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Internal| * Strenghts1/ partner with major brands (Mac Donalds)2/ Excellent strategy3/ Diversified production lines4/ Exclusive taste5/ World’s leading manufacturer | 2. Weaknesses1/ Item not healthy2/ The target group of the CLOSED CIRCUIT company are mainly younger people. / Style differentiation4/ Lethargic performance in North America5/ lack of demand for many Coca Cola’s brands| External| * Opportunities1/ advertise it’s significantly less popular products2/ Acquisitions3/ buy out competition4/ It might to provide foodstuff in the future5/Growing Hispanic| * Threats1/ Fresh drink rival have appeared gradually2/ Strong competition (ex: Pepsi)3/ legal issues4/Dependence about bottling partners5/ The economy today is disappointing actually, and the poor economic climate may affect the consumers to buy good| Strenghts| Weaknesses| Oppor-tunities| S5/O5. Understanding that Coca-Cola is actually a brand innovator in his marketplace, it will be easy to stay to have a growing market in South America.

S1, S2, S3, S4, S5/O2, O3, O4. It may also invest in the creation of food and continue to choose the competition and gain fresh market. All of this because pepsi has a exclusive taste, it can be followed by connections (like MacDonald), his technique is great and it has a diversified production lines. | W1/O3. Like everyone knows, Coke isn’t good for your overall health.

However everyone knows that Pepsi was originally sold in pharmacies for tummy ache. Might be that Skol could choose the competition, which is not tarnished by this reputation. W2/O4, O5. Even if they are teenagers who happen to be targeted by coca coca-cola, by taking advantage of new markets and new products, coca-cola can easily expand his target, like they provide foodstuff. W4/O5. I believe that these testing have to be performed in a country growing pertaining to coca-cola (ex: Hispanic) before embarking on a stagnant market (North America)| Threats| T1, T2/S5, S3.

Although lately many competition appear. Cocaína cola may be the worldwide head and can get them, crash all of them, or dismiss them. This is not the case of Pepsi who will be already too big, and then really want to plays around the diversification of the products of coca-cola (many different products) which is not the truth of Pepsi. T3, T4/S2. As regards the jurisdiction, they could even now and always try to improve all of them strategy, which is already superb, it is the same thing for these kinds of bottling companions. T5/S2.

As for the world economic climate, it is less important, becoming the world head and with an excellent approach, I can always win consumers. | T1, T2/W5. To create down the new competitors in the marketplace, coca cola have to present all the drinks he provides, as many will be ignored and coca-cola provides the budget for place these refreshments forward. This will permit by coca-cola being apart from different major opponents such as Pepsi etc , T3/W3. Legal problems are present, knowing that coca is not really developed in regard to health.

For this strategy (already good) coca must to become improved, , nor forget that a wide range of system is already present in coca-cola by passing of coca absolutely no until coca light. T4/S5. In terms of bottling partners, this kind of must be an integral part of the technique of pepsi who is leader and who has the features to invest in bottling, the question is: it is worth the trouble that? T5/W5. About the economic crisis, I think Coca-cola is a global leader, so he has just to attempt to conquer fresh markets such as South America also to develop his others commun brands who also miss of popularity|

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