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Jewelry company essay

Tiffany & Company (known colloquially while Tiffany or Tiffany’s) can be an American international and one of many world’s most recognized luxury rings and suppliers. It is a general public company having headquarters in New York City, NY, United States.

Tiffany sells charms, sterling silver, amazingly, stationery, fragrances, personal accessories, as well as a lot of leather items. The company is known for its luxurious goods and is particularly known for their diamond jewelry. Jewelry markets on its own as a great arbiter of taste and style.

As of 12 months 2012, the business had US$3. 8 billion dollars of net sales and US$416 mil of net earnings; US$2. 3 billion dollars on total equity; roughly 9, 800 employees and currently operates 275 stores globally (115 in the Unites states, 66 in Asia-Pacific, 55 in Japan, 34 in Europe and five in the United Arab Emirates).

Tiffany’s mission is usually to ensure the best diamonds, ethical sourcing, life time warranty, low price options, which they’ll usually be there for you.


In year 1837 New York started to be the showing ground for 25-year-old Charles Lewis Jewelry and David B.

Young, who have opened a “stationery and fancy goods store using a US$1, 500 advance coming from Tiffany’s dad. The young entrepreneurs had been inspired by the natural globe, which they construed in patterns of simpleness, harmony and clarity. Jewelry first achieved international reputation at the 1868 Paris Planet’s fair. The company was the first American company to employ the British silver standard (92% pure).

Typically through the initiatives of Charles Lewis Jewelry, this standard was followed by the U. S. Authorities. By 1870 Tiffany & Co. had become the America’s premier silversmith and dealer of gems and wrist watches. In 1878 Tiffany attained one of the world’s largest and finest fancy yellow diamonds from the Kimberley diamond mines in South Africa.

In 1886 Tiffany presented the diamond rings as you may know it today. With the fatality of Charles LewisTiffany in 1902, Louis Comfort Tiffany, the founder’s son, started to be Tiffany’s initially art movie director. He a new remarkable variety of designs. Throughout Tiffany’s record, the U. S. Authorities has contacted the company to produce commemorative styles. Among them happen to be ceremonial swords for City War generals and the 1885 redesign with the Great Seal off of the United States, which will appears for the one-dollar expenses. Throughout the business history, Jewelry designers have got drawn around the natural globe for inspiration just like the creators.

Mother nature is also the origin of the gold and silver coins and gems necessary for creating their designs. In 2012 Tiffany marked its 175th birthday. To prize this landmark, the Tiffany Diamond was reset within a magnificent pendant of spectacular white diamond jewelry, which traveled to gala get-togethers around the world in fact it is now in its permanent place of honor within the main ground of Tiffany’s fifth method store. This priceless gemstone is symbolic of a traditions based on the greatest standards of quality and design brilliance, which have manufactured Tiffany & Co. such a standard-setter jeweler.



The challenge for the luxury manufacturer is to protect its status by simply gathering uniqueness through generally a price strategy but once the price becomes too friendly, luxury brands and lower/middle-class consumers type in a relationship where without doubt one of them will come out injure with a loss of integrity and weaker company image and perception.

The strategy that Tiffany’s engages to maintain its high prices and control its costs is very competitive, and it gives room for expansion and growth within the market. Jewelry has a strong cost location among it is competitors. The monopoly market for gemstones forces Jewelry into long lasting contracts to get raw materials purchasing. But this kind of reliance upon diamond is usually placed on Tiffany’s competitors. The primary cost new driver is reliant upon the supply of raw materials, but this is also true over the industry.


Tiffany’s is consistently looking for fresh costumers. There have been 71million People in america born among 1977 and 1994 with a brand new generation entering adulthood. The biggest spending section is females ages thirty four to 54. These females range from midsection class to upper class monetarily. These women are looking for top quality, unique items that are both typical and in time with the trends. They prefer to shop in more elegant adjustments and go for direct personal attention when coming up with big item purchases.


Tiffany’s competes with two types of competitors individuals in the luxurious market in whose target audience is definitely the upper class and the ones who happen to be in the niche market in whose target audience is in the middle to upper class mount. The top competition in the luxury market happen to be: LVMH, Bulgari and Richemont. The competitors in the specialized market happen to be: Signet and Zale.


Below is actually a SWOT examination for Jewelry & Company. and a highlight upon its primary current abilities and failings (internal factors to the organization) and the industry’s opportunities and threats (external factors offered by the environment).



Tiffany’s conversation strategy facilitates their extravagance brand character. They anxiety the importance of any knowledgeable store staff providing you with excellent service and equally their store and online environments come with an elegant charm. Their display practices require store foot prints and rent budgets gowns enable Tiffany to highlight their fine jewelry in a retail setting in line with their “classic positioning. As a result many of these shops are located for the best “high street or perhaps luxury shopping mall locations. Presentation

Tiffany’s the labels supports all their consumer’s targets with respect to the manufacturer, and while that they cost more, they may have added to their strong manufacturer equity. Their color is also their own trademark and named “Tiffany blue. Manufacturing

The company’s manufacturing facilities produce approximately 60% from the merchandise distributed ” nearly all non-jewelry items are purchased international from businesses. The majority of Tiffany’s manufacturing is carried out in their Ny and Rhode Island establishments (the Rhode Island center includes a new metal manufacture section as well). The company may increase the percentage of internally made jewelry later on, but it is definitely not expected that Jewelry will ever manufacture all of their needs mainly because they will have to keep in mind regarding theirs item quality; gross

perimeter; access to or mastery of varied jewelry-making skills and technology and the cost of capital investments. Advertising and communication

Following the initial “Blue Book Tiffany catalog was published in 1845, Tiffany continued to use their directory as a great advertisement strategy. Tiffany keeps having a list for members, but their advertising campaign strategy is no longer focused on it is catalog. They have a mail-order list, they also place its advertising in many spots, including tour bus stops, in magazines, newspapers, and online. That they even places banner advertisements in The Nyc Times iphone app for the iPhone. Several of Tiffany’s promoting is intended to increase demand for particular products (i. e. new product lines, new designers, etc . ). Other Tiffany’s advertising is performed as manufacturer reinforcement to keep its affiliation with high-class, sophistication, design and romance. The overall target is to maintain steadily its position in the high-end charms market. While Tiffany’s will advertise for their strong company equity it truly is secondary characteristics to advertise. Their particular primary marketing is their historical existence, the consumer’s experience that is often spread through recommendations, and the famous Tiffany green bag or box. Most of their advertisements are straight-forward, simple and with little backup and or imagery. The company simply spends roughly 6% with their budget each year on advertising and marketing because, as mentioned before, it can be all about the ability.



Mr. Jordan J. Kowalski is 61 years old and has been the Chief of the board of owners and Ceo at Jewelry & Co. since January 2003 and February 99, respectively. Mr. Kowalski served as the President of Tiffany coming from January 1996 to January 2003, Business Vice President coming from March 1992 to January 1996 and Chief Functioning Officer from January 97 to February 1999. This individual has been a Overseer of Tiffany since January 1995. This individual holds a B. S. from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton College and an M. N. A. through the Harvard Organization School.


Recently (on September twenty-four, 2013), in New York City, the board of directors of Tiffany offers appointed Frederic Cumenal (54 years old) as the company’s president and nominated him to an added seat produced in the panel. Now, the business has ten directors totally in its panel. Michael L. Kowalski said “Since becoming a member of Tiffany in March 2011, from the LVMH Group where he was president and chief executive officer of Moet & Chandon, S. A., Frederic has made important contributions to the detailed and tactical development of each of our business. This individual has brought a global luxury perspective to our brand management pursuits and, especially, has led the evolution of your regional businesses to support our continued worldwide expansion.  In his new role, Mister. Cumenal can retain his regional responsibilities and will assume responsibility for the Design, Merchandising and Marketing capabilities. Mr. Cumenal will carry on and report straight to Mr. Kowalski, who added, “I look ahead to continuing to work alongside Frederic inside the coming years as Jewelry pursues important growth opportunities. 


Also recently, since September twelve, 2013, Jewelry announced the appointment of Francesca Amfitheatrof as Design Director. She will oversee type of all Tiffany product classes. “Tiffany has a brilliant legacy of famous style and design. Once we combine this legacy with Francesca’s love for charms and quality we have a fantastic opportunity to translate Tiffany in a new means for the modern, global consumer,  said Michael jordan J. Kowalski. Ms. Amfitheatrof’s background can be as a jewelry developer and silversmith. Her patterns have been distributed internationally, which include at the Museum of Modern Artwork in Ny and Colette in Paris, france. She has also developed jewelry for trend brands, which includes Chanel, Fendi and Marni. She is a graduate of Royal College of Art, Central Saint Martins and Chelsea Artwork School.


Jewelry & Co. is ruled by a table of directors elected by company’s stockholders. Nowadays the board is usually consisted of eight directors. Seven of the eight directors will be affirmatively decided as “independent bythe table, in that non-e of them a new material marriage with the firm (directly or perhaps as a spouse, stockholder or perhaps officer of any organization that a new relationship while using company).

The board is in charge of oversight in the company’s technique and procedures and creates committees, as appropriate, to cope with specific regions of the company’s business. The required the board include: Management succession; Assessment and approval of the annual operating plan prepared by management; Monitoring of functionality in comparison to the working plan; Review and endorsement of the company’s strategic plan, among others. The board likewise delegates selected authorities to the company’s Chief Executive Officer, who in that case may delegate authorities to other people of management of the business.

The plank meets regularly, receives changes from committees of the board and reviews actions suggested for acceptance. The table believes (i) that supervision is accountable to manage the various risks which may arise in the company’s operations and (ii) that the plank has a part in overseeing management inside the risk management function. Each year the board testimonials and approves the thorough annual strategy for the coming year and the tactical plan (four-year period) made by the supervision.

The table also opinions specific risk areas frequently. Directors are essential by their by-laws to be below age 72 when chosen or hired unless the board waives that supply with respect to someone director in whose continued support is regarded uniquely vital that you the company. Beneath the company’s corporate and business governance guidelines, directors might not serve over a total of more than six public company planks. Service within the board is included in that total.


Tiffany cultivates a positive work environment for employees and aims to protect and sustain a global communities through which they work. The company sticks to appear corporate governance principles and is also structured to allow continued improvement and leadership on key sustainability concerns.


Tiffany includes a Corporate Social Responsibility Committee (CSR Committee)since 2009. The Committee pinpoints key environmental and sociable responsibility problems that may affect the business, company image and reputation of the Company and provides oversight of business responsibility applications.


Corporate responsibility is integrated into every aspect of Tiffany & Company. The Global Durability & Company Responsibility section works to ensure Tiffany & Co. are operating in the most dependable manner. The Department performs collaboratively while using internal and external stakeholders to constantly improve corporate and business responsibility efficiency and play a management role inside the industry. Jewelry was an earlier proponent of obtaining materials in manners that are socially and eco responsible.

Since Michael T. Kowalski has said, “Our position as a innovator in the extravagance jewelry market gives us the opportunity plus the responsibility to conduct each of our business in a fashion that is according to our core beliefs ” protection from the environment, value for human being rights and support pertaining to the neighborhoods in which we do business. 


Tiffany includes a long-standing plan governing organization conduct for all company workers worldwide. The policy requires compliance with law and avoidance of conflicts of interest and units standards for various activities to avoid the opportunity of abuse and also the occasion pertaining to illegal or perhaps unethical activities. Each year, every employees have to review the policy.

Jewelry has also a Code of Business and Ethical Conduct for the directors, the CEO and all other officers of the firm. The Code advocates, and requires those people to adhere to guidelines and duties governing professional and moral conduct. This kind of Code health supplements Tiffany’s business conduct coverage.

The company contains a toll-free “hotline to receive issues from staff, vendors, stockholders and other interested parties with regards to violations of the company’s policies or doubtful accounting, inner controls or auditing matters. Users on this service may possibly elect to keep anonymous.


The business has a policy, which can be found on the company’s website, to compensate their very own directors. For example , each director receives twelve-monthly equity settlement with a worth of US$125, 000 on grant, fifty percent in the form of a 10-year term stock option and fifty percent in the form of limited stock units (payable after one-year of service or on retirement).

All choices have a strike price equal to good market value within the date of grant. There is also a retirement benefit for directors first chosen prior to January 1, 1999 and for owners who stop working as non-employee directors with five or maybe more years of board service (their annual old age benefit equal to US$38, 000). Nowadays, Mister. Kowalski is an employee of Tiffany. This individual therefore gets no separate compensation intended for his service as director.


Tiffany has good perspectives about the future. The corporation said this plans to open 15 new company-operated stores including five in the Unites states, seven in Asia-Pacific, 3 in The european union; while final one in Asia. One of these shops is a two-level store in a high-end variety store in Moscow, a push that will supply the jewelry retailer their first wholly owned price tag business in Russia.

The corporation also strategies and to renovate a number of existing locations around the globe. Additionally to the investments about opening fresh stores, the business recently invested in human resources and wants that the new president and new style director’s huge experiences and expertise increase the company’s foreseeable future prospects. Kowalski said this individual expects single-digit growth in Tiffany’s 2013 fiscal 12 months. “We will probably be pursuing important growth options in 2013, with ideas including fascinating new earrings collections, improved customer sales and marketing communications through print and digital media, and expansion of your global foundation with further stores,  he said.

The solid position they may have established in the industry is not going to vanish, and it will simply continue to grow once they deal with the changing environment with implementing a strategy that reestablishes their beginning vision. According to Louis Cona, publisher of Vanity Fair, “There will always be a luxury consumer, and they’re going to continue to spend whether you will find wars or perhaps diseases or whatever.  However , itis important to which Tiffany’s technique of beginning smaller retail outlets in the USA appears flawed and should probably be turned. The company’s model is better suited to larger retailers in cities that will pull significant visitors.

Moving into small cities with smaller shops is likely to increase costs far more than revenues in the long term. Therefore , Tiffany must adapt whilst still holding on to their key value, which will strengthens their brand image. Effective logos creates marketplace resilience. The Tiffany green box as well as the Tiffany & Co. manufacturer have developed into one of the best-known symbols for quality, prestige and worth in selling. The CEO states “We don’t program any remarkable change in strategy.

Like all good luxury brands, we deal with this company from a very long-term point of view and that we are undoubtedly going to continue to do that.  Given what the CEO claims, Tiffany will need to probably devote a higher amount of time and effort to its marketing and advertising strategies to help assist the performance of Tiffany’s brand image. Excellent luxurious, unique group of customers. And Tiffany should preserve it and bringing more people in by continuously emphasizing all their original values and develop their amazing, legendary company image. Jewelry is a way of life. It is safe to say that the Tiffany and Co. will not likely fade away. All things considered, diamonds will always be a girl’s best friend.


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