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7 eleven or perhaps also known as 7 1 essay

1 . 0 Introduction

7 11 or also referred to as 7-11, is part of an international chain of convenience stores. 7 Eleven is definitely the world’s most significant operator, franchisor, and licensor of convenience stores with more than 60, 000 retailers.

1 . 1 Objective and Scope

The objective of this record is to analyze and evaluate 7 Eleven’s marketing strategies and practices to show that several Eleven is “marketing-oriented. The scope in the report involves PESTEL analysis and Porter’s 5 Pushes analysis to confirm its dangers and chances to improve it. This kind of report also include SWOT analysis and the six P’s and marketing strategies which have been applied for 7 Eleven.

1 . two Background of 7 Eleven

The 7-Eleven retailers in Malaysia first exposed in being unfaithful October 1984 and achieved a motorola milestone phone with its 1000th store opening in 08. The store at first opens from 7 was to 14 pm and operates 7 days a weeks. The stores maintain around 1, 800 of goods, including a unique propriety brands such as Big Gulp and Slurpee. several Eleven introduced new complimentary products and services, distinguishing the brand by allowing expenses payment services, selling frozen food, ready-to-eat food and fresh food.

Other providers that are available in 7-Eleven contain Touch In Go reload, soft pins, ink cartridge, refill and photocopying, fax, ATM and internet games’ starter provides.

2 . 0 Environmental Examination

Environmental analysis is a simple marketing function used to help marketers determine trends or perhaps outside causes that may impact upon the success or failure of the particular product. 7 12 has assessed the environment which can be its macro environment before you start out the introducing of the items by making sure that the products have got meets every one of its expectations and values the specs that are necessary to abide by the law. 7 11 does the research simply by observing and having feedback forms their customers. The marketing intellect that six Eleven utilized are interior database by simply getting data of their customer’s average age group, income, education and the actual typically dedicate per go to. This allows 7 Eleven to create profiles of typical clients, characteristics they use to target different noncustomerconsumers.

2 . 1 Macro Environment

PESTEL are used on human resource and introductory advertising courses generally in most studies. PESTEL are also generally known as Politic, Economic climate, Social, Technology, Environment and Legal. It is used for quite a long time and the record is so considerably still unidentified. PESTEL evaluation is utilized because it assists a company to make decisions for future which enables them to understand wider about environmental surroundings in which they will operate. PESTEL analysis is also applied to consider advantages to increase the possibilities and lessen the threats to an business by doing strategic analysis.

As can be seen in table 2 . 1-2, six Eleven have a huge amount of threats which are and will be affecting several Eleven’s product sales. Firstly, 7 Eleven possess a large number of hazards in the current circumstance unlike last time. The threats will be high not only in new entrants but also on the substitutes that are at the moment existed around the globe. 7 Eleven may be a booming retail store last period but not any more due to a tremendous amount of recent entree which can be almost a lot like 7 12 from goods to solutions. In order to take on these rivals, 7 12 have come up with effective strategies and advertising mix strategies.

2 . three or more SWOT Evaluation

SWOT research is used to get identifying and determining the interior and exterior factors that may have an impact within the capability of a project. SWOT examination are utilized in this task is to be sure that the project or target is worth performing and precisely what is the requirement to make it successful. SWOT means Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats.

As can be seen in Table 2 . 3-1, six Eleven continues to be using its strength by offering various goods within a low price and operates a day in seven days. So far, several Eleven may be the only retail store that supply a cold drink called Slurpee making a number of difference than other stores. 7 Eleven’s weakness is the fact not every shop can provide that which stores can easily because a few stores will be smaller that makes it hard to provide. 7 Eleven are well noted because of their proper locations and these attract customers, can make the store a better chance of becoming franchise because of its popularity. However , there are a large number of competitors that offer almost a similar stuff that several Eleven give. This makes the merchandise and solutions sold to possess a wide variety of alternatives.

3. 0 Marketing Strategies

Marketing strategy is the basic of marketing structure like market segmentation, industry positioning and market concentrating on. Marketing segmentation is used to categorize the market into divisions on which are accessible and still have marketing potential, while industry positioning can be used to change the consumer’s understanding of a company or merchandise connected to the thought of other competitive products. Last but not least, market concentrating on is function to sell its products and solutions to, and whom this directs it is marketing attempts.

3. you Market Segmentation

7-Eleven used an effective market segmentation technique by separating its sections into 4 categories for example geographic and demographic strategy. These two approaches can be seen in the diagram under.

3. two Market Aimed towards

Market targeting strategy are applied simply by 7 11 after executing a market exploration like collecting information on the frequency of target customers that may arrive to purchase the items. In this circumstance, 7-Eleven is usually likely to focus on the customers via age of 40 and above as working adults and certain adults that have families will most probably come to get convenient goods for the needs with their families. Additionally , women and in a number of needs will be fulfilled since items to get both sexes are available at 7-Eleven stores. Besides, 7-Eleven stores are located near residential and commercial areas, thus getting the selected focus on customers to come and purchase products within a quick manner.

3. a few Market Positioning

7 Eleven applies demographic- related positioning to position their products by using various demographics just like age and gender.

Brands of products obtainable 10 7-Eleven 1Product broad range 0 12


Based on the diagram above, the brands and wide range of products available are at if you are a00 indicating that age ranges and genders differences of customers are being covered as with their needs and wants. Item positioning goals must be supported by the overall marketing mix. Even though positioning displays the target market perception with the product, that cannot be completed with the marketing mix simply. All promoting mix particles, especially the item mix, required to be regularly stressed with the final setting mission.

some. 0 Marketing Mix Strategies

Marketing combine strategies can be described as framework applied in promoting by online marketers. It is an important during launching a product or brand’s present, and is often related with the four P’s which are price, place, campaign, and product. While operating marketing, the four Ps are additional added in seven P’s which are process, physical evidence people and they are used to identify the characteristics of services.

5. 1 Merchandise

7 Eleven’s product contains fresh food with hot drinks, treats, drinks, convenient things and personal maintenance systems. 7 Eleven are a identified brand due to its ability of developing effective improvements that can determine the local marketplace needs which makes it famous. several Eleven will be able to meet an increased demand in convenience selling through their facilities, everyday fresh companies good quality customer care. 7 12 guarantees the fact that products and services happen to be in high quality. As an example, 7 Eleven supplies recharge cards, chargers, power packs and devices to help buyers to stay linked.

4. two Price

Pricing strategy can be used in business to sell a certain item or solutions. It can be used to shield an existing industry from new competitors, increase market share within a market as well as to penetrate to bigger market. The kind of pricing technique used by 7 Eleven is a competition charges which identifies setting an amount in comparison with competitors. 7 Eleven has three main options which are to lessen the price, precise price or price higher than the competitor’s products. The benefit of applying this plan is that it will eventually offer a cost matching services which arranged a price limit for products available at six Eleven stores to maintain the cost like additional stores, which prevents standard customers of 7 Eleven to get at additional stores.

4. 3 Place

Distribution technique is a method to grab the item or service in any syndication mediums towards the end-user basically, how and where the buyer purchases the merchandise or assistance. Strategy used by 7 Eleven is usually its multi-channel distribution strategy where it covers buys from astore, website, cell phone ordering, directory ordering and comparison shopping sites. For example , six Eleven will not only delivers purchasing of items in their stores but also deliver the goods to homes such as confectionary items, snack foods, beverages, perishable items, cigarettes and mobile phone top-up. The location of 7 9 is commonly positioned at high-traffic and easily accessible areas including along optimum roads, road rest prevents, petrol channels that are runs 24-7. This will make it simple and convenient for customers to shop.

4. 5 Promotion

Promotional tools will be applied to identify the delivery of both paid and unpaid marketing methods. Every tool adds in a unique way for connecting customers and achieve communication goals. Sort of tools is usually sales campaign, advertisement, personal selling and public connection. Promotional equipment are used effectively by six Eleven retailers as it supplies good insurance of ad and product sales promotion issues products. Beneath advertisement section, 7 12 gives crystal clear advertisement concept about their products by saying out their very own selected items to offer, reduced price of the item, ways to reach them and dates ahead of the promotion ends.

Message can be advertised through short online video playbacks on internet and online advertisement about social network mainly because these channels and medium are definitely the latest and effective way for advertising press today. Besides that, 7 Eleven as well uses sales promotion method as their strongest platform to look for customers as it may gradually boost sales. Examples of sales campaign used are promoting goods through online websites, lucky draw competitions, challenges and gift certificates.

4. a few People

Personnel in 7 Eleven shops are efficient and effective as it recruits creative and qualified salespersons that are in a position in managing day to day businesses and are happy to work diligently while fostering a good buying environment for their customers. The employees are educated by participating in four to eight several weeks of training prior to begin to work. Interactive class tuition is usually provided to teach employees and computer-based schooling modules to teach staffs about customer service criteria. In addition , staff at six Eleven are taught and trained to include good communicationskills with consumers to keep all their good impression on 7 Eleven popularity. Apart from that, they monitor their customer’s satisfaction by requiring feedbacks and comments off their customers through social network or perhaps questionnaires directed at them.

5. 6 Process

Process works well as buyers are maintained as various other services and products will be expanded and indicated to them. It really is used to meet the needs of different people by suffering from a similar support at the same time along with balancing the demands of customers with all the supply provided. The balance of demand and supply can be described using two situations. First of all, if the require is large, 7 11 will hires more écuries and part-time employees to serve absolutely free themes and to screen the stores. Secondly, if the demand is low, the price of the products is lower than normal to keep their customers by buying from all other retailers.

some. 7 Physical evidence

six Eleven is excellent as the signage about the building can be strategic and is clear to grab the attention of shoppers. The logo type of the building is attractive and appealing enough for customers to arrive and store at the shops. 7 Eleven’s website is well preserved and is updated regularly to tell their customers about 7 Eleven’s latest presents of the items. Uniforms of the employees will be neatly donned to show great image of their brand, six Eleven. The inside designs of the stores are in good condition and the air-conditioning is functioning perfectly whatsoever time. The facilities supplied such as snack machines will be in great state.

5. 0 Conclusion

7 12 has used appropriate sales strategies and advertising mix strategies by utilizing their opportunities and strengths just like operating 24 hours a day, 7 instances a week to serve buyers and encourage products and services through various social media. In addition , multi-channel distribution strategy is strongly applied to support their earnings in various kinds of mediums. Danger and disadvantages are decreased as suited marketing strategies and blend strategies are accustomed to counter it. Besides that, online buying is available in 7-Eleven stores to help customers to acquire products in an easier method.

5. you Recommendations for improvementof marketing strategies and marketing combine strategies six Eleven could be improved by simply upgrading their stores because 7 Eleven in Malaysia are usually small and doesn’t have most of products and services that are available in other country like Japan and Singapore. They should as well advertise their very own Slurpee often as most youngsters nowadays do not realize that these kinds of product persisted, this means that by simply increasing their particular advertising method, they are able to attract more buyers.

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