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Asian culture and nursing jobs case study

Excerpt via Case Study:

Asian Sufferer Culture

Jong’s refusal to put on a CPAP machine is usually not surprising. They may be fairly obstructive and it would take anybody some time to get used to the theory. However , this is tied to other issues too. In general, Mister. Jong is not taking care of him self; he is in denial regarding his lowered ability to live independently. The CPAP equipment is simply one more manifestation of his loss of independence and this is obviously difficult intended for him. The first thing to remember is that in Oriental cultures value for parents is a good value. This can be a approach that will need to be used to gain his consent – to treat him with respect, and show the way the machine will assist him to breathe better. It might be better to explain that it must be temporary as well, to reduce the threat. Although respect to get the patient’s elder position is critical to gaining his trust in this case. Without that, things like reasoning and explanation will not be powerful. His daughter can most likely help to convince him that the is for the best – she could better be familiar with approach that she should take.

installment payments on your His daughter’s request for all-natural products is in line with many Asian tradition. As a mature person, Mr. Jong likely has a inclination for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and feels as much inside the power of all those natural remedies as anything else. The daughter likely has familiarity with what items might help, and can seek out a TCM specialist to provide these people. Ultimately, most of those normal products have never been proven effective, but they are safe, too. When there is a placebo effect, that is beneficial.

The important thing approach is to value Mr. Jong’s tradition fantastic views regarding medicine. The hospital is certainly not in a position to offer these products, yet Mr. Jong likely provides a supplier previously and the child can be called after to help in this regard. The important thing is the fact he is allowed these products, but within the framework of with them with Western medicines. Present respect intended for his practices, but persist that this individual takes all of them in conjunction with the Traditional western medicines that are recommended by simply his physicians.

3. The TCM will be one complementary therapy that may be recommended. He will need help rehabilitating after his hip medical procedures. More important, he will probably need physical therapy and diet assistance when he is introduced. He is refusing to eat properly – this is leading to low energy level, which in turn are reducing his energy to search and make. Foods that boost strength, along with specific physical exercises, are important for any elderly person to keep their particular energy levels substantial. It will also end up being recommended that somebody will pay him a visit frequently, to ensure that he can getting his exercise, and possibly to prepare several healthier dishes for him in order that he eats better.

4. It is also possible that this is scar tissue, caused from using the same site entirely for shot, known as lipodystrophy. To avoid skin damage, injections needs to be rotated around different sites. Mr. Jong was likely unaware of this, or was simply convenient injecting generally there. The registered nurse should use a different treatment site and coach Mr. Jong on the value of rotating shot sites to stop such scarring damage in the future. He should use different injections points within a given internet site, use different sides of his body system, and ensure to utilize a new hook with each injection as well, to reduce such scarring in the foreseeable future.

5. He probably does not need to wear safety gloves, but ought to ensure that he washes his hands thoroughly prior to treating in order to reduce the risk of infection. Gloves will not hurt, on the other hand. If his daughter injects him, the girl should use gloves, however.

6. Mister. Jong is usually hypoglycemic, therefore should not be provided insulin at the moment. He must take in even more sugars -food, juice, or perhaps glucose tablets. Only when his blood sugar boost should he be given insulin.

7. We do not yet find out when Mr. Jong is being discharged, so there is no way to tell when he really should have a snack. He has to eat today, for example. This kind of decision can not be made , and without knowing when he will be discharged, which his present condition is definitely not now.

almost 8. The IV is to deliver 500ml above 8 hours, so the price would be sixty two. 5 ml/hr

9. The IV could be burning since it is touching a nerve, so it will be best in this example to listen to the person and research the 4. Find out if it was burning seeing that insertion, as well. The best course of action here is to ensure that the 4 is not touching a nerve, just because a properly-inserted IV should not be burning up. It is also possible, since he has been presently there for three days and nights, that the site of the IV simply has to be changed.. Blood vessels tire of experiencing IVs injected, and after three days it is good practice to improve the site anyway.

10. Mr. Jong has been dreaming, that is why he believed he fell, thought he was reaching for a phone, unfortunately he startled by nurse. It would be best to sign the event. If it was just a fantasy, it is huge deal but this could end up being a sign of some form of dementia. In particular, in the event such situations occur once Mr. Jong is not sleeping (or during sleep hours) it is great to have proof of a routine of this sort of episodes. Specifically, he might become susceptible to supplement deficiencies because of his poor dietary habits, which is a thing that can be treated with a more healthy diet. Yet , a singular episode is not much with which to generate any concrete decisions, it is therefore best to merely record the incident.

11. Mr. Jong is showing signs of moderate anxiety. Given his circumstance, this is not astonishing. Not only provides he experienced hospital for several days, yet he is as well coming to terms with the lowering of independence, and with that perhaps

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