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Throughout Toni Morrison’s novel Precious, there are many obvious themes and symbols. The storyplot deals with slavery and the effects that the horrifying treatment of the slaves is wearing a community. One other major theme, apparent throughout the story, is a supernatural.

The idea of haunting is very noticeable since the heroes are not only haunted by Much loved at 124, but are as well haunted by way of a past. The storyline of Much loved is not only about freeing one self of a ghosting, but as well about publishing one’s hang on what happened during the past.

Sethe is considered the most severely haunted throughout the book, both simply by her previous and by Much loved. Her previous haunts her with what occurred to her and what the lady did. Your woman was defeated so badly that her again has a everlasting blossoming scar, one that the girl calls “A chokecherry tree. Trunk, twigs, and even leaves. Tiny tiny chokecherry leaves. But that was 18 years ago. Could have cherries as well now for any I know” (pg 16). The great value of the scar tissue on her back again is that it is just one more thing the lady cannot find, but knows it is always right now there, similar to her past.

As well, the line “Could have cherries too at this point for all We know” implies that she is aware of how she is not only stuck with her past, but that it is growing and affecting her in many other ways. The story involves the haunting of 124. Beloved’s existence is obvious to Sethe, Baby Suggs and Hawaii, and they live with it for some time. It is far from until the day that Paul D methods into the property that issues change. This individual wastes short amount of time in antagonizing the heart to leave. God really it! Tone up! , Leave the area alone! Get the Hell out! ” (18). The spirit leaves, very much to Paul D’s pleasure. This may occurred because Paul D isn’t only a figure from Sethe’s past, but is also the first guy to enter 124. Beloved can play off of Sethe’s very own haunting, regarding her earlier, to get what the lady wants. Sethe’s judgment was blurred as she targeted primarily within the daughter the girl had killed years ago. Much loved made ridiculous demands. Anything she needed she got, and when Sethe ran out of things to give her, Precious invented desire” (pg 240). Sethe wound up quitting her job, completely neglecting Denver colorado, and totally neglecting their self as the lady dwindled aside. Beloved, and her past, drained Sethe with their regular nagging. There is also significance towards the word different types of the characters when when we talk about the past. It can be clear they may never forget their very own past and what had happened to them. So rather than ignore, they “disremember. ” They push that to he back of their particular mind wherever they won’t think it over, but it is usually there, waiting for them to “rememory” it. This kind of shows the way they will always be haunted by their earlier. Through the addition of your supernatural sizing in Beloved, Morrison pushes the limits of usual model. The character types settle into believing the supernatural can be regular. To them ghosts and premonitions can be described as way to understand the world surrounding them and through this, Morrison is able to pull a comparison to one’s previous and a troublesome ghost.?

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