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Abercrombie fitch guys stripped in singapore essay


Branding: Just how A&F applied branding in the new market- Singapore.

Brands convey the knowledge to clients and then cause loyalty. Great brands make distinct company personalities and trigger psychological associations that help the buyers connect with brands. This article will analyze A&F’s branding strategies


Abercrombie & Fitch, the manufacturer that is very well loved for its American-style, cool, casual and trendy clothing, is currently aggressively increasing into Asia. Before its grand starting in Singapore, 40 muscle half-naked males stood outside of the still unopened store.

The alluring laughs and eye, free hugs, and photo shoot caused a stirring huge range. In addition , A&F launched the large four-floor ad at a traffic-heavy buying area, the muscular topless man using extremely low-slung jeans caught people’s eye in Singapore.

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Not necessarily the first time A&F has done a marketing campaign similar to this. It has been a normal practice for all its range topping stores recently.

Yet , these “hot guy strategies exploded in Singapore. The Advertising Requirements Authority of Singapore said that the ad is in conundrum of their “code of decency, plus the giant advertisement, which is recharged as “lewd and inappropriate, was bought to be eliminated. News of the ad’s likely suspension provoked Singaporean to comment intensely. People were speaking about the topics like: “Is A&F also sexy intended for Singapore? 

“Is this ad also indecent intended for Orchard Street? 

Ultimately, since many Singaporeans supported A&F, the billboard is now secure on Orchard Road.


A&F great at marketing plans and possesses a solid brand personality: sexy and young. A&F did the campaign enjoy it usually truly does, but the offers in Singapore had great success since it occurred distinct contexts and conflicts of culture. A&F triggered people’s emotion and created the unique experiences that helped the business to connect to its clients. The Singaporeans who had joined the marketing campaign were excited to share the photos and comment on social websites. Those activities induced increasing numbers of people to respond and be attracted by A&F. Or else, the controversy of the advertising campaign in Singapore is a possibility for the Singaporeans whom are unfamiliar with A&F to find out the brand, and it brings about a aspire to walk in the stores to satisfy their very own curiosity.

However , there are so many disparities in the apparel preferences between Asian and American: physical shapes, sizes, styles and cultures. Certainly, A&F do an excellent work on catching Singaporeans’ eyes with its starting. But the issue is, truly does masculine image really match the Cookware market trend? I are concerned with how A&F preserves its product sales for permanent via the sexy image inside the conservative market. Furthermore, the apparel competition is fierce in Singapore. Competitors for A&F included western brands which are focused with Oriental market along with Asian brands which are acquainted with the market.

Realization and Recommendation

A&F cleverly built up it is brand photo and presented information throughout the controversy in Singapore. However , except for the opening promotions, in order to enhance its manufacturer loyalty, I would recommend A&F do more occasions to focus on Asian customers. For example , use more Asian types on brochures to show the shoppers that American style apparel are also in shape and look good on Oriental people’s body shape. Meanwhile, A&F should do even more events to collaborate with celebrities or magazines to lead the new products in Asia. Last but not least, I suggest A&F execute more advertising research to know Asian purchase behaviors and fashion factors. Thus, A&F can carry out some adjustments for the products to match the Oriental consumers’ demands.

How “hot could A&F be in Singapore? Well, not at all only the topless hot men, but also with the right marketing plans.

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