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string(235) ‘ you believe enough is being done to lessen unemployment\? The pie chart over states three \(3\) or thirty percent \(30%\) of the respondents agreed that enough will be done to lessen unemployment in the neighborhood of Brown’s Town\. ‘

Name: Nicholas Dernier-né School: Ferncourt High school Applicant #: Centre #: 100035 Territory: Jamaica Teacher: Ms. M. Reid Title: Joblessness within the community of Browns Town Desk of Articles Chapter one particular (1)Acknowledgement Advantages Statement from the problem Reasons behind selecting part of research Method of investigation Phase two (2)Instruments used in info collection Types of procedures for data collection Phase three (3)Presentation of data Phase four (4)Analysis and understanding of data Part five (5)Statement of findings

Recommendations and implementation approach Bibliography Intro Browns City is a small community positioned in St Ann Jamaica.

The Researcher is a huge resident from the community within the past 16 years and offers observed there is a very high degree of unemployment within the community over time. The Researcher has made a decision to conduct an investigation to find the major reasons, and effects of unemployment, and to find the solutions to the problem. Acknowledgement The Researcher would want to thank following persons for their help in the completion of this research.

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The respondents for their useful time put in answering the questionnaires. My personal teacher, Miss Reid on her guidance. The researcher would also like to thank his mother and fellow classmates, for their kind support and encouragement. Statement of the Trouble What elements account for the high level of lack of employment within the community of Brown’s Town and exactly how is the community affected? Reasons behind selecting area of research The Researcher provides observed there is a high level of unemployment in the community of Brown’s Town and want to further analyze the causes and effects to get a solution pertaining to the problem.

Approach to investigation The researcher offers decided to use printed set of questions as a means of collecting info. According to the oxford dictionary, a questionnaire is actually a set of branded questions to get completing a survey. The huge benefits of making use of the questionnaires will be as follows: 5. It requires very little time to be accomplished. * It could be completed with the convenience of the respondents. 5. It warranties confidentiality considering that the respondents are not required to affix their names. * Circulation and assortment of questionnaires are not time consuming. Customer survey

Topic: What factors are the cause of the excessive rate of unemployment inside the community of Brown’s Community and how the city is affected? Instruction: This is not a check, answer all questions as genuinely as possible. Place a tick in the appropriate solution or submit where required. 1) What gender do you really belong to? Man Female 2) What age bracket do you belong? 18-25 years 25-33 years 34-40 years 41- over years 3) How long have you been living in the city of Brown’s Town? 12 months 1-2 years 3-4 years 5 years and over 4) Do you think lack of employment is a major problem in the community of Brown’s Town?

YES NOT ANY 5) Which gender will you believe many unemployed people belong? Male Female 6) What is the main cause of joblessness? a) Certainly not fully competent b) Not enough employment opportunities c) High travel cost d) Other __________________________________ 7) How can you believe lack of employment affect the person? __________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 8) How does unemployment affect families in the neighborhood of Brown’s Town? a) Poverty ) Absenteeism(one mother or father leaving to look for employment in another area) c) Prostitution d) High anxiety level in families 9) How do you imagine unemployment impact the community? a) Increase criminal offense and violence b) Embrace poverty c) Migration of skilled and qualified individuals d) Even more Juvenile delinquents 10) How can unemployment impact the children in families? a) Absents from school b) Lack of Proper medical care c) Shortage proper nourishment d) Children becoming delinquents 11) Do you really believe being enough is performed to lessen joblessness? Yes Zero 12) Offer reasons for your answer in 11 previously mentioned. _______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ 13) Which will of the subsequent do you think is in charge of the high level of unemployment in the community of Brown’s Town? a) The b) The federal government c) The organization community d) Other ___________________________ 14) Do you really believe the problem of joblessness can be reduced in the community of Brown’s Community? Yes Zero 15) What can the community do to minimize the high level of lack of employment? a) Provide skills schooling centers b) Provide employment opportunities ) Support individuals to receive fully qualified d) Motivate Entrepreneurship Techniques for collecting data Your research was carried out in the community of Brown’s City. A total of ten questionnaires were given to randomly selected respondents. Of those ten (10) respondents, several (4) were males and six (6) were females. The respondents lived in the area one (1) to eight (10) years. Some of the forms were immediately completed and returned while some were accumulated the following time. All (10) questionnaires had been completed and returned. Determine 1: A pie graph and or chart showing the responses query # four.

Do you think lack of employment is a major problem in the community of Brown’s Community? In the curry chart previously mentioned nine (9) or ninety percent (90%) of the participants agreed that unemployment can be described as major problem in the neighborhood of Brown’s Town. A single (1) or ten percent (10%) said number Figure a couple of: Bar graph showing the responses to question # 6. What is the major source of unemployment in Browns City? In the pub graph over two or twenty percent (20%) of the respondents agree that high travel cost is the major cause of lack of employment in Brown’s Town. Three(3)or thirty percent(30%) believe certainly not fully skilled.

The remaining five (5) or perhaps fifty percent (50%) said insufficient employment opportunities. Number 3: A Bar Graph showing the responses to question # 8. How can unemployment influence families in the community of Brown’s town? In the Bar Chart above several (4) or forty percent (40%) consider unemployment boost high pressure level in families, two (2) or twenty percent (20%) it boosts Prostitution, one particular (1) or perhaps ten percent (10%) believe there is an absenteeism (One mother or father leaving to find employment within area). The remaining three (3) or thirty percent (30%) consider unemployment affects the amilies in the community of Brown’s City by means of lower income. Figure 5: A curry chart demonstrating the reactions question #11. Do you imagine enough is being done to decrease unemployment? The pie data above says three (3) or thirty percent (30%) of the respondents arranged that enough is being completed lessen joblessness in the community of Brown’s City.

You read ‘Social Studies Sba on Poverty’ in category ‘Essay examples’ seven (7) or seventy percent (70%) disagreed. Physique 4: A table showing the answers to Issue #9. How will you believe unemployment affect the community? Responses| # of Respondents| % of Respondents| Maximize Crime and Violence| 5| 50%|

Embrace poverty| 3| 30%| Migration of skilled and certified workers| 1| 10%| Even more juvenile delinquents| 1| 10%| total| 10| 100%| Inside the Table over five (5) or fifty percent (50%) in the respondents believe there is a rise in crime and violence. Three (3) or perhaps thirty percent (30%) think discover an increase in poverty. One (1) or ten percent (10%) believe skilled and qualified employees have moved. The remaining one particular (1) or ten percent(10%) believe you will discover other ways to reduce the high level of unemployment. Figure 6: A Club Graph demonstrating the answers to problem #13.

Which will of the subsequent do you think is liable for the higher level of unemployment in the community of Brown’s Community? In the club graph previously mentioned four(4) or perhaps forty percent (40%) with the respondents agree that the specific is responsible for the cause of unemployment in Brown’s Area. Another several (4) or forty percent (40%) consider the government. One particular (1) or ten (10%) of the participants thinks it is the business community and the staying one (1) or 10 % (10%) explained others are responsible for the high level of unemployment in the community of Brown’s Town. Figure 7: A Table exhibiting the reactions to Problem # 12-15.

What can your community carry out to reduce the high level of unemployment? Responses| # of Respondents| % of Respondents| Provide skills training centers| 3| 30%| Provide work opportunities| 4| 40%| Support individuals to acquire fully qualified| 2| 20%| Encourage Entrepreneurship| 1| 10%| Total| 10| 100%| Inside the Table previously mentioned three (3) or 30 % (30%) of the respondents consider the community should provide abilities training centers to reduce the high level of unemployment. Several (4) or forty percent(40%) think the city should present employment opportunities.

Two (2) or twenty percent(20%) believe the city should support individual to get totally qualified. The remaining one (1) or eight percent(10%) imagine there are different ways to reduce the high level of unemployment. Analysis and interpretation of Data In accordance to google. com/dictionary joblessness is a scenario in which folks are without jobs either as they are unwilling to accept available careers or because there are no jobs available. Based on the research conducted, unemployment is a major problem in the neighborhood of Brown’s Town.

This is illustrated in figure 1, a pie chart displaying 90% of the respondents saying yes unemployment is a major problem in the community as the remaining 10% said no . The research in addition has revealed that lack of employment has many triggers. Based on the responses of the respondents, exactly where 10% percent believed that high transport cost is a serious cause of joblessness, 40% presumed lack of diploma is the trigger and one more 30% stated lack of employment opportunities while the leftover 20 % said there are other major causes of joblessness in the community of Brown’s Town. Unemployment affects families in the community in many ways.

The research states in figure three or more, that forty percent of the participants believe this causes excessive stress level in families. 20% consider it causes female close relatives to become prostitutes. And 10% believe that that causes absenteeism of one parent or guardian trying to get job opportunity within area. The 30% thinks it causes poverty in the family since they are not making so they become poor. Unemployment affects the community in many ways also. According to the analysis, one major way is an increase in crime and assault as illustrated in determine 4 wherever 50% in the respondents believed this. 0% of the participants believed it increases low income, 10% assumed that there is a migration of skilled and qualified folks. The remaining 10% believed you will discover more juveniles delinquents. In accordance to figure five, it is shown that 70% with the respondent assume that enough is definitely not being completed lessen the high level of unemployment in the neighborhood of Brown’s Town plus the remaining 30% percent suggest that enough will be done. The responses state that 40% of the respondents believe that the individual is liable for the higher level of unemployment in the community of Brown’s Area. Another forty percent believe the federal government is dependable. 0% in the respondent claims it is the organization community while the remaining 10% states other persons are responsible. Based on the responses in the respondents, there are many things that the community may do to reduce the dangerous of lack of employment. As illustrated in determine 7 which usually show the replies to question number 12-15. What can your community perform to reduce the high level of unemployment? forty percent of the respondents believed the community will need to provide employment opportunities, 20% presumed the community ought to help people get totally qualified and 30% imagine they may provide abilities training centers.

The remaining 10% believed the community should inspire entrepreneurship since it would provide job. The Researcher agrees that unemployment is known as a major problem in the community of Brown’s Town. This matter is having a poor effect on the community and should not really be allowed to boost, based on the other interpersonal issues where it adds. The specialist believes the next steps ought to be taken to resolve the problem The us government should make sure that all pupils leaving extra schools find the opportunity to head to college or get a skill by having a particular fund for this purpose.

The government also can invite other Caribbean countries to set up businesses in the country to produce employment intended for persons. Affirmation of Studies Based on the investigation conducted the researcher manufactured the following conclusions. 1 . Joblessness is a significant problem in the community of Brown’s Area. 2 . The major causes of joblessness are deficiency of employment opportunities, large transportation costs, and people not being totally qualified. several. Unemployment affects the community inside the following methods. Increase in criminal offenses and assault, increase lower income and the immigration of experienced and skilled persons.. Joblessness affects the families by simply increasing hawaii of lower income, causing one particular parent to leave to find employment in another area and high tension levels around the home. your five. unemployment impact the children in families by simply preventing all of them from attending school, the possible lack of proper healthcare, lack of correct nutrition and children turning into delinquents. 6th. Unemployment may be alleviated in the neighborhood of Brown’s Town. several. The community can do the next to reduce joblessness. Provide abilities training centers provide employment opportunities and help visitors to get completely qualified.

Advice and execution strategy The Researcher wish to make the following recommendation like a solution intended for the large rate of unemployment within the community of Brown’s Community. There is a superb need for people to become fully qualified. In case the various sociable groups like the church plus the community night clubs would recruit persons through the community who are unable to pay out their college tuition fees for tertiary education, that would help a great deal. These types of persons upon completion of their education ought to in turn help others in the neighborhood achieve a level of00 education and skills.

Golf club groups should try to get the government authorities help to open up a expertise training center within the community where persons can a new skill. Afterwards these individuals ought to open businesses to provide work for themselves yet others in the community. Bibliography Ramsawak, Rampersad, Umraw, Ralph R. Segments in Cultural Studies (3rd Edition) Caribbean educational Marketers 2002-2003 Unemployment retrieved from http://www. www. wordiq. com September 18, 2012 http://www. images. search. yahoo. com

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