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Poseidon (Roman Name: Neptune

Poseidon was another in the three daughters of Cronus. He gained the Sea as his world in the throwing of lots. Poseidon was a Sea Goodness but he was also called Ennosigaios, Earthshaker the God of Earthquakes. Just about every coastal city was in some way connected to him. But he lost metropolitan areas to various other patrons as well: Corinth to Helius, Athens to Athena, and Argos to Hera (he was seriously bitter about that, and dried up the rivers for any while).

Hades (Roman Identity: Ploutos)

Lord of the underworld (which was also known as Hades) and Our god of the lifeless. He kidnapped Persephone to make her his queen. Close friend of Zeus.

Zeus(Roman Name: Jupiter)

The Supreme Goodness of the Olympians.

The God of Atmosphere, Weather, Oklahoma city and Fast (no one dare problem his intense thunderbolts), Cloud-Gatherer, God of Home and fireside, of Food to Strangers, of Oaths. Zeus was the youngest kid of Giants, Cronus and Rhea

Nirvana and Globe were his realms.

Hera (Roman name: Juno)

Hera is known internet marketing the wife of Zeus (her brother), The Empress of Relationship and the Full of Gods. Shes also the younger daughter of Rhea and Cronus. Her fowl is the peacock and the girl with known to be horribly jealous. Your woman appeared to be incredibly jealous of Hercules(son of Zeus)

Aphrodite (Roman brand: Venus)

The goddess of affection, beauty and fertility. Your woman was as well the defender of sailors. Aphrodite was your daughter of Dione and Zeus. She’s also the fantastic grandmother of Dionysus (who she also a new child with), and your woman had a simple relationship with Ares.

Dionysus (Roman brand: Bacchus)

The god of wine as well as the son of Zeus and mortal heroine Semele. Dionysus was the individual who granted Midas the power to turn whatever he touched in gold.

Ares ( Both roman name: Mars)

The goodness of warfare. Ares dad is Zeus. Ares was handsome and cruel. Having been often shown carrying a bloodstained spear. His chucked on Mount Olympus is said to be covered in human skin.

Apollo ( Roman brand: Phoebus)

The god of prophesy, music and recovery. As our god of music, Apollo is often seen playing the lyre. He couldnt invent this instrument, it had been given to him by Hermes. Apollo was your twin brother of Artemis.

Artemis ( Roman identity: Diana)

Artemis was the virgin mobile goddess from the hunt. The lady helped female during giving birth. Artemis and her close friend Apollo had been the children of Zeus and Leto. When ever Apollo observed Artemis spending great deal hunting, he made a decision to end all their close romantic relationship. Artemis was very cold and vowed not to marry.

Hermes ( Both roman name: Mercury)

The messenger of the gods and guide of useless souls to the Underworld. Hermes was a prankster and a genius coming from birth. Dr. murphy is the son of Zeus and a pile nymph. Hermes created the initially lyre. Hermes was reputed for his useful assistance to mankind. He owned magic shoes, with the ability to soar and often permit others acquire them.

Hephaestus ( Both roman name: Vulcan)

The our god of fire and crafts. Hephaestus was the son of Zeus and Hera. He limped because he was developed lame, which in turn caused his mother to throw him off Support Olympus.

Demeter ( Roman name: Ceres)

The goddess of farming. Demeter was the sister of Zeus and the mother of Persephone. She was known for her negative temper.

Athena ( Roman name: Minerva)

The goddess of Wisdom, Weaving, Designs and Armed forces Victory. Athena is also the patron goddess of Athens and among the three Virgin Goddesses. Her bird was an owl. Athena was your daughter of Zeus and Metis.

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