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Law, Crime

In March of 1994, Web connection was brought to the Philippines. Only few people were knowledgeable about the world wide web and was use only for simple communication including email. Years have earlier and for earlier times 18 years almost all Filipinos are familiar with the world wide web.

Using it not only for conversation but also for online video streaming, research, news, video gaming and etch. It is now portion of the lifestyle of 30% in the population of Filipinos. The country also made it to top 20 nation using the internet, along with China, United States of America and United Kingdom.

The web has been very beneficial and its occurrence is seen as probably the most wonderful invention of all time. But since it widens, it’s consumption also started to be more helpful to some opportunist, thefts and other criminals. Internet bullying, identity theft, cyber harassment, breach of legal rights and many more offenses is now occurring because of the availability of the internet. Now The Cyber Crime Avoidance Act of 2012 or perhaps known as Web Crime Regulation had been pressed to legalization.

However , the Cyber Offense Prevention Work gathered various criticisms and issues. Flowing comments regarding the topic were seen in many social media networks in the Israel on the day of the act’s effectivity. Some were in favor most protests. Online users also known as netizens criticizes what the law states. Cyber offense law was a good idea although some of the content is a redundancy such a the Child Porn material which was currently implemented since the year 75 and the modify in year 2009 furthermore with the use of pc while assigning the criminal offense.

Another concern that out of cash was once online libel was added. The explained part of the rules will be able to criminalize social media comments and content, blogs or news article uploaded on the web whenever you found it offensive. The penalty to get the stated crime was doubled from the original libel laws and this is intimidating for many presidential candidate might use this to silent their experts. What about each of our freedom of speech?

On the Philippine Metabolic rate of 1987 Article III Section four states that “No legislation shall be exceeded abridging the liberty of presentation, of expression, or with the press, or the right with the people peaceably to assemble and petition the us government for redress of issues. ” It truly is clear that that in our constitution, independence of talk is element of our democracy. It is just proper that our Great Court launches a temporary restraining order up against the cyber offense law. It takes revision and a whole new study concerning every atter of their content. Cyber Crime Regulation is not bad, it’s just not so correct nor exact. The law seemingly has great intentions of preventing violations of individual rights within the cyber world. Yet , preservation of human privileges with this product violates an essential rights which can be freedom of speech. World-wide-web might be one more world, however it is still component to our truth. Law is needed to protect you, but a more definite and justifiable kind of law.

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