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The outsiders essay

When family members break down close friends are important. Inside the novel “The Outsiders” simply by S. Elizabeth Hinton this message can be shown in lots of ways. Certain character types have been forgotten or disowned by their family members, some heroes have loved ones that have passed away and some have no at all. Pony Boy Curtis, Johnny Cade and Based in dallas Winston all have experienced friends and family breakdowns and each and every one has a faithful group of good friends to land back on. This displays why Friends are so important.

Family isn’t very who you aren’t related to, but who cares and is there for you if you want them.

Pony Boy Curtis is the main persona in “The Outsiders” story and experience two relatives breakdowns. A single shortly prior to the novel was set and the other through the book. When Pony son lost his parents prior to book, using the to count more in friends than he ever did yet he even now had his brothers.

When Horse Boy ran away (Pg.. ) he previously no friends and family by his side, the sole person he previously to be based upon was his best friend, Johnny. Ponyboy kept his as well as ran away with Ashton after he stabbed the Soc, devoid of his friend he wouldn’t have anyone to depend on. Ponyboy didn’t forget his good friend when moments looked hard, even though Ponyboy didn’t do anything he chanced his future and possibly existence to prepare his friend. With Johnny’s family split up all he could rely on was Pony Boy

Johnny family is as well broken down. Beaten by his father and ignored simply by his mom, his family members may not take care of him very much anymore nevertheless his close friends always will. Johnny is usually referred to as “the gangs child brother”, Johnny only keeps in town because of the gang. When ever Johnny stabbed the Soc at the park, the night he ran away with Pony Boy, Horse didn’t give up him; he ran aside with him and helped him get away trouble when you are by his side. Without his friend Pony, Johnny wouldn’t have run away and he would have already been charged to get murder. Johnny’s family more than likely have helped him at the same time like that although his best friend wouldn’t keep him. This is why friends are crucial when family isn’t generally there. Unfortunately, Dallas Winston’s friends and family isn’t right now there for him either that’s why he offers such a detailed bond to all his good friends.

According to Dallas Winston his family members “doesn’t treatment if he even come back home at night. ” His friends and family has obviously broken down not in a way that can be permanent but also in a way that is certainly hard and hurtful. For this reason , he has such a strong bond together with his friends. For example , when Ashton died, Dallas lost control. He cared for so much pertaining to him that he could not control his emotions and broke down. From the way his family is portrayed in the story, it appears that Ashton is like his brother, just like family and therefore he are not able to cope if he dies because he must seem like he has nobody at this point. It is clear that Dallas is better with his friends than his family and this is exactly why friends are important.

To conclude, most people in the book “The Outsiders” has knowledgeable family breakdowns and all of options there to choose each other up and support one another. The novel suggests that when your is not there the only persons you can use are your closest and many trusted close friends.


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