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The Safavid Disposition really put Iran on the map for their economical strength. The Safavid Empire was founded by the Safavids and covered all Iran, regions of Turkey, and Georgia. The Shiite structured empire held up from 1501-1722.

The reason for all their success was their locations on the transact routes. Shah Ismail, age group 14 dominated from 1501 to 1524 and by 1510 he had conquered all of Usa. Shi’ism was introduced to Usa and many Sunni Muslims were murdered. Although there was an optimistic side with their religion, early Safavid Empire was a theocracy.

Religious and political power were altogether. The Disposition became abundant because it was at the center of the trade route in the Historic World. Shah Abbas was leader through the golden years from the Safavid Empire. Although he had a small army, they were well trained and had got the best weapons. With the help of the Europeans Shah Abbas experienced some accomplishment against the Ottoman Turks. After Shah Abbas died the Safavid Dynasty suffers and leaders was missing leadership skills. Afghan people invaded and seized the main city of the Safavid Empire and what is left of the Safavid dynasty declines apart.

The Mogul Empire (also spelled Moghul or Mughal) started by Babur in 1526 and stretched from the majority of India and westward in to Europe. Babur’s army was small , but had better weapons. Babur captured Delhi and conquered North India till he perished in 1530. Akbar was Babur’s grand son son and was 18 when he got the throne. By 1605 Mogul reigned over most of India. Akbar was a great negotiator, was lenient with different beliefs, and was very gentle. He possibly married a Hindu woman.

People needed to pay 1/3 of their harvest every year to the state, yet sometimes that tax may be lowered or perhaps excused. Control and making flourished during this time. After Akbar died, Jahangir took over and continued to boost the central government. He convinced his wife to prepare a marriage with him son and her niece and he turns into the leader after Jahangir. Shah Jahan could not handle domestic challenges and expense the Empire a lot of many. He had a large number of expensive tasks such as the Taj Mahal built for his favorite wife who dead while giving labor and birth to her fourteenth child.

The government had to raise taxes to purchase it. When Shah Jahan dies, his sons guard power and one ultimately ends up killing another so the son Aurangzeb turns into king. Having been a passionate Muslim and forbade ingesting, gambling, and prohibited house of Hindu temples. As a result of this, folks are unhappy plus the Persians harm in 1739. The English arrived in the Mogul Empire and desired to take over. Certainly the United kingdom won and so they had the right to collect income taxes in areas surrounding the Calcutta.

Muslim woman began to fight in battles and feminine relatives turn into advisors to leaders. Moguls brought collectively Indian and Persian ethnicities and affects. The Genius and Safavids, although different had a lot of things in common. Both equally had significant rulers who started their rule at 16. Both had been of Islamic religion, and so they both had small armies but advanced weapons. The rulers performed a role in the Empire’s decline. Both began as strong, wealthy kingdoms and began to decline. And The Mogul and Safavid Empire had solid religious philosophy.

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