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Castle s family cafe hris needs assessment


The writer Morgan, a great Operations and HR Director for Castle’s Family Cafe has asked Preston’s HR consulting organization for a HRIS application pitch that will reduce the time spent traveling between the Castle’s Friends and family Restaurants eight restaurants in the northern California area that help him complete his HUMAN RESOURCES tasks within a cost-effective manner while allowing for Mr. Morgan to do part of his HOURS tasks coming from his business office. The following paragraphs provide a business assessment, detail the type and size of Castle’s Family Cafe, the identified HR challenges, and a HRIS requirements assessment.

I’ve concluded having a brief summary and shut with why a HRIS application is a right tactical choice intended for Castle’s Friends and family Restaurant.

Business Assessment

Castle’s Family Cafe is area of the restaurant industry which based on the National Cafe Association (2013) is now 13. 1 million employees solid, and expected to increase on the lookout for. 8 percent to 16. 4 mil by 2023. Castle’s Friends and family Restaurant’s quest is to encourage customer dedication by providing exceptional quality, services, cleanliness, and value also to promote worker loyalty through leadership schooling, promotion, benefits, and returns.

Castle’s Family restaurant currently employee’s approximately 300-340 employees of which 40% is full time; in the eight restaurants owned inside the northern Washington dc area. Currently Jay Morgan is equally operationsmanager and HR manager for the eight eating places in which time is put in traveling between the eight eating places to by hand complete every restaurants HOURS tasks. Product sales have shown improvement over the past a decade since Castle’s Family Restaurant opened up their very own doors, although continue to have trouble with employee fulfillment that makes up the increased turnover rates the company offers experienced in past times two years. It’s the mission with the company to not only meet their customers demands but also their employee’s and therefore it is imperative the necessary means be taken to decrease the increased worker turnover rates.

Identified Problems

Castle’s Relatives Restaurant’s concerns over the past 2 yrs are with the increased staff turnover prices. Even though product sales have increased Castle’s Family Restaurant is involved with upcoming revenue and profitability, low workplace meaning, and going down hill product and service quality which are unfavorable impacts by high worker turnover costs. In order to reduce turnover rates more interest must be given to employee teaching, promoting, benefits, and rewards. Right now Mister. Morgan can be spending time and money traveling among the 8 restaurants in order to manage booking, recruiting, hiring, payroll, and answering employee’s questions; leaving little to no moment for developing the employee’s. By automating HR tasks Mister. Morgan can easily travel much less, spend less, and have more time developing the employee’s which will lessen employee proceeds rates. Scheduling software can help automate the process of assigning the proper number of personnel to perform the tasks that need to be performed on each day and during every single meal assistance. Workflow computer software will aid in the hiring procedure by allowing for applicants to fill out applications online, publish documents, and allow criteria’s to get set weed out prospects. Despite the fact that one-on-one schooling is important, technology can be used to trail the development of employees and also be used in ways of training videos and manuals. Robotizing payroll is going to reduce the period spent on these people and help prevent mistakes which could lead to legal repercussions. Specific software exists for the two payroll computation and guidelines reporting; which usually exist inside the restaurant sector. Such software can help Mister. Morgan simply by automatically establishing payroll although remaining in compliance with all the relevant legislation, make it easier to enter payroll data into databases where itcan be explored, and save time that would’ve been wasted on manual calculations. Payroll computer software can also help with other measures such as immediately depositing paychecks into employees’ bank accounts. Although, I believe that each HR jobs listed above can benefit the company if automated, it is in the best interest of Mister. Morgan and Castle’s Relatives Restaurant to automate payroll to reduce mistakes and complying issues and also free up time which can be intended for employee creation.

HRIS Needs Assessment

Currently Mr. Morgan uses Stand out spreadsheets and a computer program to print out payroll checks. He spends on the normal eight hours to process payroll pertaining to the approximant 300-340 Castle’s Family Restaurant employees. Without schedule software program each manager at the eight restaurants need to print every week schedules and make alterations as necessary through the entire week; increasing errors. Mr. Morgan makes its way into the agendas in the Surpass spreadsheets which usually he relies on his knowledge of Excel to make the correct computations. An automated period keeping program will trail employee several hours and pay on an hourly basis employees appropriately; it will also allow Mr. Morgan to importance employee hours into payroll software which will compute enough time worked; which will saves Mister. Morgan period from needing to manually compute employee’s payments and deductions. Automated payroll is also a record keeper that the “IRS requires employers to keep employment taxes records a minimum of four years. Furthermore, the U. S. Department of Labor requires payroll documents to be kept for at least three years (Grace, 2014). Using a HRIS software Castle’s Family Restaurant can connect all eight restaurants in the northern California area. HRIS will assist Castle’s Friends and family Restaurant in two main areas: documenting and recruiting. HRIS enables the company to invest more time and money in all their most valuable useful resource their personnel.


It really is without a doubt that Castle’s Family Restaurant needs Automating HR tasks to save time and money when keeping their customers and employee’s satisfied; since we all know that if the staff is not happy, neither is the customer. It really is my recommendation that salaries be the first HUMAN RESOURCES function being automated. By simply Automating salaries time is definitely saved, errors are decreased; payments and deductions, and records are kept while keeping in compliance with state and federal polices.


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National Restaurant Association. (2013). Careers & Jobs Powerhouse. Recovered from http://www.restaurant.org/Industry-Impact/Employing-America/Jobs-Careers-Powerhouse

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