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The Characters Gary Searle – one of the photographers main figure * Brendan Lawlor – the additional shooter Jones Clancy – a friend of both Gary’s and Brendan’s Allison Findley – Gary’s on-and-off partner and Brendan’s friend in Middletown High school graduation Terminx – Brendan’s screen-name * Blkchokr – Allison’s screen-name Rebooto – Ryan’s screen-name Cynthia Searle – Gary’s mom Emily Kirsch – a former friend of Brendan’s Brett Betzig – a friend of Brendan’s via Springfield Jules Shore – a friend of Brendan’s via Springfield Beth Bender – Middletown Secondary school counselor

Paul Burns – a soccer player at Middletown Secondary school Sam Flach , a football person at Middletown High School Deidre Bunson – a ‘popular’ girl at Middletown High school graduation Ruth Hollington – Gary’s fourth-grade educator at Middletown Elementary School Stuart McEvoy – Gary’s sixth-grade teacher in Middletown Middle School Katherine Sullivan – Brendan’s sixth-grade teacher for Springfield Central School System Conner – a neighbor of the Lawlors’ in Springfield Dick Flanagan – Brendan’s ninth-grade The english language teacher at Middletown Senior high school F.

Douglas Ellin – a biology teacher for Middletown Senior high school Allen Curry – primary of Middletown High School Plug Phillips – a neighbour of Brendan’s Chelsea Baker – a transfer scholar to Middletown High School Denise Shipley – Gary’s elderly stepsister Sw3 Baker – new college student on the Middletown high schoolCitation: It’s just like, are you inside the popular crowd or certainly not? Beth Bender – educator on the Middletown high school. Brendan was named in her office 1 day.

He admits that just about “yes, ma’amed” and “no, ma’amed”. Yes ma’am, everything is fine. No ma’am, I terribly lack a problem with anyone. However you could see the pain and anger in the eyes. Citation: What Brendan and Gary did was terribly, terribly, inexcusably wrong. I have simply no interest in protecting them. Nevertheless deep during my heart there exists a little piece of me that at least understands what might have powered them to this kind of a terrible, evil executing. But what these boys identity was similarly inexcusable and evil. Brett Betzig – Brendan’s good friend in Springfield. Citation: Something about Brendan: He hated injustice (Page 22)Deidre Bunson – scholar on the Middletown high schoolPaul Burns – Football player. Citation: 1 day in class i was talking about morality, and Brendan said there was clearly no Our god. He failed to say that he didn’t have confidence in God. He just stated there was not any God. (Because of the injustice in the world, he thinks a God can’t exist) (Page 56)

Brandan Lowlor: He could be a nice looking overall, skinny guy with spectacles. His parents are very friendly and they can? t understand their boy’s behavior. Brandan is highly intelligent, a litte bit fired up (aufgeregt? Person kann in einer bestimmten Scenario aufgeregt sein, aber hair eine Charaktereigenschaft brauchst du hier den anderen Begriff. Was wirklich meinst du? ) and distrustful. He loves athletics and videogames like “Doom”. He does not want to move to Middletown, that’s the reason why he has problems for school.

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