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Excerpt from A-Level Outline Response:

How do you think that management would be distinct for a individual who leads only persons between 18 and 35 years of age compared with a person whose followers are generally over the age of 40? What strategies would you recommend for a individual who becomes the leader of a combined group?

You will discover significant variations between employees from several age groups in nursing along with more generally within business environments (Swearingen, 2004). People, those differences are straight attributable to the dominant goals, values, and norms where individuals were exposed throughout their formative years and throughout their professional training and early work experiences (Swearingen, 2004).

Benefits implications for any leader of your mixed-age number of workers is that a single management or managing approach might not be equally successful for all associates of the crew. Ideally, towards the extent several team members will be receptive in order to leadership styles, it would be recommended to accommodate these predispositions just as much as reasonably possible without limiting authority. For instance , a nursing leader who have generally uses a life changing leadership design that is powerful with young employees who have prefer to be led does not at all preclude simultaneously incorporating more of a management-oriented approach on an individual basis to accommodate the needs and preferences of older personnel. Ideally, a nursing leader in this location would apply the life changing style to the entire group but might supplement determination through transformation with performance-oriented feedback searched for by more mature workers who’ve been more accustomed to that type of approach and who might be less in a position of answering as positively to life changing approaches than their youthful counterparts. That approach will allow the leader to maximize the benefits of transformational leadership with respect to the younger rns on personnel while featuring the immediate management-type performance-based feedback that best inspires older personnel without impressive members of either group.


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