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* Zain Mehdi Prof: Mary Nordick English , 110. 07 Thursday, Mar 7th What not learned about existence on the booking from Highway’s play? Gets the play changed any of your viewpoints or awareness? The enjoy The Rez Sisters was written by Tomson Highway, a Cree in the Brochet reserve in north-western Manitoba, at the conclusion of the 20th century. By using a group of eight native ladies, Tomson Highway’s The Rez Sisters reveals the lives of radical people and their community by using an Indian Reservation.

The enjoy shows the cruel realities of Indian concerns of lack of employment, prejudice and alcoholism.

The old Aboriginal rituals have gradually been ignored and changed by the cliches of consumerism. While the people today belonging to the community don’t lack the attitude of get”up-and-go, that they really have room to go to. The inhabitants with the Wasy Rez are part of a community that is certainly falling apart. Most people are trapped on the welfare, and just getting by on the dirt highways of the Rez. Moreover, they don’t have any control of their lives. Throughout the play, the main heroes state, “Everyone here’s crazy (Highway, 518). Since there is no work on the Rez, it makes most of the people about welfare get crazy.

A few of the men have to go hundred mls to find work while the fresh boys must travel all the way to Barcelone because it is “the only place educated American indian boys can find decent careers these days (Highway, 518). There is regular drinking, struggling and marriage act. There is “nothing to do but drink and screw each other’s spouses and husbands¦ (Highway, 518). Infidelity is so common on the Rez that some of the family members have “¦fourteen of them (children)¦Imagine¦and all from a single father (Highway, 522). 2. * Following reading The Rez Siblings, I was a little surprised by the life on the reserve.

I was raised in Toronto, where I did not individually know any Native Americans and everything That i knew about them was from the books. In the catalogs it identifies the Native Americans as being extremely religious, and so when I discovered a big Pow Wow (a native gathering) and I went. I discovered a little regarding the traditional morals so once i moved via Toronto to Saskatoon, and it was a total shock. You observe a lot of Native Americans however you rarely see ones who also actually the actual traditional beliefs. Most of them have cut all their long frizzy hair, or by no means even grew it out.

The Rez Siblings focuses on such undervalued lives and gives them up to size. 2. * Highway’s play is trying to deliver a social massage that if the Native Americans had enough work opportunities and freedom to have wherever that they wanted, they will succeed in repairing their slipping community. I agree with that totally because they are put down so much, they have decided to be in that one spot and not take the time trying to work up to something much better. Inside the Rez siblings Philomena says that: “the place gets in your bloodstream, you can’t remove it and it can’t get rid of you (Highway, 517).

I was genuinely impressed by this statement because it shows that they really do reverance their heritage a lot, nevertheless it’s hard for them to keep the only thing they have always noted. * 5. The story with the Rez Siblings dictates living is difficult, but postures the question: What else they will likely do? Well they can usually go play bingo. Which is humorous mainly because Highway uses bingo like a form of escape from the lifestyle on a hold. I gained more value for Native Americans because My spouse and i never really recently had an idea of the life on supplies. I figured the people on the reserve used the traditional values and kept to themselves.

I recognized they do not get much help from the federal government and are left on their own to deal with, and with the persons not having enough jobs, all they have remaining to do is kill time, and that is where alcohol and adultery comes in. * 2. * 5. * * * 2. | Performs Cited | * “Pride and Misjudgment (1813 Novel): AWhy Was Caroline Bingley so Desperate for Social Growth and Wealth? ” Quora. N. p., n. d. Web. &lt, http://www. quora. com/Pride-and-Prejudice-1813-novel/Why-was-Caroline-Bingley-so-desperate-for-social-advancement-and-wealth/answer/Ashley-Knight-1&gt, “Pride and Prejudice by Anne Austen. Pride and Misjudgment. N. s., n. deb. Web. “Pride and Bias. ” Google Books. In. p., d. d. World wide web. http://books. google. ca/books? id=s1gVAAAAYAAJ “Pride and Prejudice. inches SparkNotes. SparkNotes, n. m. Web. http://www. sparknotes. com/lit/pride/themes. html “Pride and Bias Study Guidebook & Documents. ” Pride and Prejudice Study Guide & Materials Essays. In. p., in. d. Web. &lt, http://www. gradesaver. com/pride-and-prejudice/&gt, * “Styles and Designs of Her Austen. ” Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation &lt, http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Styles_and_themes_of_Jane_Austen/&gt, 5.

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