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William stafford s poem traveling through the dark

The speaker in the poem must reflect on how to handle it about the dead does, he knows that in order to keep different ppl by hitting her & engaging in an accident he must push her into the gosier, but the still alive bear weighs in the conscience. The speaker must search his mind to be able to reconcile the necessity of his activities w/ the harm that he possess caused or will cause in front of large audiences.

* The Theme of Mans disregard to get nature & nature vs .


It, along w/ the story alone, suggests male’s disregard for nature. Humans seem to traverse life like a horse w/ blinders in, oblivious to the consequences or significance of their actions. The driver who killed the deer is usually an example of this kind of theme. The message this poem generally seems to bring features the older conflict tween nature & technology. This becomes evident when Stafford brings in the part about the vehicle.

The reader understands that the auto symbolizes mans world, technology. Obvious also, is the deer symbolizing character. The fact that the car slain the deer is perhaps his message…that technology will ultimately triumph over character.

* Mans Solitary Find it difficult to Deal w/ a Tragic Event:

It’s the story of any man’s solitary struggle to offer w/ a tragic function that this individual encounters. The key theme of the poem yet , is the unhappiness & misfortune that accompany us on the journey through life. The Wilson Water Road, where the events from the poem take place, is symbolic of the highway of lifestyle that we all travel upon. In his second of decision, though, the only company the narrator experienced was the quiet & unheeding world around him. Sadly, many circumstances we must encounter in life are like this. Ppl aren’t always around to help us through hard times, & most tragedies, such as loss of life, are road blocks that we need to overcome singularly. His tale gives

clarification to the overwhelming & chaotic nature of life.

5. Must Learn to Deal w/ Tragedies /Death is unavoidable:

As explained in the composition though, fatality is inevitability that we cannot change, & therefore must not deter all of us from our route. Like the narrator’s car staring toward capital t! Anxious regarding moving on, most of us are desperate to put these events lurking behind us & continue on w/ life. This kind of last factor is symbolized by the riv in the poem that works adjacent to the street. As we push life’s obstacles off aside, they get caught in this representational river & are swept farther & farther far from us by the current of time, allowing all of us to continue about our way. We must learn how to deal w/ tragedies just like death, because they are unavoidable. These types of events do have an long lasting effect on all of us, but they should never lead all of us away from each of our natural program.

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