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Market creation plan for organic and natural

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Excerpt from Research Proposal:

The modern organic smoothie can be constructed from the same fruits as frequent smoothies released by Orange Julius.

The objectives from the marketing program and marketing plans include: raising the market discuss by 10%, increasing sales by 12%, developing the image for the newest organic juice smoothie, and broadening the company’s total image.

As stated before, more and more people choose organic foodstuff, which means the business must use this00 market development period. A lot more, after the new organic smoothie will be strongly established in customers’ shopping for preferences, it is recommended that the company grows other types of organic and natural food.

The moment launching a fresh product, the marketing mix is very i8mportant, as well as manipulating the launch and the immediate period. The target market for the modern organic juice smoothie is consisted of individuals outdated 14-60, with medium profits, medium to high education, health oriented. It is recommended that the company continues this direction by developing a new organic and natural smoothie for the children, in order to cover all age groups.

About the pricing strategy, it is recommended that the price of the new organic and natural smoothie equals the average cost practiced by competitors for their organic products. As mentioned in the advantages, if the grain is too low, customers could have doubts about the products quality, on the one hand. On the other hand, if the cost is too high, potential customers might be unwilling to spending a higher price for the new product that they might not even like.

The distribution with the new product are required to follow a very brief and flexible route. This way, time between production and ingestion is lowered. Also, costs will also be significantly reduced, that can allow the firm to establish a normal market price for the new item.

The advertising campaign must be a very intricate one. It must include the press, radio, television set, cinema, outdoors advertising, print out ads. In such circumstances, the budget will probably be quite high. Nevertheless , such a complex campaign allows the new product to gather the necessary attention.

Product Concept Linen

Company name: Lemon Julius

Brand name: Orange Julius Smoothie

Item name: Lemon Julius Organic and natural Smoothie

Principle: nowadays, consumers are more and more health-oriented. This can include special attention paid out to kolkhoze. More and more people orient toward organic food, especially relating to specific types of foodstuff consummated each and every day. Fruit smoothies will be included in this category. For example , people drink meals smoothies the moment trying to cool, when playing sports, when ever eating, the moment spending time ahead of the TV, or perhaps with friends, or during all sorts of leisure time activities. Offered those conditions, it is only natural that individuals orient toward healthier, organic smoothies. To be able to address the foreign exchange market segment, Fruit Julius is going to introduce the newest Orange Julius Organic Healthy smoothie. Target market: active individuals older 14-60.

Benefits of the product: Orange Julius Organic and natural Smoothie is a fresh built smoothie providing you with bio-available nutritional supplements, in addition to enzymes and co-enzymes. They may be responsible for gripping, riveting, digesting and converting meals and for making the energy needed by the man metabolism (Burner, 2006). Various consumers have got stated that organic smoothies’ main advantage is the strength they provide. Likewise, consumers include stated any time consuming a natural smoothie they don’t feel hungry for hours. More, some customers have substituted certain patterns, like consuming coffee, with organic smoothies.

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