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Non-verbal communication is the process of interacting that is seen as a the lack of words but instead communicating, sending and receiving communications via bodily language, designs, and icons.

I tried to observe this sort of communication inside the park which has a particular men and female as a target themes. A young man, possibly twenty yrs of age and women, more or less of the identical age group, had been ‘conversing’ in the park for 5 EVENING in the evening.

I use the word ‘conversation’ freely here. Using the concept of proxemics, parks will be classified underneath the group, community territory, but I remember that, generally speaking, this sort of places may have no control on the tendencies of the people, people there would go beyond territorial rights with regards to their particular behavior.

With out thoughtful analysis, the 1st idea that got entered me was that the person and the female were within a relation but apparently I cannot make a concluding assertion about this. Physical appearances advise informal relations as advised by their casual appearances. Both equally were putting on pants together with the female in a very pink container top and the male in a very faded statement shirt. There is a high possibility that their meeting was not business or operate associated. I actually disregarded Monochromatic time timetable in favor of Poly-chronic time routine since the topics conversation and appearances were evidently personal.

Kinesic communication of the subjects” facial expression, body actions, gestures, and posture”reveal 1 important thing, the subject’s chat was not intimate but instead harried, constrained and furious. There was an evident lack of contact between the two which will denote ‘friendship’ or ‘love’. The woman was gesticulating her hands hugely, and at a lot of point in time, she was waving her right hand at the right clear space proving the fact that she was ’emphasizing’ anything to the gentleman. Her shoulders were not slipped but rather posed upwards suggesting a highly restricted emotion.

Her feet was braced aside and the lady walking around extremely. Her confront was clearly angry, her brows had been drawn with each other in a frown and most most likely her nostrils were growing bigger or flaring up, with her irises dilating indicating, a high emotional state. The factors of her mouth had been slanted down as she was speaking clearly suggesting a negative emotion. Her frizzy hair was moving with the motion of her mouth. Bloodstream was hurrying to her encounter which makes her face genuinely look reddish colored indeed. When the male was talking, your woman was ‘rolling her eyes’, indicating mockery and disbelief to what the individual was stating. She was intentionally attempting or aiming to appear like your woman was not playing the other person was saying when she was looking away at the additional direction.

The male subject was equally upset. His position, shoulders in excess were poised for a combat but he was defensive because indicated by arms that have been crossed high on his upper body. When he has not been talking, his lips were drawn in tight line and he was extremely attentive what the female was saying mainly because ‘he would not remove his eyes via her’. His eyes had been in slits, indicating anger and at a few point, he was also gesticulating his hands indicating that he was forcefully explaining something towards the female.

I actually observed that proxemics pertaining to the recreation area as a space was obviously loosely thought as to the public territorial utilization, the subjects were clearly using the space intended for ‘personal’ uses. Movement and body location of my personal subjects handles towards bad emotional reactions, ost specially that of recharged anger. The topics exhibited bad attitudes, and mostly unconscious nonverbal conversation. All emails transmitted between your two were conscous and deliberate but not subliminal, all their conversation was intended to claim something and both were equally aware about it.


Argyle, Meters. (1988). Body Communication. Madison: International UP.

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