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Dowry problem in india essay

Gandhi ji said: – ‘Any young man who usually takes dowry fo getting married, disrespects his education, country and womanhood. ‘ Our culture is full of nasty systems. One of those evil systems is dowry. Dowry is identified as the ‘price paid by simply parents to get their daughters married too for getting these people the place inside the family that they deserve. ‘ Over the years cases of dowry harassment and cases of dowry fatalities have increased. In Indio marriage system, a system referred to as ‘kanyaddan’ is performed in which the star of the wedding is given towards the husband and in-laws along with huge sums involving, furniture, home, car, and so forth

or more accurately bride along with dowry. The dowry system provides converted a thing as real as marital life into a business transaction plus the bride to a saleable commodity or a step to more money.

Financial obligations are considered so that the groom’s family could be provided with a sizable dowry. This kind of creates a burden on the bride’s family.

Girls begin to think of themselves as a burden on their family members and accept spinsterhood because their fate or commit committing suicide. Dowry has also led to an increase in female feticide and female infanticide which has considerably affected the male-female percentage in the country. Heavy dowry is usually demanded pertaining to educated kids. This has messed up the lives of many brilliant girls. Brilliant, educated and economically 3rd party girls cannot get married to so-called knowledgeable boys since their parents cannot give their in-laws with a huge dowry required by these people. Even following marriage such girls happen to be tortured for growing more money, and ultimately, that they either make suicide or lose their mental harmony. People who believe in taking dowry say that dowry acts as a monetary help to the newlyweds. There is a saying that while marriage acts as a insurance coverage for girls, marital life acts as their premium.

Additionally, they say that a lady who includes a respectable quantity of dowry to her spouse and in-laws feels self-confident while a female who carries a less volume of dowry feels not comfortable and anxious. In 1961, the government passed the Dowry Prohibition Act to abolish the dowry system. However , this act, rather than subsiding dowry, took their roots into a deeper level in the contemporary society. It is said that on an common one woman is being killed in every four hours and the issue of dowry in India. However , good public being rejected is being noticed on the concern of dowry among the junior. They are not really ready to provide or consider dowry for getting married. They may be really approaching forward to eliminate the bad. Our society needs such responsible youth to abolish the evil approach to dowry in India. There may be finally a positive beam of light shown in maximum darkness, but for convert this kind of positive light beam into greatest lightness, we all, the common people of India have to take successful remedial measures:

– We should start a strong propaganda to abolish the evil. Persons should generate demonstrations against those who take dowry. Tight laws must be passed to prohibit taking and offering dowry. Girls should take serious action the moment their family is demanded with dowry. Proper education must be imparted to girls as well as they should be produced economically 3rd party to accelerate the process. Appreciate marriages, inter-caste marriages and also inter-provisional partnerships may also help. Situations of “dowry free” relationships should be the news item for the bulletin. This will encourage the youth. At this time, in our world, a man who not get married to for love, learns to marry intended for possessions. We must change the photo. “SAY NOT ANY TO DOWRY”

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