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The importance of telecommunications for business

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Telecommunication services possess a robust global market existence that is growing and is diverse in various regions of the world. Telecommunications services vary in equally developing and developed countries due to fiber infrastructures, competition and modern technology (Olbeter, 2005). Telecom providers have a very good market existence in developed countries like Europe where the high demand for telephone providers has made the us government increase the number of telephone lines by investing in a great infrastructure network. The quick changes and growth include led to globalisation in the telecommunication industry where different telecom companies combine and work on an international range.

Globalization has brought about earnest deregulation of telecommunications laws in numerous countries including Europe. Nevertheless , regulation of joint telecom companies is essential mainly because it helps in fixing disputes, protecting consumers, addressing anticompetitive manipulations helping to attain countrywide objectives like universal entry to the services (Wild Wild, 2018). For instance, the regulation might have helped lessen disagreements and mistrust among the French, A language like german and Short partnership. The joint venture failed because billing and distribution of equipment various with individual countries’ monopoly.

Handling joint ventures of telecommunications companies are likely to be difficult due to problems in twice parenting. The owners will not operate transnationally because of arguments including the level at which the company should grow, procedures and costs of operation. There is difficulty in integrating a specific communication network, as in the situation of the merged venture of France Phone system, Sprint and Deutsche Telekom. These arguments make the partnership fail to obtain the purpose of offering telecom services to global companies. Operating on a nationwide level rather than transnational will also reduce the language obstacle which caused friction among the personnel.

Corporations which make use of telecommunication services possess higher probability of being even more scalable mainly because digital innovation improves customer-service transactions. Scalability is the capacity of a corporate and business to expand and meet increased demand by dealing with consumers’ demands. However , challenges in capital and work may limit scalability when the company provides inadequate money or property required for a startup as well as continuity of business operations. For instance, Global One partnership capital collapsed because the joint venture was unable to raise significant sums in international capital markets that had been needed to foresee start and operations. Employees also failed to work as a team because of the language obstacle, posing difficult regarding labour. The partnership failed by simply realising big losses though it was functioning globally.


The necessity and fast growth of mobile phone services have got led to globalisation in the telecommunication industry in which different telecommunications companies work on an international size. More businesses have become global with the aid of phone system services which helps the corporation communicate via voice or data to consumers over a global level.

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