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Gis ireland in europe 2009 seminar report research

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Research from Research Proposal:

” The company maintains offices in Dublin and Belfast and is the exclusive spouse of ESRI Inc. In Ireland.

What product or service were they providing? The corporate account states, “ESRI Ireland is in charge of designing and building some of the largest and most advanced GIS systems in Ireland. Utilizing just under forty five GIS Professionals, we have a customer base of over one hundred twenty organisations across 17 diverse business areas with 1000s of end users” (ESRI Company profile, 2009, p. 2).

How had been they advertising it? Not any presentations were provided by the corporation but sponsors were supplied the opportunity to take part in the event that was part of the GIS Ireland 2009 Conference.

Would you be their particular primary customer base? As the greatest GIS company in Ireland in europe, ESRI provides services to both the open public as well as the private sector.

What role truly does geographic information/GIS play inside their portfolio of activities? Geographic information solutions form the complete basis for the company’s business processes.


Company account. According to the profile at http://www.geodirectory.ie/About-GeoDirectory.aspx, “GeoDirectory is the complete data source of structures in the Republic of Ireland. This assigns every single property its own individual finger-print – a unique, verified addresses in a standard format, together with a precise Geocode” (About GeoDirectory, 2009, g. 1).

What product or service had been they advertising? GeoDirectory’s solutions can assist municipalities satisfy the legal requirements and requires of the EU’s INSPIRE motivation.

How were they selling it? The above-described display by Dara Keogh and Dominic Fahey of GeoDirectory entitled, “Irish National Responding to System” was used for this purpose.

Would you be their primary customer base? Although government entities would appear to represent the main customer base, the private sector could benefit from GeoDirectory’s solutions for their downtown planning initiatives as well.

What role does geographic information/GIS play in their portfolio of activities? Geographic information solutions form the whole basis for GeoDirectory’s organization processes.


Company profile. Headquartered in Dublin, the corporate profile for Irish Umschlüsselung and GIS Solutions in http://www.imgs.ie/index/about_IMGS claims, “IMGS are Ireland’s leading supplier of spatial solutions for authorities, utility and telecommunications industrial sectors…. IMGS are the sole suppliers for Intergraph SGI very safe software solutions” (About IMGS, 2009, s. 1).

What product or service had been they selling? The company markets software solutions that offer their clientele with the ability to “capture, manage and embed space data and engineering records into organization information devices and workflows” (IMGS vision, 2009, s. 3).

How were they will selling that? As with ESRI, although not any presentations had been delivered by simply representatives of IMGS with the GIS Ireland in europe 2009 Meeting, sponsors had been provided sales space space with the exhibition.

Who be their particular primary customer base? The client list for IMGS include every Irish neighborhood governmental specialists, eircom, BT Ireland, ESB Networks, the Dublin Region Water GIS, and the Irish Aviation Authority (IMGS perspective, 2009).

What role really does geographic information/GIS play within their portfolio of activities? Geographic information solutions form the whole basis intended for IMGS’s business processes.


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