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Glory road movie the storyplot term conventional

Mountain climbing, Boxing, Golf, Masculinity

Research from Term Paper:

Although Glory Highway took place inside the American Southern region, its designs

are common throughout sports activities and through many different time periods.

Current books touches in many of the styles of the motion picture. A recent

examine of college college students by Harrison and Lawrence looks at the perception

regarding what seems to be the today dominating position of blacks in American

sports today (Harrison & Lawrence, 2004). While this kind of seems to confront

the theme of Glory Road, as Beauty Road is about a lack of chances for

dark athletes, the article depicts ethnicity overtones inside sports that

helps to display that ethnicity issues have been and still will be predominant in

sports. Harrison and Lawrence consider the success of black’s in sports

and the public perception. Fame Road likewise looks at the perception of

black sportsmen, which in the context of America in 1966, views blacks

to get good players, but not while smart while whites. This is certainly consistent with

the themes of whiteness, white colored privilege, stereotyping of players, and

racism. Even though Haskin’s took his team towards the title, 3 decades later

in respect to Harrison and Lawrence “notions of Black athletic superiority

and intellectual inferiority permeate the minds of… American citizens”

(2004). Which means that not so much is promoting within American sports

culture, and that racisms, negative stereotypes, and whiteness are still

frequent. Even today, persons fail to understand the issues of race in

sports and therefore are selective, racist, and unoriginal in their awareness of

blacks and whites in sports. By learning the setting of Glory Street

and modern-day social belief of contest in sporting activities, one can see the evolution

of American sports although that while engagement has evolved to add

blacks, the issues which influenced blacks in the movie continue to affect them

today. When Harrison and Lawrence admit that “race should be

disregarded in judging individual functionality, ” additionally they recognize that

“this is very seldom the case in the current society” (2004). Much like the

days in the 1960s, race is still an issue when it comes to athletics in

American society. Stereotypes enforcing ethnic differences among athletes

are prevalent in today’s society which in turn helps to motivate the sense of

whiteness in athletics existing in the Glory Highway.

While Glory Road details largely on racial stereotypes, there are

many other stereotypes which are present in sports. In Glory Road, Put on

Haskins is laughed at both simply by his players and administration for training

girls golf ball. This stereotype of sportsmen, in particular ladies

athletes, exists in the movie, in 1960s America, along with today’s

open public perception when it comes to feminism and masculinity within just sports.

Research by Alley, for instance, looks at the issue and comes to the

conclusion that particular sports happen to be viewed as for women and certain sports

will be publicly identified to be males (2005). Whilst this article touches on

diverse issues than Glory Street, is helps you to show that the level of

stereotypes facing athletes. Even without ethnicity issues and white

privilege and white-colored dominance in sports, there exists stereotypes relating to

certain athletics being for females and certain sports becoming for men.

Problems of stereotypes of people also are enforced by the

media, which is demonstrated by the media coverage of Wimbledon (Vincent

2004). Press coverage will focus on guy achievements, and in

particular men journalists use racial stereotypes against girls tennis

players (Vincent 2004). This combination of utilizing sexuality, racial, and

cultural stereotypes existing inside the more recent press is effective of the

media practices of stereotyping. Very much like females tennis players are

downplayed, so was Texas European in 1966. Just like whites dominate, so do

men. Which means that there are stereotypes in sporting activities both in the media

among the list of general public which exist both in days gone by and the present. The

underlying issues within Glory Road did not simply disappear, nevertheless exist


Whiteness is likewise an issue inside even modern-day sports as evidenced

simply by Erickson’s 2005 report with regards to rock hikers (2005). According to

Erickson, the 2150 North Face journey in which 4 climbers were taken

slave shackled by an Islamic Organization is data that whiteness within sports

creates a feeling of insecurity (2005). When this seemingly has not

do with all the themes of Glory Road, this is not the situation as it is probably the

insecurities of whites who have dominate sports, in particular college

basketball, whom try to use their white advantage to prevent blacks from

overpowering the sports activities. It is certainly that Rupp was conscious of the

untapped talent of young African-Americans who saw no foreseeable future in college

basketball, but he did not utilize it. It absolutely was his whiteness and sense of

white privilege, racist tendencies, and social stereotypes which urged

Rupp to encourage light dominance in the sport. It truly is largely mainly because

insecurities, a fear of shedding the sport, that Rupp and more tried to

shield the status quo preventing blacks by taking over. It is quite

likely that insecurities held the white dominance of blacks in sports and

encouraged stereotypes and racisms.

More astonishing, though, is the fact that it is never the case

that winning changes everything. In Glory Street, Texas Western and Wear

Haskins were successes because they received. If we were holding a burning off team, they

would have likely been viewed down after and seen as an failure irrespective of

breaking ethnic boundaries. But they won also because a leader because they

demonstrated that blacks could succeed, and were the 1st team starting all blacks

to do so. Yet , this is not usually the case while even more recently, as

talked about in recent books regarding leading African-American ladies

tennis players Venus and Serena Williams, racism even now exists (Douglas

2005). Actually among leading black players today, and more so between that

happen to be women, the difficulties of stereotypes and ethnicity prejudices are ingrained in

the sports activities world.

The theme of whiteness, in which white wines are predominant in the sporting activities

world inside Glory Street is also captured in more the latest literature. Also

in the nineties and 2000s there is a white-colored dominance, and although it is usually

becoming more more popular, its presence means that there exists in fact a

white dominance in sporting activities (McDonald, 2005). Much like in Glory Street when

Don Haskins and his guys had to concern the whiteness, athletes experienced

to continue to challenge white-colored dominance with the sporting globe. The

complicated issues of race in sports can be reflected within just long-distance

using which the press, event organizers, and participants have looked

for methods to deal with whiteness in a sport in which white’s had traditional

supremacy although were losing it (Walton & Butryn, 2006). The marginalization

of African-born U. S. sportsmen shows that issues of whiteness within long-

distance jogging have not been resolved. Therefore the 1966 Texas

European basketball staff, in ushering a new period of blacks into a sport, did

not really change everything or transform people’s brains, but that racism nonetheless

existed. This kind of seems to show that there is a continuing evolution, and

that contest in sports is much more complex than what meets the eye. Long-

distance running shows the stereotypes, whiteness, and tries to maintain

white privilege in sport which have existed through the years.

Boxing, nevertheless, is a sport that is not typically white nevertheless

consists of various racist elements which is very much inherent contradictions

(Woodward, 2004). This in itself indicates that racism is usually an issue whether it

is being examined for a sport. Furthermore, battres are stereotyped as

had been athletes in Glory Road. They are forced to assume certain identities

often consistent with a masculine id (Woodward, 2004). This advises

that people within sports are often given certain roles and encouraged to

maintain a task that fits the socially acknowledged norm for your sport. Intended for

Don Haskins, it was to try out only a certain amount of blacks. Although Haskin’s

beat that socially accepted position, and experienced criticism. Much like battres

fit a task, so do basketball players, which demonstrates racism and racial

stereotypes are very much alive in sports.

Also, it is clear that sport will come to represent a lot more than just

a game, as was your case in Glory Street in which the hockey team found

represent the hopes of numerous blacks throughout the country. This really is seen

throughout the cheering blacks rooting for Texas European as if it absolutely was their

crew. A lot of hopes had been riding around the 1966 Texas Western group. The same

can be stated for football in colonial India. “Football as a mass-spectator

sport reached represent a great

unconventional type of cultural nationalism in impérialiste India up against the


of strong anti-colonial nationalist feeling, ” which usually shows that during

history you will find other instances of sports representing much more than just

a game (Taylor & Francis, 2005). In past times, present

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