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Puerto potentado hurricane and abc x crisis essay

Disease, Electricity, Sociable Class, Hurricanes

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Both Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Nancy hit Desfiladero Rico hard, with Karen being especially devastating. Since October 24many weeks following your hurricane hitthe island provides barely reclaimed its important services. Almost all (80%) from the electrical strategy is back on, and third of the area is with no safe drinking water (Saldañ a, 2017). As Nedelman (2017) as well points out, disorders like Leptospira are spreading through polluted water. The hurricane is among the biggest crises Puerto Ricans have experienced in recent record. With the desastroso lack of responsiveness exhibited by the American government, families in Puerto Potentado need to get additional methods in the private, nonprofit, and public sectors. Using the ABC-X model of pressure and coping can help guideline Puerto Rican families for the institutions that support them.

The ABC-X model starts with the (A), the stress factor, which in the case is the Hurricane but as well the wide-spread devastation with regards to loss of important services just like electricity and drinking water. (B) refers to the time available to every family or community. In the matter of Puerto Lujoso, the United States authorities is supposed to offer federal emergency relief financing but that funding has been delayed or non-existent (Saldañ a, 2017). Therefore , households in Desfiladero Rico that may afford to have been traveling by air to the States where they have access to electric power and electricity, highlighting the class conflicts as well as the ways entrée affect persons from different socio-economic organizations much in a different way.

The (C) factor identifies family awareness of the turmoil. In the case of Hurricane Maria, the majority of Puerto Ricans have just been concerned with their protection and that of their families to consider in larger terms or perhaps for the long-range problems. Writing from the perspective of Puerto Ricans, though, Saldañ a (2017) notes the crisis have been perceived differently depending on social class. Individuals who are poor or unable to keep due to medical reasons have already been left behind on the island of st. kitts, while the rich perceive that as their right and privilege to keep.

X identifies the likelihood of crisis, referring to even more risk elements. In Desfiladero Rico, there are numerous risk factors exacerbating long term crisis. Those factors consist of public health issues like the contaminated drinking water, and concerns about the future social stability on the island of st. kitts. If only the wealthy can pay for access to a safe drinking water supply by going out of Puerto Vasto, it could

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