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Expanding lodge business marketplace plan term

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The hotel seeks to promote it is strategic position and matchless services to increase its revenue to the most of people and tourists visiting Southern California. The proximity to central Damage Angeles likewise gives a plus to the motel to target the urban dwellers seeking recreation facilities away from central city.

Marketing programs

Pricing of services and products provided by the Very long beach motel is below management and control of market conditions of demand and provide. Prices happen to be elastic depending on season of the year. During peak intervals, prices for accommodation services range from hundred buck to $400. These prices try to meet the demands of a larger range of persons. The prices vary depending on the capacity of a customer. Cost charge depends upon what facilities accessible in the rooms in hotels and other services that a customer may require including dinner and breakfast. Expenses such as $400 per night happen to be inclusive of dinner and breakfast. The market plan is keen on the pricing strategy implemented bearing the effect it may trigger to the business. Pricing mechanism considers the rates of charges by simply competing businesses and make a pricing system will make a competitive advantage. Costs decisions which can be strategically or even tactically from a position of strength are quite rewarding (Stapleton Thomas, 1998).

The circulation channels pertaining to Long beach hotel include the use of online channels such as social networks and websites. On the web channel of distribution is fast, low-cost and protects a wide geographical area. Getting feedback through online programs is also convenient. The hotel has a web page in which this describes the skills and products offered.

Advertising campaign

Long beach hotel focuses on to use billboards that offer course and advice about the location of the lodge. Advertising may also make use of monthly magazines and articles especially in the tourism sector. Personal brokers will use pamphlets and paper prints that give comprehensive information about the products and services of the resort. In a bet to expand sales and capture a broad market, tv and a radio station advertisement will help to create this awareness.

Researching the market

Market research can be prior to advertising and marketing activities to look for the viability from the business in the target market. Market research will gather data related to the taste and preferences from the market, the recreational features people favor and the character of competition. Research is through quantitative methods in order to cover a wide geographical area. Info for this approach relies on the application of questionnaires, secondary sources and observation. The numerical evidence is reviewed to attract conclusions and test hypothesis. The resort performs analysis on the external environment as well as the target markets, and conducts the research of the information for advertising of the goods (Westwood, 2002). Research provides key advice about the market business and viability of the motel business.

Monetary forecast

Extended beach resort focuses on infiltrating the motel industry and gains the necessary exposure. $80, 000 will serve the purpose of marketing and advertising the image in the business within the next financial period. This big allocation aims to increase earnings to $10, 000, 500 and a rise in marginal revenue by 4%. Long beach front hotel must take further risks in order to meet the requirements of new consumers and cover a larger physical area. In expanding the business enterprise, the hotel looks forward to elevating its general budget to cater for promotional costs in new areas and growing new solutions that will appeal to more consumers.


Long beach motel has the possibility of growth inside the hotel industry because of its various advantages compared to the competitors. Effective implementation from the marketing plan will encourage these advantages and enhance the general profits for the organization. The strategic location of the lodge captures equally tourists and everything ages of individuals looking for excitement in downtown Disney area. The best image portrayed by hotel and incomparable providers will help view the business broaden to a whole new level. Effective cost control and use of strategic channels of distribution can facilitate the penetration into new markets and attract new customers. Aimed towards the elevating number of tourists in South California can boosts product sales and profits for the hotel organization. The market strategy helps to offer direction to activities that aim to enhance the image and sales from the business. Regular review of the plan will help to convert the market strategies that are beneficial to the business (Nijssen Frambach, 2001).


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