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Blindness technology and well known culture

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The level of access that a window blind person can hope to attain from these otherwise significant pop traditions resources will be somewhat decreased when in comparison to the connection with sighted people. As a result of this reality, generally there “is developing concern about a ‘digital divide’. This divide [… ] refers to the space between individuals who access, and therefore use, new technologies and people who do not” (Blair, 2006).

Of course , significant strides are being created to harness the specialized wonders of recent pop tradition in order to support blind persons better understand this new universe. For instance, the ubiquitous cell phone has been appropriated to create the “smallest text-to-speech reading system ever built, a device especially useful for individuals with impaired vision” (Greenfieldboyce, 2008). This technology allows sightless people to breeze pictures of objects with the phones, which can be then analyzed by the mobile phone software to interpret towards the text or perhaps image intended for the user. This type of technology permits previously undreamed of access for the blind, and improves the range of their day-to-day activities, although limits their particular interaction with popular lifestyle.

One element of contemporary appear culture, permitted by technology, is rate and quick interaction with cultural means such as the Net, cell phones, or perhaps signs and billboards. The blind are not able to access and process this info as quickly because the rest of us can simply because they need to rely on specialized intermediaries being granted a sliver of the same visual go through the majority of the people experiences. In the end, computers “and the Internet can change lives efficiently and link the isolated and marginalized, including individuals with learning disabilities [… ] but the concern of availability is very important” (Blair, 2006).

Technology is definitely making it possible, for an increasingly better degree, for the sightless to interact with the trappings of contemporary well-known culture like the Internet. Yet , the technology that is used to help the blind navigate the visual world of pop lifestyle will undoubtedly fail to convert all but raising information, avoiding said individual from accessing the useful information that is certainly stored in colours, shapes, trademarks, and layout designs. The rapid rate of technology development means that the difficulty the blind possess in accessing this information is only likely to become worse as take culture continues to evolve around the increasingly speedy intake and processing of recent, visual details.


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