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Case harley davidson strength weaknesses


To complete Module 3 Circumstance Assignment, you should read the information in the background materials, look for additional information (from previous modules and library resources), and then set a 4- to 5-page survey answering this questions:

What are H-D’s top rated two or three talents for continuing to move forward in the competitive motorcycle production and revenue environment?

Describe what you consider to be 2 or 3 of the weak points that are more likely to have the very best impact, and what H-D is doing (or should be doing) to overcome these weak points.

Wrap up by overviewing the more salient points of your entire SWOT evaluation (from the Module a few and four Case Assignments) and give the impressions regarding whether you think the corporation will still be competitive and also continue to fulfill its objective.

An introduction proclaiming the thesis, position, or perhaps central theme of your newspaper, a main body system focusing on the key assignment specifications, and a conclusion concisely stating the key points of the analysis and the conclusions you reached.


Harley-Davidson, Incorporation. is a U. S. centered motorcycle producer which was founded in 1903 but still remain one of the best American corporations. Over the years, Harley-Davidson has adopted different ways of promote their products in order to maintain its profitability and presence in the U. S. and International marketplace. This conventional paper will include the internal analysis identifying the company strengths and weaknesses and the impression is the company will be able to continue to be competitive and able to fulfilits objective.


Harley-Davidson, Incorporation. is a acknowledged brand tale, not just in america but all over the world, representing benefit, great patterns, strong overall performance, durability, uniqueness and great customer service. Harley-Davidson has been in business since 1903 and has endured the market alterations and consumers’ demands for brand spanking new products. The President and CEO of Harley-Davidson, Mister. Jim Zeiner, in 2005 have stated the main reason with the company accomplishment: “A strong emotional pull draws people to Harley-Davidson. Feelings play an enormous role atlanta divorce attorneys customer relationship. Mr. Zeiner believed that “Our impression of purpose-in other terms, our give attention to growing demand by offering wonderful products and unique experiences have been one of the constants of firm success (Harley-Davidson, Inc., 2005).

In order to maintain their business competitive in the motorcycle manufacturing and product sales environment the organization had to progression along with these adjustments. One of the ways to complete the constant with regard to new and innovative goods, Harley-Davidson has created and preserved a strong r and d unit to produce new impressive designs. One more feature available for Harley-Davidson consumers is a webpage where clients can modify motorcycles physical appearance and performance, supplying additional tips to create new designs (models), attracting existing and new clients to buy Harley-Davidson bikes.

Harley-Davidson’s operational brilliance allow the firm to reduce squander, improving top quality and enhance customer satisfaction simply by reconfiguring styles and processes to gain capacity, reduce work-in progress and handling 50 %, and reduce three operating alterations to two (Harley-Davidson, Inc., 2005). Through all Harley-Davidson establishments the functional excellence strategy has facilitated the workflow which allowed the company to improve their potential of creation processes.

Harley-Davidson management is consistently finding methods to improve processes including standard financialsoftware systems that services all business units creating methods to improve predicting for new efficiency accessories (Harley-Davidson, Inc., 2005). The company functional efficiency improvement has resulted in a revenue increase by $5. 54.99 billion news to $5. 9 billion dollars in 2013 as well the operating margin of seventeen. 92 percent in 2012 in comparison to19. 61 percent in 2013. The operating profits has also improved 169 basis point (bps) indicating a noticable difference in profitability (Marketwatch. com).

Harley-Davidson provides two sections in which give a variety of services and products. One of the portions is responsible for the development of designs, manufacturing motorcycles, sales of parts, accessories, basic merchandise and related services through Motorcycles & Related Products. The other segment provides financial services to Harley-Davidson motorcycle retailers, in other words to finance Harley-Davidson franchises through Harley-Davidson Finance (GlobalData, 2012).


Certainly one of Harley-Davidson weak points, in the past and existing, can be product recalls which has but still affecting provider’s revenues. In September with this year, Harley-Davidson recalled more than 105, 500 motorcycles via 2014 model year because their very own clutches may well fail, causing stopped bicycles to creep forward and potentially crash, not recently been the only call to mind for this 12 months. Earlier this year the Milwaukee Organization also is remembering 1, 384 motorcycles built earlier this year to check for conceivable fuel container leaks (Associate Press, 2014). Product recalls not only affect the financial steadiness of Harley-Davidson but also affect their very own brand and reputation too.

Another Harley-Davidson weakness can be their excessive dependency upon Unites States marketplace which improves its business risk. Based on Harley-Davidson economic statement intended for the money year of 2012, the business sales counted on the sixty-eight. 1 percent from the market which is an substantial percentage, in the event that is any adverse function could negatively affect the industry’s financial stableness (GlobalData, 2012).

_Product Recalls_

Harley-Davidson’s Product Development Center (PDC) should enhance the quality with their products to reduce recalls issues preventing any further damage to provider’s reputation.

_U. S. Market Dependency_

There are several issues intended for Harley-Davidson to enter or develop countries in the international market which includes an unsound economy, currency exchange, fuel prices. Harley-Davidson is going to take into consideration these issues and develop lighter and fewer costly motorcycles that will allow the business to increase their probability to make a new specific niche market. In order to reduce manufacturing costs Harley-Davidson have the choice to open a manufacturing manufacturing plant closer to these kinds of markets lowering cost and increasing earnings.


Harley-Davidson is actually a successful firm composed by dedicated staff, most of them who’ve been working for a long time and they are capable to understand marketplace changes and customer needs. Harley-Davidson includes a strong manufacturer image, range of products, personalization, high functional efficiency, solid research centre, and superb customer service.

I believe, I think Harley-Davidson has many years to come. The new strategies they have produced includes, the manufacture of customer led motorcycle, soft launch of surge production, flexibility to slip other market segments dynamics, develop and manufacture designs to new demographics of customers which includes adults from 18-34 years old, girls, African Americans and Latinos, and fresh financial and insurance programs (A. R. Harley-Davidson, 2013). Harley-Davidson have shown with a successful track record they have the capacity to maintain their situation and reputation in the bike market.


Harley-Davidson has encountered a large number of problems since its creation and over the years and has adopted different ways of promote their products and brand name with the Usa State although internationally, opening the doors to produce business opportunities in other countries. No matter all their high and low’s, many have turned out to be the best in the motorcycle industry and they are continue to designing better models to supply the best experience of motorcycling, which include past learning experience to enhance flaws. They have also been able to improve their functional excellence which has increased provider’s revenue making a financial steadiness.


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