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Susan B. Anthony 1820 – 1906 Through her achievements and persistent dedication to “the cause”, the woman suffrage movement, Susan M. Anthony started to be one of the most historically significant statistics in American history.

Her life long fight for women’s rights led to the 1920 passage of the Nineteenth Amendment. Given birth to in 1820, Susan was one of half a dozen children to Daniel and Lucy Anthony. Daniel, a 6th technology Quaker, believed in equal treatment for girls and boys.

Although inside the 1800’s most girls did not obtain a formal education, because of her father’s perception of equal rights, all four in the Anthony girls were given a similar opportunity because their two siblings and was able to attend a private Quaker boarding school in Philadelphia (World Book Encyclopedia). The temperance movement, anti-slavery movement and women’s rights were some of the reform actions that the Anthony family was very energetic in. Her knowledge and involvement with these motions became the building blocks on which the girl built her life. In 1852, Ms.

Anthony went to a Kids of Temperance state tradition and because she’s a woman your woman was not allowed to speak inside the temperance move, instead the lady was advised to “listen and learn”. Due to her experience only at that state conference as well as her meeting with At the C. Stanton, she went to her initial women’s legal rights convention. It had been at this meeting that Anthony was cited saying “that the right which in turn woman needed above almost every other, the one without a doubt which would secure with her all the others, was the right of suffrage” (Linder 2011, pg 1).

Both Stanton and Anthony advocated and worked pertaining to reforms for their sex, which includes property rights, custody privileges, and the right to education and gainful employment (Hartmann 2012, pg 600). Susan W. Anthony along with her friend Elizabeth C. Stanton founded the National Female’s Suffrage Affiliation in 1869, where they worked collectively, for could suffrage, for over fifty years. The year 1872 brought and event to Susan’s your life that consequently would create a opportunity for her to distributed her discussion for women suffrage to a very much wider viewers than ever before.

Your woman argued, wherever possible, that the Fourteenth Amendment said that “all people born and naturalized inside the United States… are individuals of the Combined States” and citizens were entitled to “privileges” and Leslie proclaimed that those privileges included the right to have your vote. So in November um 1872, in her area of Rochester, New York, Susan and several fifty girls walked to a voter registration office and demanded to get registered since voters.

Election inspectors declined but Anthony did not surrender and after very much discussion between your elections officials and Anthony’s persistence, it was voted two to one to simply accept her political election. Susan experienced the fulfillment of throwing her boule into the boule box on November a few, 1872 and wrote a letter to her close friend At the Stanton, telling her with the accomplishment. Nevertheless , just times later, in November 18, 1872 a warrant intended for Anthony’s arrest was given. The impose was that Anthony voted in a federal election “without creating a lawful directly to vote and violation of section nineteen of an action of Congress” (Linder 2001, pg 3).

On January 24, 1873, a grand jury of 20 or so men delivered an indictment against Anthony and incurred her with “knowingly, wrongfully, and unlawfully” voting for a member of Our elected representatives. On Summer 17, 1873, Anthony’s trial began. Although lawyers for Anthony argued that she reasonably thought that the lady was eligible for vote and therefore could not end up being held guilty for the crime of knowingly sending your line an unlawful vote. Her lawyer also called him self to the see stand to testify on her behalf behalf. He explained that she contacted him in search of legal advice as to whether she was or was not a legal d�cider.

Henry Selden, Anthony’s lawyer, stated that he “unhesitatingly” informed her that the laws and regulations and Constitution of the United States authorize her to vote and also they authorize any guy to have your vote. As the trial relocated forward, Selden continued to argue the Anthony cast a legal vote by definitions with the Fourteenth Change and anxious that the girl was charged purely because of her sexuality. The Fourteenth Amendment points out what constitutes citizenship, acquiring the legal rights of citizens to “all person born of naturalized in the Usa States”.

Selden concluded his argument simply by insisting that even if the Fourteenth Amendment did not make her vote legal, that she could not always be prosecuted because she acted in uberrima fides and assume that her vote was in truth, legal. Even though her legal fight was a sound one, Anthony was ultimately identified guilty and ordered her to pay a fine of one hundred us dollars and the fees of the prosecution. Anthony under no circumstances paid a cent of her fine. In fact , she submitted a petition to the Usa Congress in January of 1874, asking for the good to be remitted on the grounds that her conviction was unjust.

Congress never served on Anthony’s petition, but Congress likewise did not make an attempt to ever acquire the good. Even after her detain, Susan N. Anthony extended her fight for women’s legal rights. She commenced a speaking tour providing an lecture the girl called “Is it a Crime for a Resident of the United States to Vote? ” She offered 75-100 messages a year, more than a span of forty-five years, traveling through the United States and continuing to fight the battle- once all Usa citizens shall be recognized as equates to before the rules. Although Leslie B.

Anthony passed away just before getting to delight in the transferring of the Nineteenth Amendment in 1920, which usually gave women the right to election, it goes without saying that Susan N. Anthony was and permanently will be a significant woman in American Background. The path that she put down for women’s legal rights was a extended one yet one that the lady never rejected to give up about. Because of her commitment to “the cause” and her persistent struggle and fight for women’s suffrage, she actually is known for her pivotal function in introducing the way to include women’s legal rights instituted in to the American government.?

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