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‘The category of micro, small , medium-sized companies (SMEs) consists of enterprises which in turn employ less than 250 folks and which may have an annual turnover not exceeding 50 , 000, 000 euro, and/or an annual balance sheet total not exceeding 43 million pound. ‘ (Definition, 2011) Over explained is the new classification reconstructed by simply European Commission payment based on the developments to business environment. This was printed in the year 2006 in their web page further speaking about the importance of SME’s towards the European community in the survey they granted.

Looking further in how and why SMEs plays a significant role in the commercial environment the report points out that, the 25 mil SMEs delivers 75 , 000, 000 jobs masking 99% businesses in 25 European union countries. However, SMEs has to confront difficulties in capital and also other important factors just like investment financial loans especially during the early level which makes it much less stable and short period existence for these types of businesses. (Introduction, 2011) However , some established minds doing work through this kind of field tend to survive the obstacles encountered in the early on stage and carry on with the other levels. Usually SMEs have below 250 staff. This small community even offers to have an intranet among them being updated and connected to every another. One of the most common tools is paper based communication.

Paper based communication needs plenty of paper, more process, and more time, which is significantly less reliable and difficult to manage. In addition, it has its advantage of having long time evidence of records. Yet that is not the basic factor very prioritized in today’s business world. Because alternatives retains the place tidy and stores the record internally in just about any hard disk or any software. Most of all, company records are much less dangerous where there is far more IT involved. Though, interaction is a basic factor in every single business organization, not every company has established the newest technology of communication.

Diverse industries or companies include communication method based on their level. Just like, huge companies use modern and efficient and/or pricey ways of interaction whereas, small , and medium businesses (SMEs) employ alternative settings which are cheaper and more process involved means of communication. This kind of report is dependent on SME’s featuring their methods of communication with the stake owners and most significantly, upon how they may improve the technique of communication with lower cost. Rather than complicated conversation systems these kinds of SMEs also could rely on more efficient methods which is more IT related. Among each upgrade the important thing factor intended for SMEs should be to analyze and go with the minimal expense plan.

Business Summary The development of the survey explains about what exactly happen to be SMEs. This kind of highlights upon the business traditions and structure also the strategy they may apply in order to upgrade the current techniques for a simpler method of connection. Alongside, coming up with low cost improvements as SMEs would not possess huge amount inside their turnover, additionally it would not be useful for them for spend generously on connection within the firm. Hence, I have shared a lot of opinions that they can could depend on and at the same time which in turn would correct into their budget.

The record further provides explanations on how the SMEs could grow in its level by following a few method to mindful the customers of its existence. And that which IT related yet less costly ways in which that they could keep data like, inventory, daily revenue and presence.

As far as record keeping is definitely concern within a business firm, SMEs should also maintain daily stock survey and sales report in a daily basis in order to avoid stock imbalance. If stock can be not handled well like a daily/weekly, towards the end of the yr, missing stocks and shares would be numerous and secret. This is likely to be a hard task pertaining to the company to investigate specially intended for SMEs. The alternatives elaborated in the report helps to identify a few different approaches which help to standardize almost all work done in the organization.

The strategy are recently been separately discussed on how each can be utilized plus the outcome consequence of it. Almost all of it talks about the successful and success brought by using the methods. Like how to electronic the inventory report and the result in quick search of a transaction or any stock details. As well methods on how the SMEs can reach their customers simply by spending the smallest amount of amount on advertising.

Framework and Culture of an SME

SMEs are often sole traders who have no more than 250 employees and less turnover of Rs50 million and below. (Fernando, R. 2003) The organizational behavior inside the SMEs is much less formal than of a larger organization. You will find no specific standard then the employees. In which attendance maybe the only powerful factor for any employee. These types of businesses are generally referred because bureaucratic corporation, where the manager/owner has high authority in decision making in every factor without any advice and expertise by the employees. For instance, owner decides how a shift works, if/whether the inside has to be altered and to get more écuries and so on. Also he takes on the management role in deciding how you can contact with the consumer. Like, in the event the purchase expenses has to be made or not and if so how, printed statements or manual.

Taking a look at why smaller and medium enterprises have a less formal routine is due to cost trimming, result in manual work with cheaper materials to work and also they do not make a record of everyday business apart from the cash-flow. Cash flow records are also maintained in a journal book in which the cashier list down the items sold, each 1 separately right up until the end of the day. And what if a customer requires the invoice? They get yourself a manual receipt with company stamped and buy details hand written by the cashier, costing more time job and process. Meanwhile, the particular owner keeps a record of mass purchase in his logbook remembering it down after every obtain. This kind of record keeping can be difficult to preserve if they wish to find something quickly. Moreover, human mistakes and easy going behavior of any staff can lead to mysterious effects of stock imbalance.

The external interaction, customer communication is ideally poor in SMEs because they do extremely less advertising and direct approach to the customers are practically nil relating to its existence. Most of it is customers may not know in the event they have a new stock or introduce a fresh brand etc. To be in touch more with all the customers is the only way a business may run effectively. But as I possess mentioned earlier that SMEs would not favor any expensive methods of connecting within its organization, underneath are some upgrades they could bring on to be able to connect with the shoppers and have more efficient way of communicating within the business. Additionally , a few advanced system to keep record.

Improved procedure within the organization

Method you Though it is a tradition to SMEs to hold paper documents, they may switch to more IT structured information storage area. The owner may purchase sales software which can be user friendly and easy to train cashiers and/or related department just like stores. The registration with the software can be made annually with a payment technique based on the license to use it. Thus, stock can be maintained in this specific platform at the same time development items can result simple access. Sales software will not be of large as it should be paid annually and in comparison to the ease this makes to maintain the majority of the operate. Thus, the SME’s will save enough time on stock maintaining in efficient method which is far better, most importantly, with low cost.

Technique 2 If perhaps sales software is considered as high price per annum simple spreadsheet documents can be maintained by help of a Microsoft excel expert. Microsoft excel provides a way to store and calculate the raw data by custom-made formulas in addition to the help of the in-built remedies available in the software itself helps you to solve slight calculations. It includes the potential to make a spreadsheet of raw data into flowcharts, tables and reports to create a better understanding.

The skin cells are editable which allows to enter if virtually any changes have to be made. A sales graph and or chart can be made in terms of the day, week, month or a year based on their desire. If a firm preferred to list down the sales and the stock specifics in a daily basis, that they could include different days tagged in several tabs. Whilst creating diverse excel papers for different weeks. Hence, any kind of record can be searched easily with secret keys. Meanwhile the SME can keep a fantastic record as well record keeping method would be more efficient.

SMEs connecting with customers The reason behind low connection between SMEs and its’ customer is also is to steer clear of expenses when running organization. Bad assumption of SMEs is that connecting to the clients through advertising are expenses to the business, in fact the attraction attained by the customers would just cause them to have more trade and finally more revenue. To obtain these types of, SMEs can easily integrate with modern and IT related communication program which would cost these people a lower price.

Method one particular Not only internet can be used like a tool to advertise but also mobile promoting can be the best and more direct way of approaching to the customer individually. The company may register corporateSMS service from a local telecommunication centre. It can help to ahead the same text message with many recipients at the same time. This service can be used to notify the customers for new share arrivals and so forth. News spreads easily, as a result a single text can reach the news to a family and good friends. Overall another 5-10 people would be conscious of the news. This will make the direct communication even more useful and effective.

Technique 2 Web marketing is the leading approach in contemporary community. It may be so prevalent that the SMEs also may hire an UI custom made to build a platform for business online. This could give their info regarding the organization and products available. Changing the website helps the customers to be familiar with the present supply. There are many web hosting firms which occasionally charge less than $10 per year. This is quite very few quantities to spend to be able to collect more customer and profit towards the business.

Method 3 How come spend anything at all when you can advertise for free? The corporation can create a web page regarding themselves upon social networking sites, most frequent, the Facebook. Buying a page would not require virtually any payment. Numerous amounts of people can search and have the page while Facebook is actually, the top rated social networking internet site where above billions of lively users login almost daily. Hence, the chance of more persons viewing the page is definitely high and meanwhile, they will get to know regarding the location, services and products available in the corporation. The webpage can be more appealing if firm could discuss pictures of products to make it more helpful the purchasers. The details like, history of the business, mission/vision/objectives and exactly how the customers can contact may also be also included as more details in the information tabs provided. Hence this method of online marketing will help you to reach more customers devoid of costing virtually any.

Method 4 Apart from promoting to the customer, a proof of order is required if a customer the transaction. In most SMEs a receipt is not presented unless the consumer request for it. Hand crafted slip with a seal of company is definitely how they generally provide it. In my opinion along with sales software they will be able to link to a DETRÁS (point of Sales) center thus a computer generated receipt can be printed through a receipt printer. This approach would support both the client and business to minimize time of revenue.


Based on the methods mentioned above, my suggestion on how the SMEs may manage all their stock is to use a sales software since this is a computer developed method the opportunity of blunders are less compared to using a great excel piece to write down the records by hand. Plus, the purchase invoice or invoice can be instantly printed every sales entry if necessary which leads into a more reliable and quick sale.

Thereby, offering the customer a proof and the system detects a customer been performed and instantly adjust the balance amount. Inside the excel linen this could end up being done using the formulas however it is not trustworthy if not really well maintained. And in the majority of situations daily maintenance cannot be done because the manual job is larger than the programmed level. In the event of the revenue software strategy the normal providing routine will go parallel with all the automatic generating of the inventory report. This makes the managing procedure much easier and powerful.

Talking about the marketing level, since Facebook requires none to create a webpage in the internet site, this can be very easily done to showcase its organization. This method is a highest powerful way as the website is a well-known system for almost every single region. Consequently, people around the globe will get to be aware of the company through chance the SMEs can also grow bigger in their business according to the profits and period.

The second most suitable choice I recommend is to register with corporateSMS and directly strategy for customers. This may be done by presenting a visitors’ book and recording the essential information of the customer like, name, speak to and favored item. As the company will get new share they may text certain group of people with common interest of item, thus similar message could be delivered equally. This kind of marketing is more direct and powerful.

Conclusion Successful communication may be the base in the business. In the event the communication process is trustworthy then the business can work smoothly. Managing a smooth organization requires adequate ways to overcome any conflicts. Any trap holes must be fixed, beginning with the procedure in the company and how to interact with their stakeholders. If a good policy can be retained then the SMEs would become a well-researched part of the culture. Rather, needing to discontinue right after starting the business. The accomplishment story includes strong willpower, the readiness of a person is all that counts.

The report has been highlighted with few techniques to improve the existing nature with the SMEs to produce a better treatment to all of them for their foreseeable future. Ways in which they will could count on making more profit by spending a small amount of cash. Let me conclude by saying, in my opinion these kinds of methods to upgrade the existing tactics followed by SMEs would help them save additional time and reduce errors and mistakes from sales maintaining. SMEs can develop their existing communication process within the business for a powerful and successful system, exactly where they could easily communicate with its buyers also in the business community. The thoughts mentioned happen to be of low priced also better and useful to run a small and medium organization for a better communication to the organization.

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