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Isnt this kind of similar to the 90s

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By today, that organization environment from the 1990s appears to be re-surfacing by itself each day. There are too many similarities. I want to quickly bring out a few cases. First of all, in the past few years, we had loved a phenomenal monetary growth, therefore, the currency markets index was pushed to its substantial (second only to the all-time high of several, 875 in made in 11 August 2007).

Whether regionally, or Asia as a whole, i was all doing well. This was a total copy of what happened inside the early 90s. The local growth was so phenomenal that many economies were given titles, namely, five tigers and four dragons. At that time, the local stock market index or perhaps STI raced from about 1000 in 1990 to about 2500 in year 1994. Back then, there is a Dr M, who had been holding the post of the prime minister of Malaysia, and by today, he returned as a prime minister following having remaining the office for many years. In between his two conditions of business office were two prime ministers, Abdullah Bidawi and Najib Razak.

Then, in the year around year 1994, the PROVIDED hiked in the interest rate repeatedly. Is it certainly not that that which we are seeing right now ” accompanied by an increasing interest environment? The economy during those times under the Clinton administration was so strong that the US stock market driven from 5, 000 at the beginning of the operations to about 10, 1000 when Expenses Clinton paid the US obama administration. That was also the period when the FED chair, Mister Alan Greenspan, coined the word “irrational exuberance” to describe the crowd craziness of the stock exchange. The economic environment was therefore brisk that even the Lewinsky scandal wasn’t able to derail Invoice Clinton’s presidency term.

Towards the subsequent half of the 90s, many people were expecting the Dow Jones to crash as it continued breaking new highs. On the other hand, it was the Asian stock markets that crashed bringing about the Asian Financial Crisis (AFC) while the Dow Jones was pretty untouched. Isn’t that that a lot like what is happening in US today. For many years, a large number of people were wanting the Dow Jones to fall, but at the moment, were seeing the Asian stocks markets spiraling downwards more than the Dow Roberts. Look at COE prices. In 1994, the COE value hit perfect high of $100k and then did start to decline heading to a low of $50 in January 98 (though in different category). In a similar way, COE prices are likely to still decline because business prospects gloom. After that, there was also a sudden real estate curb on, may 1996 to stem house prices. Isn’t it just like what the govt announced 3 days ago regarding home prices? Because the property curb in 1996, property rates never really reclaimed until the the past few years.

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