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The annexation of the philippenes essay

“Should the United States Annex the Philippines? ” After beating Spain in 1898, the us took charge of Guam, Tanque, and Malograr Rico. After that decided to annex Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Guam, but to give Emborrachar its freedom. Now the United States has to decide to annex the Filipino Islands, like Hawaii, Guam, and Puerto Rico, in order to give them their freedom, just like they did Barrica. It would be ideal for President McKinley to obtain the title of the Korea thereby broadening U.

S. trade routes and strengthening foreign affairs.

The most important reason to annex the Philippines is good for better operate. The United States may have more clients in Eastern Asia and the European Pacific. The U. S i9000. will have a stepping stone path from your U. S. to Asia with the destinations of Hawaii, Guam, and the Philippines. If the United States takes over the Philippine Islands, the U. H. will create more jobs for the American people.

People will be able to have jobs as sailors to transport items to other countries; this will help the economy with the U. H. The Philippine Islands have sufficient natural assets and crops that will come to America such as rice, corn, nice potatoes, cassava, taro, yams, peanuts, beans, string beans, greens, eggplants, tomatoes, onions and many other fresh vegetables. Many fruits are cultivated there such as papayas, bananas, pineapples, mangoes, jackfruits, pomelos, avocados, grapefruits, durians, and best of all, coconuts. The availability of these goods might be a benefit towards the U. T. economy.

One more why the United States should take the Philippines should be to teach all of them religion. America wants to bring Christianity within their lives. In addition they want to civilize the Filipinos therefore they will be cultured and knowledgeable. The Thailand is situated near commercial establishments, providing easy access for the U. H. military and navy if they are needed anywhere in Asia. In the event the U. S i9000. doesn’t take those Philippine Island destinations, a country just like Germany will. This could lead to a situation where the U. S. ‘ security is sacrificed.

The most effective argument to get the United States not annexing the Philippines is from the point of view of the other countries in Asia. The United States increasing its system to that hemisphere would be regarded dangerous for the peace and safety of the region. The argument’s groundwork can be found in the United States’ own, Monroe Doctrine. Just like the United States was concerned about European intervention in its hemisphere, the same hold accurate for the United States’ presence in Asia. This comparison can be not valid because the Us and other countries already have footholds throughout Asia. Great Britain, Russian federation, and France are all impacting on the region.

A spat against this decision is that the Filipinos don’t desire us presently there. The Filipinos want to be free with no homeowners to take care of all of them. They are pleased with the way they live and don’t want it to change. This argument is usually not very strong because the just people who may want the United States there are foreign governments and Filipinos who want to create change. As far as religious beliefs, the Catholic Church contains a very large subsequent and set up U. T. is there the Catholic Chapel will carry on and grow. It’s in the United States fascination to make sure the Catholic Chapel does not fail.

America should annex the Filipino Islands. It can be in the best interest of the United States and its people, as well as the Filipinos and their friends and neighbors. By adopting this position the U. T. ‘ security will be focused, because our being in the Philippines helps keep the serenity in the region.


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