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Haditha is a large, peaceful farming town situated in western Korea. It is over loaded with primitive, concrete complexes that lace the exotic, debris-ridden roads. They are all colored a very sickly shade of yellow that has flaked away from their exteriors over time and now reveals a depressing greyish colour.

The big palm trees dwarf the grungy, one-floored homes. Most of the shops display smashed or boarded windows. The interiors are eminently dark. The wallpaper is usually badly split and damaged away from the surfaces where this meets the ceiling.

Scorch marks coming from grenades seriously stained the floor and profound bullet slots scarred the walls. No household furniture is present , just small , sharp bits of broken goblet and devastated shrapnel. Corrugated iron awnings hang above the pavement at the front of the shops, dismally shadowing the people that walk under them. There exists a small , falling apart petrol train station at the end from the long street that seems like it have not operated for a long time. The fastened shop even offers smashed home windows and vacant interiors.

The sign on the roof of the building is terribly corroded and rusting, a number of the red, Persia letters have fallen off completely. The pumps are severely destroyed and submerged in litter box and other huge pieces of remains, the charred remains of your hatch-back lay next to them. Filter, gloomy backside alleys place between the properties of the area like a leather, creating a big maze segregated from the hustle and bustle of the streets. An M1 Abrams reservoir and a Stryker rest dormant on the road.

They are both surrounded by a group of daunting soldiers, with one of them lazily manning the mounted turrets. They put on baggy, yellowish and green camouflage garments, their chests buried in bags of ammunition and various other products. The rucksacks on their shells look huge in comparison to their very own bodies. A powerfully created soldier leans against the tank. He sweating under the extreme sun and lots of layers of clothing he’s wearing. This individual looks incredibly athletic, his huge muscles stretch the fibres of his clothes to their limitations.

His brain seems small in comparison to his enormous, wide-ranging shoulders. He has a robust, pasty skin tone, his appearance seems paler still compared to the dark pores and skin tones from the Arabs that nervously dash past. Tough stubble covers his mouth , as if he have not shaved in weeks! A small boom microphone is thrown down the area of his face and hovers ahead of his colourless lips. He is wearing darker sport shades, leaving the concealed a part of his encounter to the creativity. His headgear isn’t clipped together under his chin, it is slumped on the top of his head.

The badly stitched insignia states Marine Corps (a gold eagle, world and anchor) on his left sleeve can be ripped and torn, as a result of fall off any kind of time minute. In his hands, he grips a scratched, matt black M16A4 assault gun that is protected with accessories: a small view, a cylinder-shaped laser distance finder and a grenade launcher. He’s far from under-protected, he would wear thick, deep grey padded gloves that look ten sizes too small for the soldier’s shovel-like hands, along with camouflage pads that are usually fastened to his immense knee and elbow important joints.

The sun drearily hangs on the horizon, casting large, oblong shadows across the community. It slowly and gradually creeps down and out of sight, allowing the town to come down into darkness. The isolated sound of repetitive weapon fire that rattles throughout the air is rather soothing. The noise of large metal brake discs from several Apache choppers fills the air as they travel overhead, loud everyone intended for miles about. Their chiselled, futuristic obtain it reflect something from a sci-fi film. In a again alley, a dark-skinned insurgent stands facing a feeble-looking gentleman, who desperately holds a big, black household leather briefcase.

The insurgent’s brain is protected with a reddish, patterned table-cloth type materials that falls below his neck, with only one little gap throughout his encounter that shows his hard, piercing sight. The rest of his person is draped within a brilliant white-colored, silk robe. A grubby AK-47 without having stock is loosely secured to his back. The person holding the briefcase features scars running across his face, the most prominent stretching from his ear as a result of his lips, it looks like this individual has tried shaving having a cheese grater. Standing next to each other, the insurgent is practically a brain taller than the man.

Perspire pours throughout the man’s confront as he nervously hands the briefcase to the insurgent, who desperately stands waiting for the delivery. Their conference is cut off by two soldiers yelling loudly and running to them. The insurgent as well as the man quickly scurry away into the enjoying darkness in the back-alley. The location sinks directly into darkness another night. The cool, sharp air supercedes the extreme heat. A light breeze whistles over the vacant town while people start off heading for their very own homes, at some point the thickness of people in the streets declines into nothing at all.

The few street lighting fixtures that braid the road faintly flicker. Dazzling green dire from the way of the faraway gun-fire spontaneously shoots off into the nighttime sky at various angles and then goes away from view. The lonesome soldiers huddle together surrounding the grumbling automobiles, desperately planning to share the little body heat they may have. In place of darker sports shades, they now use huge, black bulky night time vision safety glasses. All the signals are off, except for the moon that dimly iluminates the night skies. The town is definitely asleep.

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