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Counseling the ethical problem whistle blowing

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The Ethical Issue – Whistle Blowing

The ethical dilemma I confronted occurred soon after I managed to graduate from high school graduation, in the summer ahead of I started out college. I was hired while an “orderly” at a county center for elderly people (sometimes called a nursing home). It was called a county “hospital and home” for the very frail and elderly within our community. The majority of them had been put their simply by families as a result of difficulty those families knowledgeable in rendering good care on their behalf. Some people visited about Sundays; but many of the patients never received any visitors. It was quite sad, and simply outside the time room house windows everyone could clearly discover where they were headed – to the cemetery.

I was presented no training relative to the actual issues these kinds of older people (all individuals inside the ward We worked in were male) were facing. My job was fundamentally to take these kinds of elderly guys for taking walks around the fenced-in yard, to get them sitting down in the meals service region before lunch break, bring all their lunch plastic trays to all of them, and keep an eye out for “inappropriate behaviors. ” My other job was to dispense medications by two certain times in daytime. Later My spouse and i looked up the state regulations regarding the duties I had been accountable for, and I had simply no legal right to dispense medications. In fact the supervisor in the ward explained, “If any of these fellows get yourself a little frisky, give them a go of Stelazine. Tell them it’s a shot of brandy and they’ll gladly straight down it in a rush, ” he said. He previously no medical training either, and there was an RN we could contact down to the ward if needed, although otherwise we all did not have any trained healthcare experts in our region. My personal analysis showed me personally that Stelazine is used intended for patients with schizophrenia; it is essentially a sedating medicine that causes the individual to drain into a around comatose state; his eye become empty and this individual quiets down almost immediately. The honest dilemma I faced was twofold: a) I had zero legal right to these medications (the state could be fined if point out healthcare representatives knew about this); and b) That i knew of my manager was taking medications in the supply area on our floor. We considered notifying my condition legislator, or maybe a county supervisor that my father knew.

Ethically, morally, I was in a pinch. I failed to want him to lose his job. But I could not clear my personal conscience about those poor men except if I acted. Since We

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