , , , I, , , , , I, , , , , Any ideas Personal Specifics: Name: _______________________ Age: _______________________ Gender: _______________________ Occupation: _______________________ Address: Speak to No: _______________________ Bibliography Prasad, “Use of advertising and the impact on the buyer behavior, Indian Journal of Management, Volume XXXIII, Amount 4, The spring 2003, Webpage 3-5 Moorthi YLR, Manufacturer Management(The Of india Context), 2003, Edition V, Page 16-25

Kotler Philip, Principles of Mrketing, 2004, Prentice Hall, New Delhi, Pg 204-209 Bearden, Bill O. and Michael J. Etzel, “Reference group influence on Item and Manufacturer Purchase Decisions, Journal of Consumer Analysis, September 1982, Pg 183-194. Websites: , http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Pantene http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Shampoo http://www. diplomatist. com/dipo1st06/story_12. htm http://inhome. rediff. com/money/2003/jul/19spec. htm http://www. indiantelevision. com/tamadex/y2k4/june/tam63. htm http://www. equitymaster. com/research-it/sector-info/consprds/consprds-products. html code http://www. domain-b. com/companies/companies_p/procter_gamble_india/20040129_wars. htm , , , , , , , , [pic] [pic]

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