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Collective Negotiating

It is the aim of this Agreement to promote and provide for harmonious relations, co-operation and understanding between the city of Miami, the Sheriff plus the employees all stakeholders associated with law enforcement. In addition , this contract is designed to provide an orderly and equitable method of resolving virtually any misunderstanding or perhaps differences which might arise away of throughout the daily work activities of law enforcement within the city of New mexico. This agreement is also designed and to make an understanding coming from all parties involved. This in the end will allow almost all stakeholders to get to a result based on good faith negotiations. The topic of this agreement with is that of wages, hours, and also other terms and conditions of employment in the city of Arkansas. It is decided that the delivery of comunitario services in the most efficient, effective, and respectful manner is of paramount importance to the city of Miami and its particular constituents. These kinds of achievement is known to be a common obligation in the parties for this agreement into their respective roles and duties (Buidens, 1981).


It’s the intent with the all included parties that the provisions with this agreement shall become holding on January 1, 2015. It is the purpose of the Mayor and the Table of Administrators acting on behalf of the city of Miami to agree to income, hours, and other terms and conditions of employment. This kind of power is within the mayor’s jurisdictional power and power. These jobs are described within the express law of Florida. In addition , this agreement shall be binding to all staff within the police division of Miami, Florida (Liontos, 1987).


The Association may select approximately 10 personnel for reasons of conference and conferring with the metropolis on things within the opportunity of their representation. This will allow adequate ability intended for employee rendering regarding good issues hitting law enforcement in the city of Ohio, Florida. If the situation ought to arise the place that the association believes that more than ten staff members needs to be present for such gatherings, and the metropolis disagrees, the Association shall take the subject up with the Employee Relations Representative. The director will have the authority effectively assess the matter regarding rendering. After a decision is made, the parties shall attempt to reach agreement about how various employees will be authorized to participate in the actual meeting (DeGennaro, 1986)

In addition , the city and the association know that the city is required to comply with the Florida Good Employment and Housing Work, Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. The location and affiliation must also

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